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    Winter Competition 12.9.2022

    by , 12-10-2022 at 06:12 AM (131 Views)

    Pizza Problems

    I go to a pizza place, I think. While I’m there, it is noticed that a dog has urinated on the floor near someone’s chair. I go to clean this up. This process seems to take longer than anticipated, and I’m at the pizza shop longer than I meant to be. I think my Mother eventually shows up, and is not particularly happy that I have been taking so long and didn’t get in touch with her. She might have even tried to call me and I didn’t answer. She says something to me like “does the number [her phone number] mean anything to you?”, sarcastically getting after me for either not answering her call or for not calling her to tell her that I was going to be late. I think I try to defend myself in some way.


    (1) A “mummy”. A guy that looks normal, and probably attractive to women, but he turns into a mummy and/or zombie kind of thing. He also gets really mean, I think. There is a woman. For some reason, he catches her, ties her up, and hangs her from a tree. He might wrap her in some kind of animal skin, too. There is a bear, or some other vicious creature around. I think the man is enticing the animal to attack the woman. There is a skunk involved somehow.

    (2) There are two people walking down a street. Something about money, I think. One guy pulls some money out? Somehow, it is related to a guy having a pair of pants under another pair of pants, and pulling the other pair out.

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    Tags: dogs, violence