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    Dream Journal: First Grade, Friend's House, Lo on the Phone, Gym with Matt and Girl, Ian driving

    by , 01-07-2011 at 04:59 PM (933 Views)
    Dream 1-- Friend's House

    I am standing in this large house that is unfurnished. It is me, P. Gasp, Teej, D. Chris, Robe, and A.K. we are standing around talking about something. P. is up against a pole talking to D. Chris when me and Robe and Teej walk into another room. The one we were currently in had brown wooden floors, white walls, a large white pole that P. was leaning on.

    As we starting walking into the other room I think about how P. and D. do not speak to eachother often and how they will likely follow us in here shortly. I also thought about how P. would probably decide to walk away first and D. would follow, D. wouldn't even want to walk away because he would just want to talk.

    When we get into the other room. Teej is sitting on a staircase to my right. He is semi-smiling in a reclined position. To my left there are a bunch of people, and I start talking to this girl. The conversation is going really well, and we are flirting. Others are listening to what we are saying, but I am not paying attention. I start talking about how there is a rating system for stories/crimes on a scale of 1-10. You rate your story based on what went down, the more illegal or scary the higher the number. She laughs at that.

    I walk away and then come back. When I turn around there is a large group of people sitting down, guys and girls, but no one is saying anything. As I sit down, I feel totally comfortable and say "what just happened?" then there is a short silence, I am trying to talk to the girls more than anyone. "what would it rate on the scale?" that makes a few people smile. "well if its murder, then that's like the top of the scale, so we can work down from there." This gets the girl I am interested in to laugh. Nice.

    Dream 2-- First Grade

    In this dream, I am back in my first grade but I am normally sized and have all my 19 year old capabilities. it's kind of like Down to Earth with Chris Rock, where everyone SEES him as a rich white guy when he is a really a skinny black guy.

    I am sitting in the desk closest to the door, which I think was my actual desk in first grade. As I look around at my classmates, I see they are all working on some sheet of paper that I don't have in front of me. I don't know what is going on, I look over at my teacher who is hunched over her desk. She is blonde, young looking, but extra mean for some reason. As I continue to just process what is going on, I actually begin to realize the situation for what it is (except for understanding I'm dreaming). I come to the conclusion that no one can tell I am not a first grader, this excites me, and I start to scheme.

    When the teacher walks around to start collecting the assignment, she comes to my desk, which is in a group of four and picks up the ones close to me. Then she looks at me and I say I don't have mine. She gets angry and walks me over to the chalk board. As we are walking, I notice the other kids around me looking at me, one black kid with glasses has to look up to make eye contact with me so I wonder if he can tell I am not a first grader. I get very confused at this point.
    She starts writing something and wants me to write underneath it, but I disobey her orders, I know that I am older and can resist her authority if I want. I am intent on having fun and doing things as a first grader that I normally couldn't do because either I didn't know about it at the time or I was too scared.

    This dream was a lot longer and more complicated, with many scenes. At one point, I entered a bathroom. In another scene I went to get ice cream from the ice cream machine and it made me so happy! I used to get ice cream for lunch almost every day of school, that makes perfect sense!

    Dream 3-- Lo on the PHone

    I am walking down this street in the broad daylight. I am walking alone and I don't know to where, but I am following the side walk I am on. There are stores to my left on the other side of the street, and there is a little shop to my right. The ground is a brick-shade of orange.

    As I walk, I see P. and his girlfriend walking past me without looking at me. P. is dressed in a black suit, white shirt, red tie and hankey, sunglasses, he has his arm around his gf who is wearing a blue dress. As we pass, I look down at the ground and think about how sunglasses is a good idea and I should wear sunglasses as part of my tuxedo. Then I get a call on my phone from Lo. I answer it and she starts saying something, but then her voice starts to cut out, and I assume it is the way I am holding my 4g. I immediately try to change my hand position but it doesn't work and I never hear from her again.

    Dream Frag 1-- GYm with Matt and Girl

    Me, Matt, and a girl who I think is roland's sister are walking to the gym. We are walking together but it feels like Matt and the girl are closer than me and either of them. We walk and talk, and I hold up the conversation mostly. It's easy flowing, no hard feelings or anxiety really. As we walk, we enter this room, almost like a bathroom. Matt and the girl go the the left, and I continue straight slash go right. I am walking kind of toward the stalls. The bathroom is all white.

    Dream 4-- Fucking Sydney

    Don't remember this dream very well, I didn't actually have sex with her. I was watching, like a PassObs movie, Sydney having sex with another guy. The guy, when he cums, cums everywhere in a ridiculous fashion. It's like an explosion that unleashes upon the world, getting everything messy.

    Dream Frag 2-- Ian Driving

    I am in a car that Ian is driving. I am PassObs and simply looking out of the front window, observing the scenery as the car rolls forward. I hear a discussion about Ian as he is driving. There is talk about how he doesn't have money or something.

    Dream frag 3-- Jim Carey Fucks a lot of girls

    This dream was like a PassObs movie with Jim Carrey. The only scene I remember is Jim gets a girl on his bed naked and they are about to do it. As Jim unzips his fly, a HUGE 3ft dick starts to grow out of it. Then he starts having sex with this blonde girl.

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    1. J.D.'s Avatar
      Keep an eye out for Jim Carrey, that's two entries in a row! That was hilarious btw