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    Competition Night 11

    by , 06-12-2023 at 04:00 PM (115 Views)

    Pixie, Pixels, and Lucidity (Lucid)

    There is something going on where we are shooting bows and arrows. Someone (my Dad?) shoots a target from a long distance away. I try to do the same... There is something somewhere about a doll that looks like an attractive ďpixie-typeĒ girl. Someone wonders who she is, and she turns out to be someone elseís sister...Hanging out with Kane Pixels. In the dream, he is my friend. I think there is some girl with us. We are talking about liminal places, and the girl opens a portal into another world. I think we were also talking about writing (I donít remember what exactly, but thatís what my notes say Ė if Iím reading them properly. My handwriting is a bit messy again here). We go back outside to the parking lot, and Kane is looking for his truck, I think. This might remind me of one of my dreamsigns: looking for my truck. I count the fingers on my left hand as a reality check. At first I get 6 or 7. As I keep looking, I see a bunch of fingers on my left hand. I become lucid! I decide to look for some Dreamstone. I look around, and see a rock on the ground. It doesnít look like Dreamstone, but it is a stone, so I try eating it to see if it will do anything for my dreaming. I put it in my mouth, but am unable to chew it. The dream seemed fairly stable, but I think I lose it as we approach the vehicle we were headed towards.

    This might have been part of the same dream too, but Iím not certain:

    Something about being in an underground zoo-like place. There are cats and dogs in enclosures, and if you look at the back of a couple of the enclosures you can see a curving stairway that goes up somewhere. I wonder where these stairs go. On the way out, we go up another set of stairs. There are some kittens next to the door, and I pet them.

    Technical Difficulties

    Someone has a kind of remote-control device. It raises and lowers a platform, and I think is somehow useful in research. He gives it to me while he goes somewhere, but doesnít really explain how to use it. I go to my cousin and try to get him to explain it to me, but he doesnít seem to pay attention to me. I follow him a while, and eventually give up. I also carry some condiment from one place to another. Now Iím in charge of playing music for some event, and this remote-control device is how the music is played. I mess around with it trying to see how it works. Meanwhile, a girl shows up and requests a song. I tell her Iím having trouble playing music, but I will try to play it for her. I finally find the buttons to press that will bring up a place where I can enter a URL to stream music. I try to enter Spotify, but when I try typing it in, it brings up something else instead.
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