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    by , 11-08-2022 at 05:31 AM (174 Views)
    This isn't so much an account of a specific dream, but more a reflection on a theme in my dreams at times. Or a feeling that I get.

    Sometimes my dreams seem so monotonous and mundane that they can be a little unsettling to think about going back to. I don't know as much about the internet world as younger people probably do, but yesterday I came across the "creepypasta" thing and the "backrooms" idea specifically. Not sure I understand it entirely, but it seems to match the feeling I have with some of these dream ruts. Something so boring and monotonous that it is unsettling.

    Anyway, it's interesting to me because I usually try to find the artistic or poetic side of things. I like the thought of monotony itself being intriguing.

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    Tags: side notes