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    Some updates (including lucids, time travel stuff, giant worms, and Donald Trump)

    by , 09-29-2022 at 03:09 AM (174 Views)
    It's been a while since I last made a DJ post in here. Mostly because I didn't think many people would be interested in my usual dreams. I got out of the habit of lucid dream efforts, but in the past month have gotten back into it. Here are some highlights from the past month (not everything, just a couple of things I thought were more interesting):

    Sunset 9/3/22

    This one was interesting partly because I think it was based on someone else's dream.

    There are people who mostly live inside (a place by the sea, I think). This is because an enemy has come along and is fighting against them. As long as they are inside they are safe. However, they do seem to go out in the evenings, about the time that the sun is setting. Someone asks why they do this at all, since if they stayed inside the whole time there would be no reason to fight at all. The reply is something to the effect of having to live like people, and not give up. Or, thatís what life is about. This enemy seems to have left them alone for quite some time, but after 100 years had returned. A bit like Attack on Titan. I was thinking this to myself. There is some anime-type guy fighting, and at some point he decides he is going to try to fight against death itself. Or at least thatís what I think. The place where these people are located is under a big force-field type dome, and there seems to only be the one little section with an atmosphere, which is where they live...

    ...Maybe the same dream, maybe earlier or later. We are in a Church, I think. There is a prize being offered to the person that names the sunset. People are chipping in a lot of money, and the prize is up over a hundred thousand dollars. When the person came around for my entry though, I think I just called it something generic like ďsunsetĒ. Also, I was supposed to give my telephone number or something, and I didnít do that. Later, someone asks if we gave answers that were likely to win, which she thought involved several parts of a code-like response. I ďwake upĒ later, thinking that I should have named the sunset something like ďrose pink and cherry blossomsĒ or something like that. That reminds me of a song, and I hear people a floor below me singing it.

    Movie and interesting time stuff 9/7/22

    Watching a movie about war, or something. It has to do with communists. Somebody is a hero, but I donít quite understand whatís going on because I havenít really been watching the movie from the beginning...

    ...There are three guys that kind of look the same. Actually, they are the same person, I think, from three different times. There is a fourth guy that is watching them from a vehicle. Eventually they meet up, and this is also the same guy. They have a friend with them, and I think the new guy finds it quite amusing to see his old friend again, but the latest addition to the group (I think) decides that they should leave him behind. They stop somewhere, and the friend goes inside to check on something, and the four identical people leave him behind.

    Time Travel Cabinet 9/9/22

    Walking somewhere, trying to get away from a woman that can control minds. As we walk, one guy realizes how pretty the woman was, and kind of misses her. This seems to be related to the flowers on some plant. The woman catches up to us, but we jump into our time traveling cabinet/space ship before she can get us. We have escaped her by allowing our minds to be controlled by some other people, apparently. The woman warns us that these other people are violent. We reply that these specific people arenít. Our ship takes off, and I try to hold the door closed without running the risk of falling out myself, I think.

    Lucid in an opium den 9/12/22

    I took more detailed notes this night, which may be helpful for others so I'll include them. Another note: I don't encourage drug use!! Especially not opium, or its derivatives.

    4:10am Ė Woke up a few minutes ago. I had a lot of coffee yesterday, and I wonder if the melatonin I took is wearing off. Anyway, Iím having some heartburn and having some trouble sleeping at the moment, so I will hopefully make this into a WBTB. Drinking some baking soda water now. I donít recall too much of dreaming prior to this, except that I dreamed someone was coughing as I lay on my left side experiencing indigestion.

    5:05am Ė Iím going to try to go back to sleep. Hopefully it wonít be another night of difficult sleep. I might start cutting back on caffeine. I might also take some valerian, since it seems to help with the waking-sleep transition. Maybe I can WILD. Remember to stabilize, then go look for the Dream Base. Maybe I can make a portal to get there. Flying might work too.

    11:15am Ė I did not get back to sleep until about 8:00. Woke up again just a few minutes ago.

    Opium Den (lucid)

    Running around a town. I think my friends want to go to a strip club, but I donít want to go. Iím lucid! There are tunnels in the city that go down, possibly underground. There are opium dens down there, as well as at least one normal store (like a cell phone business or something). I run down one of the tunnels, and go into one of the dens. There are people sitting around the den on benches, and a man to my left that seems to be managing the place. I decide that it might be fun to take some opium and see what happens, since Iím dreaming and it wouldnít hurt.

    I go to the manager, who (if I remember correctly) gives me some challenge that I have to pass before he will give me opium. Then he shows me a box with a bunch of little containers in it, and I select one that looks kind of like a decorated egg. I walk over to a bench, opening the container as I do so. There are a bunch of grains of ďopiumĒ inside, along with little tweezers that you are supposed to use to take out the grains.

    Sitting down, I try getting out a grain or two with the tweezers. This proves to be more difficult than I expected, but eventually I get some into my mouth. Pretty soon, I find myself overcome with a pleasurable, relaxing sensation. I relax into a sort of stupor, reminiscent of the feeling I had a couple of days ago while listening to a lucid dreaming hypnosis script

    I donít quite remember what happened immediately after this. At some point I had an experience where I took a small laptop or ipad home from somewhere (the University perhaps?) and decide that I should return it. I was apparently lucid on some level - not enough to realize that there wasnít much point in taking back the laptop, but enough to realize that I could fly there riding my guitar. I go flying up into the air, finding myself above campus near the library.

    Trailer Trouble 9/14/22

    In a camper trailer. There is another trailer being built nearby, which I think is too close. I notice something wrong with a little hole on the outside, apparently it is on fire. I go out to look at it, and see that it is sparking even when it is not actively burning. I unplug some things from it, which then involves me running around to at least three different generators and unplugging things...

    ...(not sure if this is the same dream) some villains are trying to attack. I try to drop rocks down on them from above...

    ...(still not sure if this is the same dream) villains are trying to get into the trailer. I think they succeed, and take someone hostage(?) They take them somewhere under water. It turns out that they can breathe while they are there...

    ...Meanwhile, back at the trailer (I think) weíre getting thirsty. There doesnít seem to be any water. But then Dad goes up on a hill, and after following him I find that he is still there with at least one other guy (I think) next to a deep hole that they dug. At the bottom of the hole is some muddy water. I wonder why they donít dig the well deeper, but apparently the water level doesnít change, or doesnít get any cleaner, or something. There is a shallower hole nearby that also has water in it. Yay! I think there might be a dog there too. They offer me a cup of filthy water. If you let it set a bit, the mud goes to the bottom and the water is sort of clean...

    ...But look out! The worms are coming! Big worms. Apparently, man-eating worms. We go back to trailer (unless this happened earlier and this is afterwards, but Iíll go with the hypothesis that this is in order of events). The worms attack. We fend them off somehow, although I think at least one person is dragged away. Or maybe that was the second time. The worms attack again, bigger this time...

    ...Inside the worm, it turns out that these arenít actually worms but machines that look like worms. There are people inside, tramping down some long industrial-looking corridor. Some people have drowned in there too (I forget what the deal was, but I think a bunch of water got in there earlier somehow)...

    ...Somewhere there was a bit about Mom (I think) trying to convince me that I should study underwater worms. There are two options, worms on land, and worms underwater. You get to scuba dive to see the underwater worms, but they look kind of scary to me...

    Sick Cat and Donald Trump 9/19/22

    Someone has a dead, or dying cat. Itís on a flat plate, like a large microscope slide (the animal is flat too, and almost microscopically thin). They are trying to get some help. Someone comes along and gets involved. It seems that the cat can be helped, but they need a place where they can put it for a while. This person decides that Donald Trump might be willing to lend his condo. They go up to a posted sign that has a number you can call if you need to reach the president, and call him. I go outside, reflecting that Donald Trump would probably be willing to help out...

    Had a brief lucid dream 9/20. Then took a little break from journaling. Started again today, and had this dream last night:

    Lucid at the apartment 9/28/22

    Walking towards the back of the property where I currently live. There is another house to the left, and the Front House to the right. It seems to be set up a bit like the house at C- used to be. The back house isnít in its normal place. There seems to be another large building back there, but it isnít the back house. I think to myself that this might be a dream. I say something to myself like: ďThis is probably a dream, sir.Ē I do a nose pinch RC, and find that Iím dreaming. I think for a moment about my goals, and remember that I was going to try to find the Dream Base. I think to myself that I had at least one other goal, but the only one that came to mind was the Dream Base. I recognize this as being an artifact of dreaming Ė it seems a little difficult at times to remember things from waking life clearly. Anyway, I look around for the Dream Base beacon, and I think I see a light or two in the distance. They look like regular lights though, like a building or cell tower. But then I apparently lose the dream. Unless it's an FA or the Void.
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