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    Competition Night 5

    by , 06-06-2023 at 04:54 PM (196 Views)

    Rough nightís sleep again. Bedtime 3:05am, awake at 6 something, back to sleep after 8:05, awake at 11:17.

    Teaching Class, and the Israelites

    Iím teaching class. The class involves the machine I have been making for my research, and explaining it to students. But first I start with a lecture, I think. Partway through, I realize nobody is in the classroom any longer. They have all moved to a different classroom. I go over to this classroom. H- (Dr. B-) is sitting in the back of the room. She is apparently partly in charge of the class, and it makes me nervous to have her sitting there watching me. Iím also a bit nervous because now Iím kind of late, although I have a valid excuse since I thought I was already starting class in another room. H offers to teach, but I decline the offer. I start teaching, but am having trouble. Then the students start messing with the machine, and I try to get one kid to stop messing with one of the parts especially. There are some extra pieces of plastic laying around, and I tell the kids that breaking those pieces would feel like breaking the pieces of the machine...

    ...(possibly the same dream) I get my pants wet, and then consider jumping into a creek...

    ...Something about the Israelites. Someone is supposed to start a fire in a temple. She goes missing. I talk with some guy from the Middle East about whether or not I should go try to find her. He explains something about his culture, and I reply with something about my culture, and being a Christian. Meanwhile Iím picking up some green powdery stuff and putting it into a bin. Some people dressed sort of like knights go off to find the girl, I think. I think in the end I decide to go too...


    Something about the Grinch. When the Grinch was little, he looked like a cat...
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    1. cedwards105's Avatar
      I just saw Dr. B a few minutes ago in waking life. Not many people on campus these days, and I don't see her much these days either. Interesting coincidence, if that's what it was. And yes I checked, I seem to be awake.