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    1. Winter Competition 12.3.2022

      by , 12-03-2022 at 05:16 PM

      - WBTB about 3:15-3:35 -

      Awake again at 5:35am. Had had the following dreams:

      Some Fragmentary Memories:

      (1) They have decided to play movies on the moon. Somehow, they found a way to project them onto the surface of the moon, such that they are visible from Earth through a telescope. My brother has been trying to set up a telescope, but I think he is missing a lens. I find the lens, and finish setting up the telescope so that we can see the movie...Something about working with a setup of electronic parts. Resistors, I think. We have to keep them in order.

      (2) At a store. I have a jar or bottle of some kind of green tea, which Iím supposed to put back on a shelf. I donít know exactly where it is supposed to go, but eventually find the right spot.

      (3) At my apartment. I go outside. It is night. There is someone (a lady, I think) kind of slinking around out back. I put together some kind of wall, associated with the word ďprohibitionĒ. I go looking for firewood, I think. Then I go to a shed, but am a bit worried that there might be vagrants hanging out in there.

      (4) My notes from the night say ďsabotage, black powder rifleĒ. I remember being in a room, and having a black powder rifle. I was going to do something with it, and there was at least one other person involved. Pouring black powder down the barrel and trying to ram it in place with something...

      (5) We have a cart with a big package on it. The package is full of body parts from a murder. We are opening it, and I can see the bones of the carcass against the plastic that is wrapping it. Once the package is opened, the body parts appear to be in cakes of some kind of gel. This is a famous collection, apparently. I remark on how we are looking at the same things that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle once looked at.

      Awake again by 10:00am

      Looking for a Book

      At the church that I went to when I was little. I have a book, but apparently left it in the sanctuary. It was up front somewhere, in a place that I had been sitting (like a choir section). I go there to look for it before we leave (my Mom is there, I think). My former Sunday school teacher from another church is there. Now it is kind of like Iím in his house. I donít see the book, but he has a lot of other books on shelves. I look on the shelves. For a moment I think I see a textbook written by someone I know, but on closer inspection it appears that I was wrong. I look on another shelf, but still donít find the book that Iím looking for. Meanwhile, I fall asleep. Iím woken up later by my Mom knocking on the door. She was waiting for me and has come looking for me.

      ...A fragment about walking up a hill on a college campus (kind of a blend of campuses that I have been on, I think). I think to myself that this is the kind of place that I often dream about, and I think I do a reality check. Unfortunately, I donít remember what happened after that. Note: this might have been a part of the dream above, so I won't count it as a separate fragment for the competition.

      Boat and Secret Bases

      We are on a boat. I think we might start out in a car, actually, but our road takes us to a lake. As we start out on the water there is a sign that says ďroad closedĒ. We discuss what this might mean, since we arenít on a road but on a lake. It seems like the lake is narrowing. There is an airplane flying overhead. The airplane dives down and then into the lake ahead of us. It goes under water and then out again, like a diving bird. It does this a couple of times. As we keep boating, we come across a fence and a gate that is blocking our way. It appears to be some kind of military base. As we approach the gate, some soldier-type guys open it for us, and then demand that we pull over to the side. They seem to not be happy with us for trespassing at this base. A man lectures us about how they have guns planted on the bridge overpass that we came through, and how they could have shot us. They are going to make us leave, or confiscate our boat, or something. I point out that the road shouldnít be too far from where we are, so maybe we could walk to the road and call an Uber to come and pick us up. It seems to take one or two tries for this idea to get across. I donít know if we end up taking the advice or if I just start thinking about it and the dream scene changes to us moving to land and going up a road. But we find ourselves inside a building. We walk down a hall and go downstairs. Here we come across a secret hideout for some kind of organized crime racket or corporation, or something. It is like a fancy nightclub atmosphere, but quiet and ďrespectableĒ, such as you might see the really rich and powerful villain in a movie hanging out in. I comment on how they have a secret hideout underneath a secret military base. This is amusing to me.

      More Fragments

      (6) Something about the American Revolution. We might be re-enacting it? Or somehow communicating with revolutionaries? This dream seems a bit difficult to follow. Iím talking with someone from Scotland. Meanwhile Iím trying to cook something on the stove. I have a tarp that keeps getting close to the burner and Iím concerned that it might catch on fire. It has started melting already.

      (7) I have some bags of trash/junk. Iím planning to get rid of them to clear some space (this might be part of the stove dream above). Mom is there. I think she asks me what Iím doing with a couple of the bags. I plan to take them somewhere (to my room? My truck?).

      (8) Something about aliens in a car. We might be chased by aliens. They end up getting under our seats, but then someone does this thing where they push the seats forward and pin them against the front of the car.

      (9) Building something with dowel rods. There are holes in the sides of a box, but when I go to put dowel rods in it appears that some are bigger than the rods that I have. Then I see that there are tubes of a wider diameter. As the dream progresses, it seems that Iím making tubes. It seems like there are some tough guys that I need to prove myself to. I have a device that should make tubes of the diameter that we need. It involves a rotating thing mounted on a wheel (or wheels) that goes on a kind of track.

      Momís new house

      Mom buys a new house. I go to check it out. I think itís sad that she is moving, but the house is fairly nice on the inside. It is also ďfinishedĒ, which apparently the other house wasnít. This includes cabinets and trim. We go upstairs, and it appears that they are still working on the floors. The floors are almost finished though (actually, they are finished in a couple of the rooms, I think). We find that the previous owners left a bunch of things behind. At first I think I see a cider press and get kind of excited. On closer inspection though, it appears to be some other gadget, like a potato planter. Then I think I see a cider press for real. On closer inspection, this seems to not be a cider press either. Instead, itís something where you rotate a ball and it screws up inside of a glass globe for some reason. I think maybe it could be used to press grapes or something. I think as I look at it I see birdseed inside. I keep looking at the things that the previous owner has left, and now it seems that most of it has to do with feeding birds. There are bags of birdseed around. As we keep looking though, it turns out that the guy has kept a lot of things, like what you might find at a hardware store. There are chemicals, paintbrushes, and clothes. They are in aisles and on racks, like in a store. I wonder why he has all this stuff, and someone (my Mom, perhaps) says that he might have been a prepper and was hoarding things in case something happened. I think this is odd, because the things that he was hoarding didnít seem like they would be particularly helpful in such a case.
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