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    1. dolphins dolphins dolphins

      by , 08-03-2010 at 12:57 AM (Kerouac would be proud.)
      I was in an isolated portion of the ocean with some other people. We were part of a class that was about dolphins. The teacher was an older fellow. Each person in the class had to choose a specific type of dolphin to have as their partner. In order to choose your dolphin partner, you had to draw a zig-zag pattern down the dolphins back. I found a dolphin I wanted, and drew the pattern, but it ended up disappearing. So at this point there were only two dolphins left for me to choose, one really disfigured one and one that was more like an otter. The teacher described the second dolphin as being not actually a dolphin, but rather a wolf-like ancestor to the modern dolphin. The teacher then asked me what was in the ocean, and I said bottlenose dolphins. He said that he thought I would be better suited working with a bottlenose dolphin. So I left the isolated area of the ocean and entered the larger ocean. At that point I noticed my dad standing on a jungle-gym-esque contraption in the water. I looked back in the direction of the all-elusive bottlenose dolphin, but I ended up waking up.