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    Winter Competition 12.13.2022-12.15.2022

    by , 12-16-2022 at 10:48 PM (80 Views)
    Catching up a bit here.


    Some Fragments:

    (1) Crossing the street at my current University. I think that the light has changed so that I can cross, and lots of students are doing so. As we walk across the street, a car comes along at a fairly high rate of speed and goes through the intersection. “Nice stop!” I yell sarcastically. One of the students says to me “dude, he had a green light” (or something like that). I look up at the lights, and sure enough the light is green. I thought for sure it was red when I looked at it before. I wonder how this could be. Why did I think the light was red when it was actually green?

    (2) One of my colleagues is testing a new machine. Kind of like a rocket, but it only goes for a couple of yards before hitting a wall and crash landing. She gets into this thing and rides it a couple of times. It is kind of the routine – she gets into the rocket, blasts off, crashes, and gets hurt. People rush to tear open the rocket and get her out. This time, she does her crash land thing, and I rush forward before anyone else to get her out. I find myself more attracted to her than usual in this dream.

    (3) At a hotel, much like a place we used to visit when I was a teenager. Dad is there. He says something about going to the “Frog Pub” or “Frog Bar”, or “Frog’s Nest” or something like that. This is a bar/café located above the swimming pool.


    Hotel Brutale

    This starts almost like watching a movie. I see some people outside in a place that would remind you of an old American Western movie. They are dressed in denim-type clothes, looking like their working on a ranch or something. The scene here is kind of like the opening scene to the Follyfoot TV show. The focus shifts to three people, which I think at first are men and women (which causes me annoyance in the dream) but then it turns out to just be women (which is less annoying to me). There are men around too though (it seems better to me that they are in separate groups – more authentic or something). This seems to be some kind of inn or bar, or bed/breakfast type place out west. Maybe a ranch.

    Another guy shows up. He is being chased by someone. It appears that he had been staying at another hotel, and while he was there he ran into some trouble. Actually, he wasn’t even sure if he was the one in trouble. Someone else had been staying at the hotel with the same name. A Bounty Hunter type guy showed up looking for one of them. So this guy just decided to go on the run. Anyway, he ends up at this current ranch/hotel place. But he finds out that this Bounty Hunter is going to come to the hotel at some point.

    There are some things going on out back, I think. I’m trying to convince the guy not to wait around and take chances with the bounty hunter. He doesn’t want to leave though.

    Then a big long car drives up. It’s like a long brown convertible, but more like the length of a limousine. There are two women in the backseat (or the second or third row of seats). They are large – tall and strongly built. One, or both, is blonde. They are fairly attractive, actually, though quite intimidating. They are either bodyguards, or there are other bodyguards in the car. In the front passenger’s seat sits the Bounty Hunter. He is playing some music on the radio – soft, low, with an older country/western vibe to it. The sort of music that a self-confident bounty hunter type might play as his background music. The Bounty Hunter is sitting in the passenger’s seat, but leaning across and turning the steering wheel. It’s like he thinks he should be the passenger, but is acting as his own chauffer. He even does some odd thing with his door when he gets out as though he were opening the door for himself.

    The two large women get out, and I see how large the Bounty Hunter is. He is probably at least 7 feet tall, maybe 8 feet. Strongly built, like the women. I think he’s wearing some kind of long, dark coat. He looks at the guy who had been running and makes some remark about having seen him at the other hotel. Then he goes in and talks to the ranch/hotel owner.

    Back to the guy that thinks he might be running from the Bounty Hunter. I don’t quite remember what happened, but somehow he starts fighting. I think he’s joined by at least one other person. Something about a tower, knocking the tower over. Then he jumps into a car and starts running into people. He drives around to the front of the place and runs into a man carrying a camera or survey equipment, or something. He really gets violent. He narrates “I saw a man on his way to the blood bank. I extracted a donation.” He runs over this guy and green blood is smeared in a big trail behind the car. The guy is killed.

    At some point, the original owners of the ranch/hotel decide to leave, I think. This other guy, and his buddies, take over. By now, it seems that their focus has been to take over this ranch all along. They had a plan to turn it into a jungle themed hotel. It almost seems that this guy’s obsession with the jungle theme was so strong that making this place into the jungle themed hotel was his main reason for taking over. I think there is some disagreement between him and his companions though. I think there was also something about the hotel being in an exceptionally desirable location, because it was close to a bunch of stores (there was a scene with a strip of stores, almost in wild west town fashion but they are more like modern shopping plaza stores.

    By the end, the hotel has become a fight club. This whole thing might even have been a movie called “The Fight Club”. The man who had originally been on the run is big and muscular, and is in a ring fighting with another guy. Large, muscular men fill the stands around. I still don’t like the fact that they were so violent and took over the hotel, but at least it wasn’t just some greedy guy murdering people. In other words, these guys are kind of savage and brutal, and you might have expected this sort of behavior from them.

    Kayaking Adventure

    Kayaking down a river. I think I’m trying to recreate a famous journey – quite possibly from the Lord of the Rings (Fellowship of the Rings). It is a nice location. Peaceful and beautiful. But whoever is in charge of the area – the park service or something – has decided to put up speakers along the sides of the river and play music for visitors. They are playing some annoying country music. It kind of throws off the atmosphere, and I’m not too happy about it.

    At some point I think the river goes underground. There is a housing development, or some kind of urbanization, for which they have covered part of the river. I pull out the kayak and make my way to where I can get back to the river. Now I’m driving. I come across a small road/path to my left, but it isn’t connected to the road where I am and I don’t know if it’s supposed to be for driving on or if it’s a walking trail. Anyway, I eventually find a parking lot next to the water, and what appears to be a boat ramp. By now it’s raining pretty heavily. But I’m there for an adventure, and I don’t really mind the rain.


    Looking through a church photo album. As we flip the pages, it seems like the people in the pictures are laying in beds. The further we go in the album, the more the beds start to resemble coffins. Then it turns out that they are coffins. Then the people are dead, and instead of looking at pictures we seem to be looking at corpses in open coffins (this is not very creepy in the dream – it’s more like visiting a cemetery). The corpses become older and older, until we are looking at a skeleton(s). Above one of the skeletons there are some words written, including the word “haunted”, possibly repeated multiple times. One of the skeletons has some object laying on it, which has lights in it. Another skeleton has something similar, shaped like a flower pot (unless this is the same skeleton). The flower pot is vibrating. It was originally held in place by something, but whatever this was holding it in place is broken and the pot is moving around and looks like it’s going to fall off of the coffin. Somebody is with me, and while I hold the pot in place I ask them to get me some zip ties. I try to zip tie this thing in place, but the zip ties break. In the dream, zip ties are also called something like “Indestructibles”. I comment on how these aren’t very indestructible...

    ...The coffins are in a basement, and there is something about wondering if plants will grow here. But there are a line of windows nearby, so there might still be plenty of light...

    Fragments, so far:

    (1) Some AI program – like a chatbot/artificial personality AI companion. I think I’m choosing one. There is at least one program that is a female and has a nice voice. I’m kind of leaning toward choosing this one. There is something about lewd imagery though, and I don’t know about this.

    (2) Sitting on a couch, next to my Mom or Dad, I think. They’re on a couch behind mine, and I’m playing some rock music on my laptop and doing something at the same time, like typing the lyrics. Then I think that maybe I don’t want to be playing the music so loud (or at all) next to them.

    (3) People sitting in empty Little Caesar’s pizza boxes.

    (4) At my former workplace (a hospital pharmacy). I am filling orders, and one of my former coworkers is checking them. I wasn’t sure if she was a pharmacist in the dream, and if she had the authority to check my work. This is one of those cases where I’m hoping that I have overcome my OCD enough to be able to do this work efficiently.

    (5) Something about millennials having difficulty pronouncing certain words, or certain combinations of words.


    Took about 0.75mg of melatonin to help me sleep. Was awake until at least 1:00am, possibly past 1:30. Around this time I took 4mg of galantamine. Awake by 9:00 or so. I think most, or all of the following occurred in the last hour of sleep, kind of dozing before I was expecting my alarm to go off. It might also be related to note that I have been cutting back on caffeine, with one extra cup of tea this evening while out with some friends.

    Space tribe, ring, woman, watery trouble

    Some planet, I think. There is a native tribe. One of the tribesmen has a tattoo on his chest. He is standing so that he is seen in profile, and the tattoo looks like a big V shape in parallel lines. Someone is talking with the chief. Apparently the tribe wants to get control of a piece of land or a moon or planet, or something. This is a big issue with the tribe. At one point, the tribesman with the tattoo turns to face us and what looked like a bunch of lines from the side turns out to be words. The tattoo refers to the tribe’s desire to possess the piece of property and is simply the phrase: “I want iiiiiiiit!!”

    There is a woman with a ring. This seems to be a movie or TV show, perhaps, or perhaps I was vaguely aware that it was a dream. Anyway, I reach out and take ring somehow. It seems to be made of red gemstone, with some other bits to it. When I take it into my world though, it kind of falls into fragments. I think to myself at some point that this is, or might be, Dreamstone. That’s a possibility, although I thought Dreamstone was blue. I put it on a stand next to where I am laying.

    There is some hero-type guy. He comes across a big pit, which somehow fills with water. Now it looks like a big underground swimming pool. He has some discussion with the woman, and picks her up and throws her into the flooded area. It seems like he had some reason for doing this, but she is not familiar with swimming and sinks to the bottom of the pit. She appears to be in a lot of distress, and either I or the man jump in to save her. It occurs to me, however, that these people were living in a place with no oxygen but could breathe just fine. She is probably just pretending to drown. But while we are on our way to rescue her, hands reach out from a flooded stairwell and grab her, pulling her downwards. It seems that the hands belong to another woman – or possibly this woman herself. The woman is different somehow, it’s like she can project herself into separate places, so that the woman we had been dealing with was actually a projection of the woman that then reached out and grabbed her. Anyway, we’re trying to keep her from being pulled down into the stairwell, but not succeeding. We also will be running out of air soon, since we have to hold our breath to swim down there.

    The no fish era

    We are watching a film clip of a reconstruction of that past called the “no fish era”. This is supposed to be a time before fish, and it looks like water with a bunch of mold growing in it. The camera is moving underwater, following some swimming creatures that look like fish to me. Someone tells me that they aren’t really fish yet, but some proto-fish called “cichlids” (which is a bit ironic since cichlids are a type of fish in waking life). We follow a school of these, and then come across a really big one. Something about these “fish” is that they look like they are living skeletons. As we look at this big one, I think it become a big boat. But it’s also a living organism, about the size of a parking garage. It has developed a strategy to protect other fish. What happens is that birds try to attack the fish. But they fly into the boat/fish instead. This kills at least some of them. Meanwhile, other birds get trapped there, which become a target for the bigger birds, acting somewhat like bait. We see one animal (kind of looking like a dog, but might be a bird) taking care of another bird/dog thing.

    I’m on this boat/fish with another guy. There are puddles of water around. He keeps pushing dirty water with his hand, and remarks on how he shouldn’t be doing so. Something about people throwing up, possibly causing these puddles. Then I notice people around that are seasick and vomiting.

    Halloween Party (Lucid)

    I am walking around a dormitory in a shark suit. At first I just have the suit kind of draped over me, not really wearing it, but then I see some other people dressed in fish and/or shark suits. I think this is kind of funny, so I try to put on my shark suit more properly. It appears that there is some kind of Halloween party going on. There are different areas set up with different activities. In one area, it looks like there are a bunch of things for sale, like a junk store. One room has been arranged into a fake pagan temple, and someone comes along mentioning that they were “kissing” someone in there. As I look at the junk store items, I suspect that I’m dreaming. I do a nose pinch, and after some patience I eventually find that I can breathe and become lucid. Things are fairly stable, though a bit difficult to remember now. My cousin comes along, and I try to get him to help me. We walk together, and I pick up something and carry it. It’s as though I’m helping him do something, to keep myself oriented. As we walk and talk, I explain some of my difficulty to him, and as I do so things stabilize. We go down to an elevator, and walk inside. Since elevators are a dream sign, I think to myself that I should do a reality check. But I already know I’m dreaming, so I wonder to myself if there is much point in doing a reality check when I encounter a dream sign in a lucid dream. As the door opens up, I remember that I should be trying to score some points. I try to summon Sensei as the door opens. It doesn’t work. Instead, we are entering a really nice looking hotel-like place. Or maybe a spaceship. It has a kind of Jules Verne/Nautilus vibe. Wooden walls, and such. But then I think that I should try to find the dream base library, and in trying to change things I lose the dream. Things fade to the point where I can just see a bit of the hotel/ship thing. I maintain focus on this, but don’t remember what happened after that. I remember at some point either thinking to myself or dreaming that I was telling someone that I should have just explored the dream as it was because it looked pretty nice.

    Parallel world, asking DC for advice, out with a bang (lucid)

    There is a portal into another universe. It is quite small, and involved opening a little door behind which is the portal. We look in, but don’t see anything beyond a kind of haze or screen. I stick something into it to feel around. It feels semi-solid in there, like a big mass of gritty gelatin. It seems unsafe to go in there, since we don’t even know if we could breathe. We close the (small) door and open it again, and this time we can see inside. There is a black and white tile floor, and a sign on the back of the wall that says “Speakeasy”. This time we go inside. Even though the door is tiny, we find that we can just “enter” through it by trying to do so. When we get inside, we find that we are now very small ourselves. The furniture nearby is big compared to us. Someone (the proprietor?) comes to greet us. He seems large too, or maybe small, but somehow is close in size to the furniture (or maybe he’s close to our size? I don’t remember exactly what was happening here). We ask him how we get out, and he says “back the way you came”, opening the door to show us. But when he opens the door, it just leads out into a hallway, as though the portal were in a different dimension and the coordinates of the room are part of a different system. Are we trapped? But the man kind of laughs, this apparently being kind of a joke. You can get back to our universe from here, he explains. If we go out the door we came in and go to the left, it is a quicker way but “there are guns”. If we go out the door and go to the right, it is a longer but a safer route.

    Somewhere along the way I become lucid again. I look around, and see rows of junk store stuff for sale. Some of it is red, like it’s Valentine’s Day themed. Looking back to the bar, a door opens in hallway behind the bar, and a guy steps out. He looks like Sorrell Booke (the guy who played Boss Hogg on the Dukes of Hazzard), but wearing a dress and a wig. I think this is pretty funny, so I point him out to someone with me and turn away laughing. There also seems to be another person, possibly a woman, who is now bald. I think Booke’s wig came from her, which is why she’s now missing her hair.

    I see a guy with a bunch of straws in his mouth. Remembering the competition again, I ask him for advice.

    “Can you give me some advice?”

    His reply started something like this: “Don’t rob a bank when you feel like you want to be connected to the world,” but continued on for some time. It’s one of those things where at first it felt like I was making him say words, but after the first bit he seemed to be talking on his own. I follow him out a door, and then I think about asking him to tell me a short story. I don’t remember if this happened though. I might have decided that that would take too much time. At some point we’re being ushered out of the room by someone, who is helping us escape unnoticed. People are supposed to wear brown fedoras to blend in, which I am already doing.

    We go down some stairs. These are leading into a large, open area, kind of like a mall. I remember that my third task of the three tasks was to put my hand through something solid. Even though I realize that these had to be done in order and I hadn’t done #2 yet (advanced flying) I see if I could easily put my hand through the wall anyway. I try pushing against it, but my hand doesn’t go through. I feel tile though – the wall is covered with those small mosaic-like tiles (greenish in color, I think). Then I go down the steps.

    I’m in the bigger, mall-like area now. I think that I should try the advanced flying – my plan has been to fly to the moon. I climb a low wall to give myself a boost. As I look up, I see that I’m in a place with a fairly high roof, and possibly a couple of stories. I might be in an open part, which goes straight up to the roof, but I think there are several pieces of architecture in my way. Anyway, I try to fly but am not having great success.

    As I continue along, there are some people off to my left taking about having a choice of wearing a clown suit or pastor suit. The general idea is that neither would be fun, since the pastor has to do things like get made fun of. There is a weird thing going on with the back of people’s scalps being clipped to things. Looks painful. I keep going upstairs, and come across a small room. Here I find an interesting control. It looks like it has something to do with missiles, or space, or something. Like someone had been working on an advance school project? To my right is a strange lever. Since it’s a dream I decide to play with it, even though I don’t know what it will do. There is a roaring noise, like it has launched something. I think it’s a missile at first, aimed down at the ground just outside. However, it turns out that it is a rocket ship. I have just started the engines, I think. “This is my ticket to the moon!” I think, remembering something in the tasks about using an object to fly (although I’m not sure that a rocket ship would count, now that I’m awake). The control I’m working with is a kind of remote control. I launch the rocket into the air, hoping that the dream mechanics will make me associate myself with the rocket enough that I will follow it. My viewpoint does seem to follow the rocket as it goes, while I still maintain control of the lever. I have to work a lot to keep it angled up into the air and going straight. I also seem to be having trouble making a lot of progress. Eventually it crashes, and I try to fly on my own.


    (1) Looking at the clock and resetting the alarm

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