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    1,357 words

    by , 06-20-2018 at 02:14 PM (441 Views)
    1,357 words


    I think this was my first round of dreams but I also might have woken up slightly before this.

    I forgot a lot of earlier stuff...

    I remember Mr. R from gym class and a few other teachers giving me 100 dollar bills. I wondered why. It was 3 or 4 of them. I think it came from reading a story of a kid getting tipped 300 dollars. I wondered why Mr. R was giving me 100 dollars and tried to tell him he didn't have to. But he insisted. I figured it was to apologize for male genital mutilation, but Mr. R wasn't Jewish... I'm not Jewish either but I had that association in my mind in the dream.

    I remember walking through a grassy field. Something with someone Russian? I remember some sprinklers. And C R. Something we were talking about, I kinda forgot. But I remember having sandwiches. Wheat bread with some sort of cold cuts and cheese. But especially tomatoes on the very bottom.

    I remember something being shown at a school. Something about December 16 the Russian people or German people came and took a bunch of prisoners, something like that. It showed a room with a pool, in a school?

    I remember a blonde haired woman. She and some other people were with my in my nana's back yard...

    I remember going by the patio of the pool, and noticing the weeds from between the pieces of stone. All the plants were very green. I remember thinking, 'Its great that those plants are getting to grow. (Even what most people call "weeds".) And I felt bad that my nana would probably pluck them. I pictured some of the seeds falling from the trees and landing in the pool.

    Then I needed the bathroom. I went to the kitchen. Nana said she had been sick for 3 months and if I stepped on that red floor mat, I could get sick too... 'Oh no!' I thought. I decided to go to the bathroom in the woods.

    The trail to that area had several vines accross it with giant leaves. I had to duck under one to get there. Eventually I found a white water gun thing and went to the bathroom into that. As I went to the bathroom it sprayed the fluid about 20 feet from me, at a white garage or shed type of building. My nana was like, "Does that help?" And I smashed the water gun thing on the ground, screaming and yelling.

    Then I remember my dad saying something about how he had to be there on December 16th. I think I saw a glimpse of him being held captive and stuff. (I don't think it was an actual historical event from waking life.) I either dreamed or just day dreamed about the people from that event pulling into nana's drive way to attack us, and me distracting them while dad got some heavy artillery from his van to defeat them.

    I'm surprised its only 2:15 A M right now. I should be able to sleep more soon.


    Finally got back to sleep from like 5 to 8 or so.

    There may have been some earlier stuff I forgot. The earliest thing I remember is being in a parking garage kind of place. But also seeing some grocery store mushrooms. The ones with the big caps that people use for soup. Someone was saying if they eat massive quantities of those mushrooms, it enhances their dreams. So I chose some big white mushrooms to eat for dinner in place of my usual vegetable. I imagined eating the mushroom. I remember walking in some kind of corridor thing.

    I was in my convertible near the bank I go to. Something in my car might have been levitating. I remember kind of resting in there and hearing some voices or thoughts. 'Is that g**'s voice or loving parent's voice?' I thought. The thoughts were more mean or critical, I think. 'I will go to a meeting,' I thought.

    Then I remember being in this mall thing. It was kinda complex. I remember there was something we had to climb up to to get to a secret meeting room. I even imagined sliding under some foot high space and being afraid of spiders living there.

    When I got out of there, I saw a mural on the wall of the word "hello". It was in some kind of 3 D lettering. Red and yellow mainly. Maybe it offended people of a certain belief system. Not sure the details.

    I remember seeing a car with B D and another guy who looked like him. Driving down the road, talking about a religion. And judging the rest of the world as they spoke.

    I remember seeing one guy on a flying scooter. Then I saw another guy also on a flying scooter. He levitated up, but needed an extra boost. To achieve an extra boost, he sprayed some water from his scooter that propelled him higher, into the opening of his lofted room. The water sprinkled over his plants as he entered.

    I remember working on a paper, either hand written and/or by computer, outside this food place at a restaurant. I wasn't buying any food though. I was just using the table. In the dream context this seemed like something they usually allowed. It was a busy day for the restaurant and if I wasn't taking up that table, they could have had more customers sit there. I started to feel some pressure to leave, but didn't want to.

    Eventually, the manager, who was like K, sat with me. He said that it was busy. I wasn't sure if he was just hinting me to leave. I spoke in almost a whisper because I couldn't speak much louder. "If you want me to not use this table any more, so you can have more customers, then just set that boundary, and I won't." I just wanted him to be clear. I think there was a rule in place in the mall that people couldn't really be asked to leave the tables no matter what they were doing. The guy got up and left without speaking.

    I was going to leave when another person came and sat with me. Also my table position had rotated from being at a 2-top to being at a 4-top. He was new to the school and needed the pass word for his lap top. Maybe the wi fi pass word. I didn't have it with me, but could go get it. I just didn't want to leave my stuff.

    2 more people sat with us. They said they had car keys. They gave me a key chain, but said the one key was a trade-in. I would have to trade-in the key to get the actual car key. It was too confusing and I gave it back. I tried to gather my stuff to go find the bathroom.

    It became more like night time. I remember a female voice talking about how people who make noise at night are ego-maniacs or narcissists. I opened a door to a room with some dancing lights or shadows. There were music stands and it looked like a band set-up. No one was there but it looked like ghosts were playing.

    I forgot if there were any other dreams at the end. Because of my insomnia from 2 to 5, I ended up sleeping until about 8, and missed W A. That was kinda sad. But I could see that coming and tried to let it go. Adequate sleep is more important.
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      Hope you get back up to your usual recall level, and have no insomnia yet sleep well.
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      Thanks! Me too
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