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    Dream Journal--

    by , 05-26-2011 at 03:58 PM (529 Views)
    Dream 1-- Adam Sandler Calls

    I am walking down a sidewalk when I get a call from Adam Sandler. We start talking about this new movie that I think is Anger Management 2 because I can see the coverart in my mind and it looks like anger management 1.

    I start to basically ask him questions as if it were an interview. I ask him like is Jack Nicholson excited for the role, and he responds that JN doesn't even know about it yet. I ask him what he means, and Sandler responds that JN should like the script and will most likely be on board but he wants to clear it with the producers first.

    I ask him if he is going to call it anger management 2, and he says, really smoothly, that it will be called happy time 5. I detect no sarcasm. In my head this changes the cover art and the title that appears on the box.

    Dream 2--

    I am playing this virtual reality game. I am a cat or a spider, and I am playing with a friend, I think maru. We are in a dark cave, running away from evil panthers. The entrance to the cave is lit, but we get far into the cave where there is this giant mountain and its very dark. A couple of panthers gather near the entrance trying to detect where we are. They stand there, staring.

    On the mountain, me and maru are slowly crawling around. There is this minimap feature that shows us how well we are disguised on the mountain. There are a grouping of hexagonal colored shapes that not only depict the topology of the mountain but also our location on it and whether we are well hidden based on the shading of the hexagonal tiles.

    Maru is crawling around while I am standing still, clinging comfortably to the side of the mountain. As he crawls, I can see his figure change location on the minimap, slowly moving toward me. Then we ascend to the top, and the game changes based on our decision somehow. Now I can hear the voice of JT but I dont remember what we were saying.

    Dream 3--

    I am on a beach training to be in the army. There must be 200 other people here at least, and we are in lines of maybe 10. The guy in front is yelling orders at us and shouting general principles of the army.

    He tells us to do 10 pushups, I turn around and start doing them fast. I can feel my muscles tense and relax as I go up and down. I actually feel a weight distribution in my chest, which is pretty unique for a dream. There is a fat guy next to me who is struggling pretty bad and I feel the urge to help him but I don't know what to do.

    The whole dream, I was imply waiting for orders and following them as fast as possible. I wanted to be the first one done for every mission/task.

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    1. spaceace1996's Avatar
      That Adam Sandler dream sounded pretty awesome! Do you remember whether it actually sounded like Adam Sandler or not?