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    1. Pearl Divers

      by , 02-01-2023 at 05:54 PM
      Another subaquatic dream last night. I was underwater, and there were a bunch of women nearby returning from a pearl diving expedition, I think. In other words, they had been underwater for quite a while looking for pearls. On their way back to the surface they were singing. I could hear their singing, and reflected on the ability of sound to travel underwater. I think I followed them back to the surface, and then felt like I wanted to be able to join them in their underwater exploits. Apparently these women weren't fully subaquatic, because they had to come to the surface. They had learned to hold their breath for long periods of time though, and/or to build up amazing lung capacity, to the point where they could be underwater for a while and still be able to sing. I decided I wanted to do this too, and started practicing holding my breath and going under water.

      I also dreamed about whales, and a boat on a body of water with large waves. I think I read somewhere about water symbolizing the subconscious, and I suppose it is possible that these attempts to join the subaquatic people are representative of my desire to lucid dream. I also have been planning to learn to SCUBA dive, which might be part of it as well. Honestly, I like to hope that the "Subaquatics", as I have come to call them, are part of a persistent realm.