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    Winter Competition 12.5.2022

    by , 12-05-2022 at 06:43 PM (64 Views)

    Apartment, Sick Girl, and Keys

    At the apartment. Mom and some other people are here. This might also be my grandmother’s house. There is a little girl there, who is sick. My mother and at least one other person are going to take her to a hospital. I plan to go along, but while I’m getting ready to go they leave without me. There are two cars going at this point. This makes me so frustrated that I throw my keys out into the road in exasperation. After they have gone I go to look for my keys. There is traffic on the road, and it is raining too. This makes the search for the keys harder. I start a monolog that seems to be part prayer, part talking to myself, and part talking to the keys. I become a little crazed with my search for the keys and realize that I’m starting to talk like Gollum talking to the ring. The cars are going to be coming back soon. A woman says something to that effect (it’s going to be her last trip, or something – which means that the cars are about done with their trip).

    The dream seems to shift a little bit, and now I’m rummaging through some clutter on a desk looking for the keys. There is at least one other person with me, and they are talking about how the place we are at seems like some kind of illegal strip joint. It’s as though they employ men to dress as women but pass them off as actual women to customers. Somehow the police get involved. In the meantime, I find my keys and start kissing them in celebration. There is something about closely examining the keys, which are also old coins at this point, looking at the things that are printed on them. Meanwhile, we go back across the street, and someone mentions the sausages laying on the ground (there are a few of these scattered on the ground).

    I don’t quite remember where the following scenes belong. They seem to be related to the above dream, so I guess I’ll have to count them all as part of the same dream for the competition.

    ...I get into the car this time as we drive to the hospital. It was either that or wait around for a long while with nothing to do. There appears to be a seat open for me in the car. As we leave, I mention that I’m not really familiar with driving in the area...

    In my “room” (wherever that is). I’m doing something – maybe taking a nap. I go outside, and people are doing things. I feel a bit disappointed that I have slept through what might have been fun. I don’t think I was in my room too long, but then it starts to look like I was in there for a couple of days. I don’t think I was sleeping the whole time though. I appear to have been writing poetry. This involved displaying words on the wall somehow...

    ...Throwing snowballs. I and a couple of other people seem to be having a snowball fight...(Yay!! Winter Theme!!)

    ...Someone tosses something (a snowball?) in front of a parked car, which triggers an explosive. This was part of their plan. Someone else does something similar...

    ...Talking to someone about a phrase like “being all alone on a hot June day”. It’s supposed to be a poetic description of something going on currently, I think. But there is snow outside...

    ...My neighbors are in a room playing a game. I kind of want to play too, but I don’t know if I would be invited. Also, I have to go to the bathroom. I use one bathroom, but after leaving I feel like I still have to go. I start wandering around a bit looking for another bathroom that I saw, but now I can’t seem to find it.


    (1) I’m in a space ship. Something makes me think that I should do a reality check, so I look at my left hand and count my fingers. There are six of them. I might do this check at least once more. I don’t recall what happened after that

    (2) At my Grandparents’ house. Martin Luther King Jr. calls. Apparently, he is a friend of the family. Someone is having a discussion about how they didn’t like to go see MLK because of the crowds. Somebody brings up something about overly aggressive police, or something.

    (3) Someone is working on a project, and needs to go to the town of Neffs to use a piece of equipment. I get excited, because I used to work in Neffs. After one failed attempt, I finally ask the person where they went, and it turns out that they went to my former workplace to use the equipment (a “joiner”, I think it was). There is some discussion about whether it is “Neff” or “Neffs”. I have the idea that there were two places, something like “North Neff” and “South Neff”. At some point they kind of merged, and are now called “Neffs”. Anyway, I reflect on how it would have been funny, but a little nerve-wracking, if I had had to go there to use the equipment. In such a case, I would end up working with my old boss and my current supervisor on the same project, and have two bosses at once.

    (4) I fell asleep in the midst of a large pile of assorted objects. It’s like the junk one would have stored in their garage, but also includes “religious tracts”. Sleeping here causes me to dream about the objects around me. There is something about my brother coming along to sleep nearby, and I seem to want to hide from him, I think. When I wake up (in the dream), I am reminded of the dreams that I had been having when I look at the things around me....

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