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    Comp Night 12

    by , 04-11-2024 at 01:59 AM (59 Views)
    April 10th, 2024

    Fragment 1

    Soap or candle in bathroom. At my grandparentís (on my Dadís side) house, I think? In a bathroom, I think. Someone wants me to fill a bucket with water for class or something.

    Dream 1: Pirates, Buffet, and Lucidity

    Robert Newton (ďBobĒ Newton, I call him in the dream) or someone like him giving me advice. I think itís advice on being a pirate. This includes not eating too much or too much seafood because it can make one chubby. Itís a temptation for pirates, apparently, and he himself is kind of chubby. He leaves, and I walk out to his car (?) with him. It feels kind of emotional, as though we had become friends. I walk back in to the building where we were, and go to the buffet table. I realize that he had warned about not eating too much, but I feel like he wouldnít mind me eating some of this free food. I become lucid spontaneously, apparently. I realize that I should eat something for points. I pick up a piece of cake or a frosted brownie and eat a bite of it. Then I do a reality check to be sure that Iím lucid (in case I had some doubt, I guess). I look at my left hand. Counting the fingers is difficult, and as I look I see that my fingers are kind of dark colored and sparkly, as though they were made of night and stars. Somewhere around here I lose the dream.

    Dream 2: Camping and Post Office

    Iím camping outside. I have a sort of a shelter beneath a leaning tree trunk, and am using a tent or a tarp (or maybe just a blanket) to try to shelter myself from the rain. There is also a cat girl walking around. She looks a lot like a cat, but also somehow seems human. She might be a human cosplaying as a cat, or something. She walks near me and I pet her. I try to make room for her to join me under my shelter. She says something about not coming out here as often as she did when she was younger.

    I go into a post office to pick up something that is supposed to have been mailed to me. The post office looks like something out of an old western movie on the inside. I stand in a line with some other people, but it seems like the line isnít moving. After a while, I realize that Iím in the wrong line. I go to the proper line. While Iím at the counter, someone working there says something about being in St. Augustine. A bunch of people in the room all correct him at the same time telling him he is in C--.
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