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    Now with words.... NO PARKING

    by , 04-16-2019 at 04:57 AM (291 Views)
    About eight/eleven month ago - Low Lucid level -

    Laying on a carpark floor, the ground was slighlty moist but not cold, wearing a thin cream coloured, yellowing night gown which was also damp and sticking to my skin. I wasn't cold. I roll my head over to my left and see a building made of light bricks with a white door. The door had a knob handle (also white) and a small slot window on the top half a bit to high for eye level. Next to the door was a off White sign with light grey lettering.


    I chuckled reading it, aware that the first thing I ever read (to my knowledge) in a dream was something like that. Nodded off into another non-lucid dream.
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