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    1. Comp Night 4: Candy and Gators

      by , 04-03-2024 at 02:04 AM
      April 2nd, 2024

      Dream 1: Granny and Gators

      My grandmother and I are in a kayak, paddling along a sort of a creek/flooded road. There are alligators in the creek, and one of them swims to our kayak, and sort of crawls over it and/or swims under it in such a way as to push us off course a little bit. We keep paddling and try to correct course, and by now our paddle is actually another alligator. We reach the end of the narrow channel, and are in a wider flooded street-type area. It seems that I am checking out a potential job in this area, and think about what it might be like to paddle to work in alligator-infested water every day.

      The perfect world-_5b1604b4-871d-4ccf-8d72-499f5b279f4b.jpg

      Dream 2: Driving

      I need to drive somewhere. The road in front of my driveway is blocked with construction, but they have left open lanes where you can drive. I make my way out of the construction area, and find a place to park. When I get out of my vehicle, I find that the construction has been on the nearby presidential memorial. The workers have either moved the body of the president, or done something with his grave. I have parked awkwardly close to it, and Iím a bit worried at first that I might have parked on top of it...

      ...Going down some roads, and past a store. It is place I seem to remember (possibly visited it in a previous dream). Looking in the windows, I see a lot of candy. Apparently, this is how it used to be. This store is kind of under another building, near an intersection with another road where you make a right turn to go wherever I was going.

      Dream 3 (?): Party Time

      (Possibly an extension of the dream above, but Iím not sure). There is a party going on. Iím in a room with a couple of other people, and we apparently stay up all night goofing off. There seems to have been alcohol involved too, because I think I might be slightly intoxicated by the next morning. My mother and my brother (?) are in another room, and earlier in the morning I gather up some things and make my way out there wondering if I will appear obviously inebriated. I have been awake all night except for a few times that I went to sleep during the party, but my mother and brother have at least been able to get some sleep.

      There is another party going on. This takes place in a large exhibition hall sort of place, in which there is a kind of expo going on. In the middle of the building is a row of parties, rated for different ages starting at PG, going onto PG-13, and possibly higher. There are some kids going to the PG party, and someone says something about how their parents told them they could go to this one but not one with a more ďadultĒ rating. At the PG party, they have a long tub in the center in which people are pouring some kind of candy dust, like whatís in pixie straws or those candy dipping spoon things. Then someone comes along with a lot more candy, and fills a bowl next to this tub. Then my brother in law shows up, which causes some people to groan for some reason. He is carrying a bunch of things Ė toys, and maybe more candy.

      The event is going to begin. Iím walking around with one of my colleagues, and it turns out that the graduate students were supposed to be assigned to specific locations around the room. I donít remember having been assigned anything, and we have a discussion about some guy who was supposed to send me an email. I walk around the room about two more times looking to see if my name is at any of the stations, but eventually give up. I think I try to go find somewhere to sit.


      In waking life, a recent graduate left a note on a white board. In my dream, it was erased.

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