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    20/07/09 - ld 28

    by , 07-09-2020 at 05:30 PM (343 Views)
    Woke up after ~4 hours of sleep and decided to give WILD another go. Included some SSILD because it makes transitioning easier (or possible?) for me.

    Everything went well with me waiting in a deeply relaxed state until I felt REM setting in after some time. Then, a familiar feeling of being pulled in started but I got distracted by someone coming in my room and talking to me. I wasn't sure if this was real, though I should have known better by now...

    After a short non-lucid dream I started another try. This was almost the same as before except I was prepared now and didn't care for any hallucinations. When I felt the transition was over I slowly got up - my whole body was extremely heavy and I could barely move. So, I focused on the feeling of gravity (or the lack thereof) which immediately improved things. I walked through the house and left straight through the door (only a slight pressure while passing through). Outside I started hovering in the air but suddenly there was a glitch in the dream and I was back inside, in front of the door again. This time I floated through the window and then examined my surroudings outside. Looking around, I once again could barely believe the detail and vividness of the dream. I flew around a bit and got to a small beautiful cottage. For some reason I suddenly felt sexually aroused and wasn't too surprised when I found a DC sitting in a hanging chair in front of the cottage. But first I went around the garden and - wondering if I have ever smelled something in a dream - stuck my nose in flowers etc. There were some strange yellow-purple bananas and large pink flowers - the latter had indeed an intense, pleasant scent to them. Afterwards I went back to the DC and had sex with him which was a quite short but rather enjoyable and interesting experience. Then I woke up and went back to normal sleep.
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