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    Dream Journal-- Day 3 of retreat

    by , 05-31-2011 at 01:42 PM (422 Views)
    Dream 1--

    I am in my garage apartment with my middle sister. She is playing some video game with my older sister, and I can't exactly comprehend what is going on in the game because I am only half-watching. My main focus is trying to get her to stop playing so that we can do something together.

    After they finish their current game, they start playing another one. I complain and my sister says she will stop, and she tries to send a message by typing it out with the controller, moving the cursor to the desired letters and then clicking. THis process takes a long time and she eventually hands the controller off to me because I can apparently do it faster in her opinion.

    I am fiddling with the controller, but I am getting distracted by the game and my sister talking to me. After maybe 5 minutes of me being distracted and unsuccessfully trying to send this message, my older sister, who is our opponent, talks to us through like intercom or xbox live or something and asks if we are even playing because our counter is still at 0. We tell her via the intercom that we are quitting and she gets a little pissed and says that she should get a white mark or something that signifies that she won, but in my head I realize that it won't give her any points.

    My recall is getting really bad after waking up because I know I had at least three other dreams I wanted to record and this has happened to me three nights in a row. Tonight I want to sleep with my phone nearby, maybe use the dreamclock application, and record little notes about my dreams throughout the night to jog my memory.

    I will record at least three dreams every day from now on, and I will become lucid by looking at my hands at least three times during the day today. Doors are especially key. I want to RC when I see a door.

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