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    7/24/20 - 7/25/20

    by , 07-26-2020 at 06:30 AM (254 Views)
    I donít remember much from the last two nights. A fragment or two, and one near lucid:

    Buying Food (fragment)

    ÖI am in a cafeteria-type place buying food. I think it might be chicken. I put a piece of something on my plateÖ

    Rikerís Lucid Dream

    I am in a bathroom. I try to turn on a light, but it wonít turn on. I try another light or two, but they donít turn on either. Then I remember that I sometimes dream that Iím trying to turn lights on, but they wonít turn on. I do a nose pinch RC, and find that I can breathe. However, I somehow get the impression that this is Rikerís lucid dream (Riker from Star Trek TNG). Not mine, apparently?

    I donít know if I was lucid but not thinking clearly, or if I wasnít lucid. I donít know exactly what it meant that it was Rikerís dream. That I was a DC in the dream? Or that I was actually Riker dreaming that I was someone else? Either scenario would be interesting.

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