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    Spring Competition Night 3

    by , 03-05-2023 at 04:08 AM (111 Views)

    Woke up at around 6:11 and did a WBTB [+ 2 points] . Recorded the following dreams:

    Music, Ricky, and Lucy [+1]

    Iím going up a set of stairs, whistling ďThe Lightning TreeĒ, or trying to. I come across my friend K from the lab, and we race to see who can get to the top of the steps first. She wants to get a good view of something. When we get there, there is a musical performance going on. Some kind of politician is playing, I think. The ďSuperintendentĒ, or something. It is also very windy. The wind is blowing so hard that a backdrop is wanting to blow over. I mess with it, and reinforce it with a nearby rope and piece of something. On the other side, I think, there is a dog house type thing. Someone might be living in it...Ricky Ricardo is lighting a candle to start a fire. It is Ricky and Lucyís wedding night. They have a kerosene heater or something. Lucy is delighted to find out that Ricky is cheap Ė apparently they are saving money with this candle, or something.

    Fragment [+0.5]

    ...In a house with a lot of dogs. Iím trying to go through some doors without letting the dogs out of the house...

    The rough side of town [+1]

    Talking to a weird man standing behind a bush. Something about parking. The area seems a bit dangerous to me. The guy we are talking to seems shady. Fortunately, a car drives up that belongs to a company that I have done business with (an insurance company or something). They give me a ride, since I did business with them, although they want to check my credentials. The car has heavily tinted windows, so itís a nice place to hide in while driving away. As we drive away, we see that police cars are showing up. The Amish in the area are moving to the edge of the neighborhood, apparently to avoid whatever situation might arise. We continue on our way out of there, on foot now. We come to a golf course with some kind of earthworks on it I think. It is in a somewhat intricate shape, including a chili pepper.

    Fragment 2 [+0.5]

    Someone is trying to mimic fighting reptiles with robots. I wonder if the robots (or one of them, at least) can learn how to bite. They are learning through a neural net or some type of AI. The robots turn into a fly and a melon. The fly flies around looking for the melon. The melon extends some kind of tube and moves around somehow. The fly shows off how it can look at things Ė like a car.

    Fragment 3 [+0.5]

    A man at church wants 15 cents. My grandmother doesnít think we should give him anything. Apparently they gave him money ďlast timeĒ and they donít want to keep on giving him money. I find a dime in the front seat of the car, and also have some pennies. I wonder if I should give the guy the money. I think about going back into the building, but Iím in the car as we leave the parking lot. I think about suggesting that we stop so I can go back inside, but my grandfather, who is driving, is talking and I donít want to interrupt him.

    Fragment 4 [+0.5]

    ...At a restaurant place to get food...

    Fragment 6 [+0.5]

    ...The poinsettia in my apartment looks healthy. I give the other plants some water. I look for the bottle that I use to water plants...

    Fragment 7 [+0.5]

    ...At my grandparentsí house. TV entertainment is not what it used to be. I think about getting some snacks...

    Back to bed around 6:35.

    Awake at 9:37

    Play and Water Danger [+1]

    Helping with a play. Iím doing music/technical stuff. At one point I think Iím playing music, or doing something along with the music, that involves tossing carrots around. There is a scene in which people bring a dead baby to Moses (?) to be brought back to life. They slide the dead baby prop under a table to me, which I then take and hide, while they bring out a live baby...I seem to be at Lakeside, a family vacation spot. The play is not over yet, but my part is done I guess and I can leave. As I go, they want me to sign a book. It also comes up that I had something to do with security, because I was trying to get into the town during the season (you have to pay to get in during the season) and was stopped at the gate. They then tell me about someone that either had a big parade float or were in a brawl that stretched across town.

    Down at the lake, there are some people swimming. A family with a couple of kids. There is a small whirlpool in the water nearby. They donít think it is very dangerous, but it worries me a little. Kids keep drifting toward the whirlpool and into it, and have to be kept out of it. I realize that this is a dreamsign, and do a reality check. But I donít get lucid, apparently. I, or someone else, wonders why there isnít technology to rescue people when they go underwater. I then go up onto the pier. I see a woman rising to the surface of the water and clinging onto a part of the pierís foundation below me. I signal to her that I see her, and then clamber down to her to try and rescue her. I seem to be too late, however. She lets go or loses her grip on the pier and slips into the water. But she gives me a thumbs-up as she sinks, as though she appreciated the attempt. I stand there, wondering if I should dive in and try to find her. The water is dark and murky, and Iím afraid to go in. But I do (and I seem to kind of half realize this is a dream or something like it). I let myself sink down to the bottom of the water and feel around, but I donít feel the woman.

    Interesting about the woman. In the dream, I thought she had gone underwater and was resurfacing and clinging to the pier trying to stay up. I kind of wonder if this was another appearance of a Subaquatic woman though. She didn't seem too upset when she went back under, and I didn't find her when I dove in myself.

    Migraines and Money [+1]

    Talking with my mother about my nephew. In the dream, he has some kind of disorder (that has to do with his knee or leg?) that can be taken care of if someone who used to have migraines but is now better donates something (like plasma). My mother has migraines, but she still gets them so she canít donate. I mention that my grandmother used to. My mother says something about how she doesnít think my grandmother will donate because she doesnít like someone...I look for money, and dig up a decent amount either from my pockets or the back of a car, or something. My grandmother comes along and gives me some money as well...driving into a park(?). I look for a place to turn around, rolling down my window to say goodbye to whomever I was with (my dad and some other people?) as I leave...Looking around Nairobi, I think. I notice how there is a slum in a kind of low-lying area, but nice buildings around. If you look at the cityscape at a certain angle, you donít see the slum. Someone seems to find a nearby house amusing in some way. I think itís kind of a nice house.

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