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    Competition Night 2

    by , 06-03-2023 at 10:37 PM (168 Views)

    Church Adventures (Lucid)

    There is a play going on at my old high school. One of the scenes, I recall, involves someone passing gas. But the kid playing this part missed it, so they decide to somehow slip the scene in later. I’m behind the stage as this is going on, but I start to make my way around to the front. Out front though, I’m kind of awkward, not sure where to stand and not wanting to block people’s view...

    ...Later I’m in a hallway. There are books – different colors for different age groups. Yellow and green, I recall. At least one of them is a mystery book. My brother comes along, and some girls come along and start talking with him. Then they hug him and lean on him, in a way that seems flirtatious to me. My brother is married, and this bothers me, until one of the girls leans back and snuggles against me. Meanwhile, my mother is standing a few feet away reading one of the colored books...

    ...(same dream?) At my brother’s church. My mother and I are sitting outside of the sanctuary. The earlier service ends, and it appears that either the second service or Sunday school is starting in the sanctuary. My mother doesn’t want to go into the sanctuary, saying that she thinks “it isn’t important”, or something. Her explanation for this is that the music uses guitars, and to her (in the dream, not waking life) this makes it less important. I sit with her a few moments, and then decide that I’m going to go into the sanctuary. When I go in, I find that the service is not taking place, and possibly there is no Sunday school either. I ask someone when the second service is going to be (or maybe Sunday school) and they tell me it starts somewhere around 1:00pm. That’s quite a while from now...

    ...In the dream, my brother is the pastor of this congregation, and he is now closing up the building. I jokingly quote Ebenezer Scrooge from one of the movie versions of a Christmas Carol: “you keep close watch on the closing hour”. He replies with quoting the same movie. I seem to get a bit muddled in what I’m supposed to say, but eventually I say “don’t work overtime, you might make something of yourself”. We leave the building, me still pretending we are in A Christmas Carol movie. My brother walks home, and I follow pretending that I’m the children singing “Father Christmas” from the 1970s musical version. Some kids actually show up at this point...

    ...In the church building. My mother and I are in a room somewhere, and she points out to me a nice looking dish that is sitting on a table. The dish has a flower design on the surface, and is textured so that you can feel it as you run your fingers along it. My mother explains to me that it is a “Dream Flower”. That prompts me to do a reality check, and I find that I can breathe while my nose is pinched shut. It takes me a couple of moments to fully aknowledge that I’m dreaming though, because this seemed so real up to this point. I wasn’t actually expecting it to be a dream when I did the RC. But I eventually become lucid. I remember the competition, and that I have completed the first of my 3-step task. The next one is “super speed”. I’m not exactly sure how to accomplish this. At first I try flying, but am having difficulty with this. I also try running, but the rooms don’t seem to be large enough to build up enough speed. I go outside, but it’s cold out there and for some reason that makes me not want to go very fast. I go back inside to try indoors again, but the dream fades...

    I was either awake now, or it was a false awakening. Anyway, I tried to hang on here, waiting for the dream to reform. I suspect that it did, and that’s why some of these scenes seem out of order in my memory, but I’m not sure. I don’t think I came back lucid though. I also remember the following scene:

    ...Some guys are sitting around a room (in the church, I think). They are talking about an old truck. One guy seems to be very emotional about this truck, and finally gets up and runs to the bathroom. I wonder if he has gone to cry or to throw up, or what. He comes back in a couple of moments with toilet paper or a tissue...

    Dancing Corgis

    We are sitting somewhere, with a view of the street. I look over and see what appears to be a couple of squirrels. As I look, it turns out that they are Corgis. The Corgis are jumping and dancing, in what seems to be a coordinated way. We go over to look at them, and sure enough they are in a group and doing a coordinated dance. There is a man leading them, dressed like someone from a circus. He is using some kind of GPS technology to help coordinate the dogs, kind of like the fancy marching band patterns you see. Except that these dogs are doing really fancy things, making 3D shapes and such. Now they’re in a small auditorium, and I walk down from the back a little bit. I mostly see people now, sitting on chairs and playing musical instruments (including kazoos). I back away from one guy, thinking I’m making him nervous, and go back to the back of the auditorium. The Corgis come back out, coming up the center aisle. One Corgi decides that it wants to be my friend, and starts following me...

    My Brother’s Girlfriend

    In this dream, my brother isn’t married. But he has a girlfriend. She looks like one of my friends from the University. She also seems to get really nervous whenever people talk to her, to the point where she starts shaking. There is also something about a girl I went to school with a couple of years ago. She was married at the time, but in this dream she is single. At some point I go into a bathroom to relieve myself. Also to change clothes, I guess. Or maybe I’m having trouble pulling my pants up? Anyway, I decide I should shut the bathroom door, and find that the latch that holds it shut is broken. I think my nephew comes into the house at this point.


    (1) My Uncle is talking about a state park lodge – something about them being crooks? There is at least one other person, or maybe even a band, involved.

    (2) Someone has decided to give up drinking alcohol, or soda pop, or something. He is now sitting with Albert Einstein, who is cleaning the inside of a glass full of rusty looking water with a brush. This is “mineral water”. He gives it to the guy, who also seems to be me now, saying that he wonders if it is too strong. Me/the guy takes a sip, and it’s so awful that I/he can hardly swallow it. Letting a lot of it just kind of dribble out of my/his mouth, I/he try to smile and pretend that I/he like it.
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