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    1. Lucid dreams!

      by , 11-20-2011 at 05:15 PM
      I AM BACK!!

      For the past 2.5-3 weeks I have completely renewed my motivation to try and lucid dream. Every night I would be trying to have one. AND TONIGHT I HAD TWO BACK-TO-BACK LUCIDS! SO EPIC!!!

      Lemme write 'em down.

      1) Class Interupted

      I am in a science class in my high school. I am standing near the back of the room with a lab partner at this black table. Its marble table and I recognize the layout (itd be hard to explain to yall).

      The teacher is standing to my right inbetwen two separate black lab tables. There is a computer behind her and she is facing toward all of us.

      As she is talking, I jump up on the black table and start to sit. I am not paying attention, and then I lay down. She is still talking normally, then I turn my head so I can see her, and when she looks at me, she keeps talking but gives me this clear signal with her body language and the slightest shift of her head sideways (classic girl code, anyone who has had a gf will know this sign) that she is upset that I'm lying down.

      I completely understand this sign immediately and start to feel guilty. I almost instantly begin to move and shift my position. As I begin moving, however, I have this thought that's like, "Fuck this, why am I moving so fast? I should take my time" that thought evolves into "Why am I moving at all? She didn't even say anything?" That thought evolves into "Why would I move? THis is a dream anyway"
      Boom. I become lucid and I look down at my hands and start rubbing them together to maintain lucidity. I am so excited that I have reached this state that I totally lose all focus and just decide to find some girl to have sex with!
      (I'm still laughing about it, I woke up cracking up today)

      As I continue to rub my hands, I'm walking, at a pretty fast pace because I want to find the girl and start before time runs out. I walk down a couple rows and find a girl to my right. As I approach her, she gets taller and taller, until I get right up next to her and she seems to sit down.

      When she gets really tall thoughts run through my head like I'm putting her pussy on a pedastol and I'm taking this way too seriously, I shouldn't care if she wants to have sex with me, I should just go for it. I want it.

      This brings me out of lucidity a little bit.

      Then I start to make out with her and rubbing the back of her body. BAD MOVE. Closing my eyes to kiss her brings me into an abyss of blackness. I decide I'm not ready to end the dream yet so I keep rubbing my hands to together and SHOUTING "ENHANCE MY LUCIDITY NOW!!" "GIVE ME AWARENESS"

      Just after this, The floor starts to levitate and rotate. I'm on some spinning rectangle and the room is still totally black. What happens next is hard to describe but These rectangles eventually make stairs that lead to the ground.

      I walk down them and take the door to my left outside of this building that I've apparently been inside. I am now walking through a parking lot, and I am so happy that I am still lucid. I am literally giddy and trying to imagine what I should do. The first thing that pops into my head this time is drink alcohol because I don't drink in real life.

      I find some guy walking away from me with a bottle of grey goose in his right hand. I run up behind him and easily snatch it from him saying "yoink" and just laughing the whole time. I think I got carried away and focused outside of maintaining my lucidity, which brought me out of the dream

      I woke up with this gigantic smile on my face haha... I went back to sleep and found myself walking through these two large doors to a church or synagogue. I felt like I was in a movie.

      As I walk in, I am being directed where to go by my mom. We enter this auditorium where there is an audience facing toward the front of the room sitting in individual brown chairs. At the front, I see a speaker and Adam Sandler.

      We keep walking all the way to the front and across the stage and then right before exiting the out the front door toward the pool area, I am supposed to shake this guy's hand. I try to shake his hand but realize he had reached out his left hand. This shock definitely increased my level of consciousness because I immediately had to switch hands.

      Right after that, we walk outside. I have been conditioning myself to stop after exiting a building or door into the world and this clearly helped! As I step outside, I stop and look around, I see my mom and two other people walking away and I see a pool that some birds are flying to. Somehow I say in my mind "this is nice... definitely too nice" and I look at my hands and rub them together. I AM DREAMING AGAIN!!!
      I still haven't come up with a general plan of what to do and I don't want to waste my time thinking about it in the lucid dream, so I just start walking and doing whatever comes naturally.

      I walk back through the auditorium, and there is this girl eyeing me from the corner. As I walk past her I am kind of blantatly staring at the computer she has on a table in front of her. She quickly switches windows and kind of gives an angry sigh...

      I walk out the back door all excited and giddy. This exit led me to a school. For the next 20 minutes I start walking around commenting on everything going on around me and making fun of it. At one point, I start walking back to the synagogue and I find this kid wearing a green shirt with some sign on it I read it as "Canada has roles" even though I think it said "gender has roles" and I say to myself "what the fuck would Canada do with roles"

      At this point, I have my skateboard in my hands and its shaking from the force of a motor inside of it. This confirm I'm still in a dream, and I try to figure out how to turn it off until I find the switch by the trucks.

      I walk back into the door of the synagogue but this leads me into a gynasium instead. My mom and a bunch of other parents are apparently waiting already for something and I'm the last to join. I walk in a little bit and A HUGE SMILE POPS on my face because I know I am about to have fun, but I question whether I am still dreaming because I don't want to make a huge ass out of myself and do some ridiculous shit and have it not be a dream.

      So I decide to reality check by jumping. I jump a normal height and everyone looks at me funny, but I KNOW that I am still dreaming. Not being able to jump really messed with my head and caused me to go into the dreaded passobs. Because I was still kind of lucid, I was thinking about how to get sex from this one mom that was there hahaha....

      The end of my dream was essentially this woman giving direction for how to play safely in the gymnasium. She is boring so I announce "Who wants to go into the foam pit?!" and like three people agree. The woman is like "I guess a majority of people want to leave" in a disappointed tone. I'm like "yea, sorry" as I put my skateboard up against the wall.

      The next thing I see is a word being spelled out by people in mid-air in the middle of various flips. This image holds steady for a good 30 seconds. After just watching it float there for a while I wake up.


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