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    10.19.2022 - More searching for the Dream Base. Might have found it!

    by , 10-19-2022 at 12:55 PM (119 Views)
    Bedtime by about 10:45. 3mg melatonin, and 4 capsules of valerian - the suggested dose on the bottle is 5 capsules. This is besides the usual prescribed 60mg of fluoxetine I take each night. Had 4 cups of tea during the day and a cup of hot chocolate in the evening.

    Woke up a little after 4:00. I need to work in the morning, so the following notes are brief for the non-lucid parts. I seem to recall having three lucids, but the one just seems to be fragments. As for the fragments at the end, I donít remember exactly where they belonged in all of this.

    7:50 am Ė trying to add to my notes, but weíll see how the recall goes this morning.

    Steampunk Book, leading to lucidity

    With a girl, talking about a book. Iím interested in her, although for some reason I express this by showing my interest in the book. I even caress it. The book has steampunk themes, and it is open to a page with some machine-like diagrams. In the book, a man has gone to some place to do something. Somehow the location of the book becomes a lakeside community that I am familiar with in waking life.

    People have been tinkering with cars, in a way related to the character in the book and the Steampunk-ish thing that was taking place. Itís difficult for people to control their vehicles now. Mine seems to be fine though. I start driving up a street, although I seem to find myself walking now. This is starting to seem like a dream, so I do a nose pinch RC and find that it is! I start trying to find the Dream Base, I think (I have also been focusing on looking for a persistent realm I have been trying to build, and it might have been that I was looking for). I try to imagine the place behind me, I think, and turn around. I donít see it though. Then I think I might fly and look for it that way Ė the way I got to Synthos Ė and look for a good place to take off (I seem to be lacking confidence in just taking off from where I am). I think about flying out over the lake...

    I think I found it!

    A dream episode involving an aquatic creature that turned into a beautiful woman and is trying to entice me to join her...I do some kind of dance and sing while on a narrow ledge... Dreaming about ďWaking upĒ, I think? Something odd here, like I had been dreaming that I was writing in a dream journal but it was a dream, but the journal entry was still there. Not even sure if this part was in the same dream or was in another dream.

    ...Walking back into the building, I see a few displays that are reminiscent of the dream that I had been having about the aquatic creature. I do a nose pinch RC, and find that Iím dreaming! I try to go looking for the dream base, by imagining it behind me (a portal?), but when I turn around I donít notice anything different. There is a room full of people. I call out for the Dream Base library, and as I do I see words printed in the dream world that say the words that Iím calling for. One I remember specifically is the word ďlibraryĒ. Where is the Dream Base? Then I remember reading about asking a DC for help. I see a girl sitting at a table near me and ask her where the Dream Base is.

    ďItís over there behind Tony,Ē she says, possibly pointing in the direction she means.

    Thatís nice to know, but whoís Tony? I start calling out ďTony!Ē and see a man that looks vaguely Hispanic/Latino sitting at another table. Thatís probably Tony. I go look behind him, and see a door leading outside. By this time, I have the idea that what Iím looking for is called a ďresortĒ, and I see a couple of people out the window in bathing suits. I go outside to find myself in a seaside area. I think I correct myself on the ďresortĒ thing and call out for the Dream Base (or Dream Base library). Much of this time I think Iíve been somewhat frantically calling out for the Dream Base, or the Dream Base library. I decide it would be easier to focus on just saying ďDream BaseĒ.

    Iím in a small open area, a stone street surrounded by buildings. Looking up, I see a helicopter hovering nearby, as though itís watching me. I start to look around for the Beacon Tower. I see a large round building. Looking upwards, it appears to be a short tower, ending in a squarish pillar at the top. Then I remember the light thatís supposed to be coming from the column, and a moment later I notice a streak of white across the sky above the tower I was looking at. Upon closer inspection, it seems to be a jet trail, but Iím skeptical that it wasnít the Beacon light considering how my dreams seem to lag a bit in responding to my suggestions.
    [ďJet lagĒ? Could be a dream play on words thing]

    Lucid Fragments

    ...Finding that Iím dreaming, I briefly stabilize the dream by feeling the brickwork beneath my feet (Iím standing on something like a road or a sidewalk). Remembering previous dreams and my hypothesis that Iíve been spending too much time on stabilizing and not enough on engaging with the dream, I move on. I rush towards some trees...
    ...Another lucid confirmed by a nose pinch RC...

    ...Looking for the Dream Base beacon tower, I look out a window. I think I see a tall sign, of the gas station sort....

    ...Looking for the Dream Base, I see some trees...
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