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    02-18 to 02-19 mediTated at onset of LD... ended non ideally

    by , 02-19-2018 at 03:57 PM (213 Views)
    Dreams from last night, lucid part in bold color text

    Thing before grocery store part but only vague memory.

    Thing with friends K W and/or B L at grocery store. Thinking about what the animals had been through whose meat was being sold. K W or B L wanted to buy meat but I was not buying meat.

    We were in Nana's living room. Cousin there. Going accross circle of people.

    Multiple choice test. Something about looking at someone else's paper.

    Underground scenario with people. Something about only a limited number of people getting out. One somewhat elderly person and an extremely elderly person wanted to get out. Something about helping people out of there.

    Dragon Ball Z video game. I was like Goku. There were parts where the bottom half of the screen showed a text box where the text colors could be changed. Other colors costed more money or something like that.

    Thing about weight lifting competition with R A. Squatting 315 for reps. R A out squatting me but I was attempting 350 and up to 405 but failing the reps.

    Going down to my college weight room to do a workout. I didn't have my key card to open the door. Hoping someone would be coming up the stairs and out the door and I could walk in. It was Miss M, a high school math teacher I had. She gave me a look like she knew I was trying to get in without a card. I told her I just left my wallet in my car. This was true in the context of the dream. She said I had to go to the desk and give them my name. I didn't want to have to do that but she was pretty stern about it. Another woman I went to H S with, G A, came up the stairs behind her. She smiled very brightly and glowed with white light. I felt loved.

    I didn't go down to the weight room. I saw Miss M at a desk, in front of a computer, and on the phone. There was a cigarette butt on her desk. I was getting a download about her that she stays busy on the computer all morning and then busy standing in front of a class teaching all afternoon. A way of being workaholic and always busy. She seemed stressed on the phone.

    I went over to her and she was a cyclops. Instead of two eyes, she had one giant eye in the middle of her head. I felt unsure of how to respond. I tried to make "eye contact" just with her one eye as if she had two. She began to tell me how she came from some ancient civilization. There were some specific names of civilizations I don't remember.

    I might have got the order wrong in that the underground part or the goku part might have come after the cyclops part. Sometimes remembering the order isn't as easy.

    Something about studying for a test again. Preparing for a test.

    I was going to stay in this house. The heat was off when I got there so I put the heat on for myself and when the other people arrived. I also made sure a window was closed that had been left open. Something about action figures?

    I had some tupperwares with plants or flowers. There was a woman living there and I was trying to appease her with flowers. She was talking about the other women who lived there as if they were not there. How annoyed she was of them. She was saying how she had just quit smoking. I said she might get along with L S because L S just quit smoking too. We were standing around a countertop.

    In the dream it seemed like the woman wanted something. I had three folded up Pokemon shirts. One was of Pikachu. There were two others. I liked them, but the woman seemed to want or need them. The dream context was that she had ruined another shirt I had lent her so I thought I might not want to trust her with my cool shirts. But I didn't have the heart to say no.

    I was looking at a Pokemon card in the hall way from the front door into the kitchen. I was thinking of my shiny metal energy card and giving it to the woman as well. Then there was a part of a Pokemon card with metal energy and another kind of energy, maybe fire or psychic.

    That was really good dream recall for the first round of dreams. I was very happy as more details continued to flow into my mind.

    It took me what seemed like hours to fall back asleep. I don't know why. But it did. Eventually I did fall asleep though. I had one mini dream of a grey glove with a whoopie cushion feature. Then I had some more dreams with I forgot most of. Maybe with U C or my sister. But that round of dreams ended in a funny way. I was driving along the main road in my town near the numbered streets. As I drove, I kept thinking of parallel parking somewhere. There was a car behind me I kept seeing in my rear view. To my right, along the side of the road, there was a bicyclist bicycling along. He started yelling at me because I guess he could tell I was starting to pull off to the side and he thought I would hit him? He was keeping pace with my car which is interesting. He continued to yell things at me until I heard "Stop!" Really loudly and then woke up with a startle.

    It took me a little bit to fall asleep again.

    In the next dream, I am with a tan woman and I only remember that party vaguely. She goes out for a moment and I am at my black desk with some food that I haven't eaten from my meal plan during the day. I wonder for a moment why I am eating spinach at this hour but I figure I just didn't eat it during the day and had to catch up. I am playing a game or writing on my phone. The room lights are on and I realize this might disturb my sleep. I reach for my orange glasses in response to this.

    An application pops up on my phone that has to do with dating. it is like an easy dating for singles app. The interface is black and red. I think that dating sites aren't really my thing but maybe one day I will try it. I try to close it but there is an ad positioned on the window where the X is to close it. I think to myself that that shouldn't be allowed, for advertisers to put a link in the close box so when you go to close it it opens something else. The app won't go to all apps view when I press the all apps view button. The top bar where it says File, Edit, View, etc. has the word File to the far right. I click File then Exit and it closes. Another dating app pops up. This one I am able to swipe away from all apps view to close it. I do not use any dating apps in waking life.

    There is a big container of coins. All types of coins. There are even giant silver coins which I think must be fifty cent pieces. I take the coins out and look at them. I am also eating my spinach with the same hands that touched the coins, questioning if that is really a good idea but continuing to do it anyway.

    The woman returns to my room and comes to join me. She realizes she has something else to go to. I realize this is a dream in a very subtle kind of way. The thought just comes to me that it is a dream, and then I realize, oh, of course, it must be. Very calmly. Now I am lucidly aware with in the dream.

    I wonder what I will do. I realize I am sitting in bed so I decide to just meditate. I close my dream eyes and see a dim white glow on black background. I feel calm and think to myself that I will just go to sleep within this dream and have a lucid, dream within a lucid, dream. Then I will wake up to the other dream and still know it is a dream. I start feeling like this will really happen.

    I begin to float out of my bed and around the corner. I was previously in my current bedroom but now I am in my bedroom from my previous house. I float into the teal room which is my sisters. The tan woman is in there with my mom and sister. I am flying with my head running along the ceiling and I look down at the women there. The tan woman turns out to be M C and she looks very pretty. I have an understanding she is my girlfriend in this dream. I fly down and kiss her forehead, then we kiss regularly. I am aware my Mom sees us. my sister walks out but for another reason, not from being weirded out or anything. My Mom seems happy that I have a girlfriend. M C has to go do something in another room.

    I notice glitter glue writing all over my sisters walls. Gold and bronze glitter glue saying things like remember your dreams, discover, remember, in script writing. I realize it will be fun to tell my Mom about my dream so far. Not to tell her it is a dream but to talk about it as if we are in waking life, and I just woke from a dream. Like, "Mom, you will never guess the dream I had," and then tell her about the events up to that point. I also thought this could help my dream recall.

    My Mom is smiling and very happy. M C comes back and makes some kind of advance towards me. I give in to do something I sometimes try to hold back from doing in dreams.

    I woke up from this kind of wishing I had taken my time to explore the dream instead of just doing other things in the dream. But I guess it is living and learning. I had really good lucidity in this dream, probably from meditating at the onset. I didn't even think of tasks of the month or my healing goals.

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