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    Comp Night 7: Dream Theme and More

    by , 01-15-2024 at 04:00 AM (135 Views)
    Dream 1: Dream Theme (yay!) and Apples

    Watching Attack on Titan. In this episode, the humans have some kind of hover cars that look like space ships...Then there are some people driving up in a kind of lunar rover (military police?). Something about how where we are may be more exciting, but they get to travel across the planet (or moon)...Someone (Annie, from AoT?) is handing out shirts. She gets a pink one and a green one mixed up, from which I gather that she is colorblind. This seems important to me, and I mention it to someone.

    My Dad and I are walking across some countryside (possibly the same dream). We are looking for a place that also has an apple orchard. He leads us off to the right, and I guess that itís because he saw a couple of apple trees and gathered that they spread from the place we are looking for. Along the way, I pick an apple and munch on it. We come to a road, and some sort of sign. There is another tree nearby, and I pick another apple. This apple is full of holes though, as though a bunch of ants had gotten into it.


    Fragment 1: Not Really Typing

    Someone is in an office. There are two other people there, but one of them is apparently busy typing on a typewriter. But this is just a ruse, and the person is not really typing other than just nonsense. Someone inspects the paper on which they were typing, and there are bunch of words but also a lot of blank space. This ends up in the lab somehow, I think.

    Fragment 2: Drug Store

    In a drug store. There is some machine there that you interact with to buy stamps, or something. There is something about me not wanting to buy things from CVS because they sell abortion pills.

    Fragment 3: Garden

    My Mom and I are in a long, narrow garden. It is about two rows wide. She is planting things on one row, and I am planting things in the other row. The row I am in seems to be lower than my motherís garden row. It also drops down a foot or two toward the end.
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    1. theshirecat's Avatar
      Damn those lasers are awesome!
    2. cedwards105's Avatar
      Thanks! But that was AI's addition. I don't remember if there were lasers in my dream or not. It seems to me they had some kind of sci-fi weapons though.