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    Winter Competition 12.7.2022

    by , 12-09-2022 at 04:19 AM (52 Views)
    Taken from my offline dream journal.


    Dad and Guns

    I go back home (my old home) from somewhere. Or maybe I get up in the morning and go to the kitchen. My Dad is sitting there. Or maybe I was there and my Dad came in. Anyway, instead of talking to him, I start talking to my friend from Kenya over WhatsApp. Then I think that I should probably talk to my Dad, so I stop talking with my friend and talk with my Dad instead. I look outside, and there is a car pulling into the driveway. It is dark out, and if it was breakfast earlier it seems to be night now. I donít recognize the car, and I think the license plate is from out of state. A woman gets out and comes to the door. My Dad goes to answer the door and the woman pulls out a gun and points it at him. I grab for a gun that is in a box on the table next to me and point it at her. She doesnít drop the gun, and I start to think that my gun might not be loaded. I find my Momís Derringer instead, and exchange guns. Then the dream seems to become more concerned with whether or not my mother has been keeping a loaded Derringer around the house, which I donít think is safe. Iím a bit conflicted though, because I think that it might not be safe to have an unloaded gun either (in case something like what just happened happened). But I decide that I should unload the Derringer in the end. I open it up, and see two bullets in the chambers. The more I look, the more chambers there are, and they are loaded. In the end, there is something like 20 chambers with bullets in them in this gun. I work on prying the bullets out.

    Former House Dream

    My Mom and I go to visit one of the homes we lived in when I was growing up. At first itís more like Iím imagining going there, because Iím looking at things and thinking that if the new owners have painted over them I could remove the paint and restore things to what they used to look like. I touch walls and trim and say things like ďhello, old friendĒ. My mother calls my attention to something splattered on the ceiling. We discuss what we might have done to make a mess on the ceiling. Then my Mom decides that we should leave. I say something like: ďthatís a good idea. I have so many dreams where we are back in this house, and while we are here the new owners show upĒ. Then I look out the front window, and the new owners are pulling into the driveway. We exit the house and Mom locks up behind us (she has a key to the house). We go to our cars as the new owners reach the house. My Mom says something to them, and they donít seem to concerned that we have been prowling around their house. Driving down the road, I think something about how it would be nice to be friends with the guy who lives there now, and to be able to hang out in the house.


    (1) For some reason Iím wearing purple lingerie (Iím a man, by the way). This includes some kind of skirt-like thing and a bra. I look at myself in the mirror and then think that I shouldnít be wearing womenís clothes. ďBut,Ē I think to myself, ďhow do I know that these are womenís clothes? This might be a manís bra.Ē Then I start thinking that there probably is no such thing as a manís bra.

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