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    by , 06-26-2018 at 01:18 PM (375 Views)
    I went to bed around 9. After one more match of Pokemon Show down... Times 5!


    Round 1 of Dreams.

    I could only re-remember one part, which was an abstract chart C R had made to document his achievements. It was designed like a building layout.

    I remembered more parts from the end of Round 1, but didn't re-remember them once I woke up again.


    Round 2 of Dreams.

    I remember something about really luxurious hotel rooms. And installing a special stair case in them. Also, there was an African American person in my room. I forgot the details. I think they had a similar personality to the hip hop artists I listened to when I was around 16.

    I forgot the middle parts.

    My memory begins again with a part when I was outside my high school. By the tennis courts. I threw something in a garbage can. A teacher noticed, and asked me to stand near the garbage can for 5 minutes, and sketch it.

    I didn't want to. But he insisted. His reasoning was that if I added up all the time I spent looking at a garbage can when I threw something out, just a few seconds each time, it would add up to at least 5 minutes. So, therefore, standing near it for 5 minutes and drawing it wouldn't be too much.

    The dream changed and it was something about time to eat. Ms. M gave me some italian food. I jumped down like ten feet and landed just fine in front of it. There was also a hydro massage thing, like from a hot tub, as I stood there.

    I needed some utensils. Ms. M gave me some plastic ones. At first, I doubted the effectiveness of them. Then I decided they would be fine. There were some tiny carvings on some of them. One had a piece of wire as part of it.

    K S came by and I showed her the utensils. She thought they were cool.

    At some point, earlier, I remember something with a train. it was probably more involved than I could remember. Oh well!



    Round 3 of dreams.

    I think I just woke up from a short dream or one I didn't remember much of. Got up for a moment than laid back down. At some point there might have been something about not using too much light at night. Only the minimum.



    Round 4 of Dreams.

    I remember something about getting a pet dog. Maybe I even saw the dream from the view point of the dog. Not sure.

    I remember at least ten pounds of black beans. I felt bad because they were going to go to waste if we didn't plant them. I thought of some local field and how I could spread the beans all over the field. There would be bean stalks cropping up everywhere and no one would understand why!

    I also thought it would be inhumane because people would keep mowing them down. It wouldn't be a fun life, to be a plant, planted somewhere they keep mowing everything down.

    There was a little strip of grass indoors. I thought that might be a nice place. I pictured a big tree sprouting up from the sun that came from the windows. On a side note, I also remember something with a box of cereal at some point.

    I thought of pouring the beans into big plastic containers and putting them in the closet for now. As I poured them from one thing to the other, they cried out, "Ahhh!!! Help!!!" or something like that. They almost seemed like little bugs by then.

    I remember various sizes of those brown amazon boxes sitting around. And something about Stewie Griffin kicking the littlest one, but very lightly. Also, I remember something about packing peanuts or popping the bubble wrap.

    I remember a scene where Cat Dog (the Nickelodeon character) was lost in the middle of a city. Something with a bunch of cars driving by. I think they were sick or poisoned. I hadn't even thought of Cat Dog in like 10 years but it randomly came to mind, and I watched some on youtube, within the last few days. Funny how its in my dreams already.

    I remember being in a house with some people. I don't know if I was myself and they were my family, or if I was someone else, or if they were someone else. Etc. I remember something with magic and something with water guns.

    Some people were going up stairs. I followed them and began to be lucid.

    After that I woke up. I was able to recall a bit more of these dreams and then still re-remember it later.


    Round 5 of Dreams.

    I remember being someone else in these dreams.

    I remember we were eating some Italian food at the table. I sat at the head of the table accross from an older woman and there were other guys my age sitting on the sides of the table. A big towel appeared in my mouth. I tried to absorb the sauce from it and then take it out of my mouth.

    While I did that, the woman said something like, "Isn't it great how he doesn't say anything?" I got really mad, and looked at my fist. But I was still working on removing the towel from my mouth. 'Oh, I guess she doesn't want me to say anything. Well, then, I won't reply when she says, "I love you", either,' I thought. So I imagined her wanted me to say, "I love you," And me not speaking. and just thinking, 'Well, I guess you don't want me to talk!'

    I remember beginning to leave the place. I was going to move out or something. There was a blonde woman around my age alternating between complaining about me and then not wanting me to go. I left. I remember seeing a chalk board. It said how I began to work an A C A program that day, and healed from the problems in those relationships.

    The woman from the dream had been in W A and found out about me being in A C A through an inter program survey she was taking. It was about how the nay sayers of addiction based 12 step programs can sometimes end up going to the anon programs.

    I remember sitting in a meeting. I was taking really long and slow breaths. It took a while for my lungs to fill up, but once they did, I was able to feel that "lungs full" sensation.

    There was a guy accross the room sharing. He paused to take an in breath. In that time, the guy next to him thought he had finished, and started to share. The guy was wearing an aqua green shirt. He got up and shrugged it off, walking to get something and sit back down.

    I woke up from those and recalled them. Then, I went back around through round 1. I almost lost the end of Round 2! But some how I retrived it. What a relief. I made my outline then typed them up.

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