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    20/07/31 - ld 31

    by , 08-01-2020 at 06:46 PM (472 Views)
    Had a couple of dreams with some lucidity and one true lucid this night despite not using any techniques. My mind was pretty busy due to lots of things to consider, so that's probably the cause...

    In a non-lucid dream I was walking along a street with some family members. For some reason I can't remember we (or mostly the others) got into a heated and pointless argument. I got increasingly annoyed and saddened by their behavior but at the same time I also gained more and more lucidity. When I finally reached complete awareness the dream got as immersive and vivid as usual. The emotional aspect of the dream was still there, as unpleasantly intense as before. Now, I realized though that I could indeed change the whole situation. I was overcome by a feeling of almighty power - that I had complete control over every single detail in this moment. I spread my arms to both sides and produced a feeling of peace and love that permeated all of the dream world. It physically manifested as a strong wind that suddenly blew along the street up to the mountains in the distance. As soon as it swept over my family they immediately stopped the bickering and got perfectly calm.

    The wind continued to blow and almost made me take off into the air by itself. So, I just spread my arms further and let it lift me up. I admired the city and the surrounding landscape as I flew higher and felt the familiar rush of excitement. Then, I remembered my promise to taste the clouds for my niece, so I went even higher. Things got quite unstable now but I made it to the layer of clouds that is always present when I'm flying lucidly. I used my hands to shove a bit of the light gray mass around me into my mouth. This was easier said than done because the material was pretty elusive and not solid at all. Just in time before waking up I got it to work: the clouds tasted a little bit sweet and also like this artificial fog produced by a fog machine.

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    1. RelicWraith's Avatar
      Heh. Interesting that you'd get lucid dreams tasks from your niece. Is she into LDing as well?
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    2. CarpeNoctem144's Avatar
      She'd like to but still trying
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