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    Dream Control - but was I lucid?

    by , 01-10-2022 at 05:35 PM (382 Views)

    Took some valerian before bed for oneirogenic effects. I also took ibuprofen for a headache and diphenhydramine to help me sleep. I had many dreams besides this, but don't have a lot of time to record them right now.

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _____________

    Dream Control

    I am upstairs in a Church/hospital combination, I think (if this was the same dream). There is a bridge-like structure, and a woman laying on top of it. She disappears when I try to find her...

    ...At some point I'm trying to make her reappear by looking up and away, and then back down again with the expectation of seeing her. I'm able to make people appear, but they seem to be a little different than what I expect them to look like.

    I wish I could remember more of this. I have a vague memory of making other things appear, and I suspect that I might have been lucid. I just don't quite remember.

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    1. Mayatara's Avatar
      It is possible you may have been lucid and forgot, but just having control over the dream content is not enough to make it a lucid dream. I have a lot of those, I basically can control all my dreams if I feel like it, but most of the times it is something I do, unaware that I am in a dream. Knowing that I am in a dream is on a subsconcious level and only once in a while it emerges to the conscious level. Only then it is a lucid dream.
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    2. DarkestDarkness's Avatar
      Like Mayatara says, dream control without the awareness required for crossing the threshold of what is considered "lucidity", is not an odd thing in itself and does not have to imply lucidity. Some people seem to have more degree of it than others, just in the same way that some people seem to have more natural lucidity than others (and sometimes not as much control even so).

      I used to have almost no non-lucid dream control myself, but over the years that has changed a bit, and I know my dad also has a lot of dream control without actually being lucid.
    3. cedwards105's Avatar
      Yeah, I suspect that I wasn't lucid. Interesting though.