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    Comp Night 1

    by , 01-08-2024 at 06:31 AM (195 Views)
    January 7th, 2024

    Fragment 1:

    Riding in the truck with Grandad. Hes 90 now, but still seems to be decent at driving. We are going somewhere, and then come back. By this time, Grandad is Uncle D--. He is driving pretty fast, and as we come into a garage, the man who is waiting there dives out of the way as though we were about to run into him.


    Fragment 2:

    Talking to M--.

    I remembered the following after entering my competition score for 12/7. I will add these to 12/8 score:

    Fragment 3:

    There is a swimming pool. The water is fairly clean. But there seems to be something scattered on the bottom. It kind of looks like bubbles. I decide to go for a swim. Instead of entering through the shallow end, I decide to jump into the deep end. I jump in, and resurface. I mess around a bit. My beige coat seems to be in the pool with me...

    Fragment 4:

    In a basement. I need a hammer. I find two hatchets, with hammer-like backs to them...

    Fragment 5:

    Playing lurkers. They have made an update where there are sort of 3D bricks now. If you place some of the blocks, it makes it look like a 2.5D game. They are kind of golden. I find an enemy team member in the lower left-hand corner of the screen, and block him in. Then, I think I try to get him back out, or something.

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    1. MustardDrinker's Avatar
      man i wish my pool was clean, theres just a bunch of stinky garbage in it, not even any water
    2. cedwards105's Avatar
      You mean in real life or in your dreams?