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    1. A helpful DC

      by , 02-05-2024 at 12:40 AM
      An interesting lucid dream from last night:

      Lenny and I

      “What would you do if you were invisible?” I ask Lenny. We seem to be involved in some plan to get the secret to invisibility. We talk about this, and I try to think of something that invisibility would actually be useful for that wasn’t immoral. Finally, I think that maybe I would offer my services to the military.

      Lenny and I are supposed to be working, I think. We have paused to talk about this. It seems that there is something about golf balls as well – some sort of object with golf balls on it. Our boss (Captain Janeway?) comes along and finds us not working. I think she gently prods us about this.

      Looking through a bag of tea and hot chocolate, I realize I’m dreaming. “Lenny,” I say, “I think I might have to leave. This seems to be a dream.” I feel a little uncertain about whether or not I should leave him. I do, however, and try to hold on to the dream. I seem to feel a little guilty for leaving in the middle of our conversation and acting like my friend doesn’t really matter now. However, he seems to be more loyal than me. “D’ye need some help staying in the dream?” Lenny asks. “Yes,” I say, possibly explaining to him that the dream seems to be going. He reaches out and takes my hand, and I try to hold on. I think, however, that I wake up, and attempt to DEILD.

      It's interesting, because Lenny seemed like a real friend during the dream, and it was an odd feeling when I realized that I was dreaming. I mean, what do you do? Just suddenly treat your friend like he isn't real? Things didn't seem any different, other than I knew I was dreaming. And then he was such a great guy, trying to help me stay in the dream. I kind of hope I see him again. I feel as though I ought to apologize.