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    Dream Journal-- Day 4 of retreat

    by , 06-01-2011 at 02:59 PM (391 Views)
    Dream 1-- Lent

    I am reading my bible on a certain verse regarding lent. There are two other guys talking to me about it as well. They are trying to recite the verse from memory as I read it right in front of me. I wish I could remember the verse (because its not real, its something my dream mind made up)...

    THen we are randomly in a room that looks like the waiting room/entrance to nice restaurant. I am sitting at a round wooden table facing these two wooden doors with a single black push bar to open across the middle. There are now two others guys in the room with me talking to a girl who is sitting behind the counter.

    We are still discussing the verse and the girl tries to recite the passage from memory. At this point, after having looked at it for so long, I can actually recite it from memory, and I do. The girl gets really excited that I know it, gets up from her chair and walks over to me as I am saying the verse. She starts talking to me but I am not paying attention. I am looking at the aquarium over her left shoulder. There are cool fish swimming around, and all of a sudden the water starts to turn a dark blue color. This reminds me of how I flushed a toilet yesterday and the water just turned dark blue instead of flushing.

    Dream 2--

    I am in a dark room with a bunch of people around me. I think the situation is some sort of party. Me and a bunch of guys are standing almost shoulder to shoulder looking out at what appears to be a roller rink on the other side of a window. I can't think of anything to say so I am just not talking the whole time.

    THen I walk forward to talk to these other guys. I notice when I open my mouth I become much more happy and less tense regardless of what I say. This puts me up in my analytic mode of thinking about why this is or how this is happening (a reflection of my nature tendencies in real life).

    Dream 3--

    Me and my friends at this retreat are walking through a series of rooms. The ground is carpet, the walls are grey, and the doors are randomly spread out through a maze of hallways and giant rooms. There is a guy leading us around because we are looking for the bathrooms. This interestingly reflects how we were getting a tour at the YMCA today and had a guy lead us around all over the place.

    Anyway, as we are walking around, I happen to look at a sign that shows all the various rooms we are walking through, and it appears that they are a giant circle that is totally auxiliary and unecessary. The bathroom was on top, and all these other rooms formed a ring that only led you back to the bathroom. I started to wonder why we were even walking around in the first place, but I didn't say anything or talk to anybody the whole time.. Maybe my subconscious is really trying to communicate to me about my lack of talking to my fellow retreat-mates...

    Tomorrow I want to take notes on my phone like I didn't do tonight, although I remember waking up to a thunderstorm around 230 and repeating "lent Lent Lent" to myself in order to remember the first dream. That seemed to work pretty well.

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