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    Comp Night 8

    by , 04-07-2024 at 02:49 AM (47 Views)
    April 6th, 2024

    Dream 1:

    There was apparently a movie that once scared me a lot. It was so frightening that I stopped watching it. There was one scene especially, in which a woman goes down a set of stairs. When she gets to the bottom, there is some greenish light and something horrible apparently happened. There is also a scene in which a little dog is put into a box, and slid into an opening in a wall. Also, people that live in a suburban house, and something happens here. Some episodes of a TV show that had a strange and unpleasant noise all through them. I can hear the noise now.

    I am now watching this movie, facing my fear of it. The woman goes down the stairs to where the horrible thing is supposed to happen, but now that I watch it, it doesn’t seem to be that scary. In fact, I think I might have misinterpreted what was going on, and it wasn’t scary at all. A door at the bottom of the stairs opens up, and there is a big face. I had expected it to look scary somehow, but it looks kind of normal. The woman goes through the door.

    Some things about cloth, I think.

    At some point, I’m walking along and see an open elevator door. The elevator car inside is surprisingly large, and there is a sink, and possibly a table, inside. It sort of looks like a cross between a kitchen and a bathroom inside. It reminds me of a dream, and I try counting my fingers. Sure enough, I have more than 5 fingers on my hand and I become lucid. I see a couple of kids next to a water fountain, and try to think of what to do for the competition. I think about drinking from the water fountain, but I already did that in my 3-step task. I remember that the third step was to teleport, which I don’t really know how to do.

    “Hey kids,” I say to the kids at the water fountain, “how do I teleport?”

    They don’t give me much of an answer, so I try on my own. I try imagining a new scene behind me and turning around, but it doesn’t seem to work. I try to “walk into” the new scene, the way I “flew into” Synthos a while back. I keep repeating “up a grassy green hill” to myself while walking, or something like that. I’m still in this building, but as I look to my left I see another room/corridor where the floor tiles are green. I go this way, repeating the scene to myself, and I might actually find that there is a slight upward slope. But that’s about as far as the scene change gets. As I keep walking, I find myself going into more of these hallway/room type sections, and it’s getting darker. Eventually I find myself in a room that has either a person or a mannequin in it.

    I think I might lose lucidity around here somewhere. There is something about bringing the person/mannequin closer to me, and then I leave the room. I find myself in the front/side yard of the house from earlier. Now it’s more like a “liminal place” – the yard looks as though it’s artificial, and there is a large hole in the ground shaped like an inverted cone and made of a yellowish color.

    Something about Disney World, I think. And Jurassic Park (I think that they might be headed toward a Jurassic Park scenario – at least I joke about it).

    Something about someone on a train. They are possibly being chased, and escape by dropping down and hanging on some pipes below. He later is walking or running beside the tracks, and someone might be with him. Someone is lying on the ground later, possibly hurt or shot.

    This was one of those dreams that seems like it had a sort of emotional or personal aspect for me. Something about the terrifying movie that I was going back and watching. Maybe facing a fear from long ago?
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