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    Comp Night 7

    by , 04-07-2024 at 02:44 AM (48 Views)
    April 5th, 2024

    Dream 1:

    There are two toilets set up facing each other. They both seem to be broken. In the one, there is a light down in the bowl that goes out. The other one might also be a washing machine. Anyway, when you try to flush the one, the other one spurts out a bunch of stuff into it, but neither of them really flush very well. Someone advises not to look at it. There is a small dog around. I think it might be one of the dogs we had when I was growing up. She hears me and gets excited. She is also trapped under a tarp. She might be able to speak English, and asks me for help. Also something about piles of odds and ends that I知 trying to wrap up into roofing shingles to tidy up.

    Then there is something about people that look like they池e homeless. One of them is a woman. I知 pacing up and down the edge of a parking lot, and she asks me where I知 going. So I show her. 的知 going from here... I say, pointing to a spot on the ground and then walking a couple of paces away, ...to here. The police show up and take away a homeless man. I try to give him reassurance as they do so.

    Then there is something about escaping what seems to be a space ship or a space station. It starts out with watching the beginning of a Star Wars movie. This movie starts around the present time, and shows people leaving Earth on space ships. There is a large swarm of them headed somewhere, but as they go they blow up until only one of them is left. This one barely makes it by landing on a nearby planet a 都ucker, they call it, because gravity pulled them in.

    The scene switches to the inside of the space craft. There are a couple of guys in there who apparently stowed away. There is something wrong with the ship, and people are walking around spraying a white fog. The fog itself is difficult to breathe, but the air might be deadly. The stowaways now try to escape. They go down some steps. At some point I become one of them. We get to a sort of catwalk above a lower floor. I find a way to climb down some of the supports. Then I realize that this probably made me conspicuous, so I pretend that I知 just a normal guy who won a bet that I could climb down this way. I pretend to celebrate and say something like 殿ll right! Where痴 my five bucks?

    This floor is like the lobby of a hotel. I start walking out the door. Then there is something about people being put in jail. I almost seem to be a cat now, and there is this plan to turn around and try to lead someone to the jail cells to rescue them. I/the cat is able to move one of the guard痴 keys in such a way as to unlock the cell. But it痴 the wrong cell. Inside this one is a huge vicious-looking animal. We close the door again and try another. But this is the wrong one too. We go to another cell, which has a label on it saying it contains, among other things, a donkey. We open the door to this one, and it is a scene from the old Droopy cartoon. The next cell has two of the three stooges and a couple of monkeys. We start talking with them, and the 田ell turns into a sort of stand-alone device almost like a gumball machine.

    I need to go somewhere. Someone tries to give me directions, but they are a little complicated so I try to write them down. I have a bit of trouble trying to figure out what they are telling me. Something about going down one road, and taking another road. I study a map. Then I find myself walking, trying to find my way to where I am going. I don稚 even think I know where I知 going in the dream.

    Fragment 1

    Something about pastries.

    Fragment 2

    Professor Plum, and the characters from Clue. There is either a play or a film version, but it doesn稚 seem like the characters are acting like they should. Professor Plum isn稚 absent-minded (as he was in the books, if anyone has ever read those).

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