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    Winter Competition 12.4.2022

    by , 12-05-2022 at 12:11 AM (231 Views)
    In a boat, fishing with Dad. I get a fish on the hook, and can tell that itís a big one as we pull it in. Itís so large that the fishing line almost cuts into my fingers as we hoist it up on board. I think we might take a picture of it, then Dad takes it off the hook for me and sets it down by the side of the boat (inside the boat) to set it free. The fish hops up and over the rail like a little dog and re-enters the water...

    ...Some people cross a stretch of water that is dangerous in some way. It seems that they are escaping somewhere or trying to enter somewhere that they arenít supposed to be. An alarm goes off, either to alert people about this swimming, or to alert the swimmers that they are in danger, or both. The swimmers cross and go up the bank on the other side...

    Note: water, boats, and fish are becoming common dream signs. Especially water. I don't know why I'm not catching these. Maybe my dream mind was doing something there by "catching" the fish.

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    Tags: boats, fish, water