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    by , 07-06-2018 at 12:29 PM (530 Views)
    I went to bed around 8:30 P M after 4 episodes of DB Super and a long round of Pokemon Battles. I tried to meditate a little before going to sleep.

    The first time I woke up, I had some dream recall. I remembered some earlier parts but couldn't re-remember them later. Because my re-remembering is not working, I might need ot start writing them throughout the night, each time I wake up.

    Where my memory starts, I am in an auditorium. It is some kind of recovery meeting. The dog from my college house, L, comes and puts her feet on everyone in my row, one at a time, and eventually gets to me. It is a way of greeting us.

    From behind me, I can hear M R say, "The big book is the real recovery book." It is supposed to be more of an A C A meeting so I get pretty ticked off. I say, "I hate that A A big book. The A C A red book is the real recovery book."

    I remember a passage from there that talked about staying calm and riding out the storms of early sobriety. A B was saying how he accidentally had a slip last night, so he came back to the meeting. He said some people get sober by necesity and some get sober by their intention.

    I remember at the end of the first round of dreams, I was driving to a restaurant. I was with someone else. We were going to a sushi place. We stopped at a smaller sushi place but then left to get to the big restaurant place. As we drove, we got to a 3 way intersection which came to a T. People began closing in on us from each side. We had no where to go. As they closed in on us, I woke up.

    I got up to use the rest room that time. When I laid back down, I could re-play the dreams in my mind and try to form a memory of them. Luckily I re-remembered some later.

    From the next round of dreams, I remember a T I song. I forgot the words, but he had multi-syllable rhymes. I was reading the lyrics as I heard the song. The rhymes were pretty good.

    I remember stuff with people from my college house.

    I remember a part with a side scroller game. The platforms were black. J R was going along the platforms. At the end, there were some tilted platforms he had to jump between. They were too slippery. I suggested he add some grip tape. When I went to add the grip tape, it kept sliding off anyway. There was nothing to stick the grip tape to the platform.

    I remember being in town near the A T M and food store, trying to call my dad. I am not sure why I was trying to call him.

    I remember a restaurant. The owner or manager went to the back with his son to take a break. He said that we could serve ourselves.

    There were shellfish and donuts. I got a donut that looked to be filled with icing. G F commented that my donut must be creme filled but his didn't seem to be. I wondered if the donuts would taste like shell fish. I think E S was there.

    I forgot the ending of those dreams. I remembered those dreams the least. I must have gone back to sleep the soonest.

    I remember dreaming of pizza boxes. Some pizza boxes were open. I remember someone said to keep them closed so that the pizza would stay warm. Due to less air exposure.

    I remember going to some kind of class at a gym. A girl in the locker room was putting her yogurt in her locker until after the class. When I tried to tell her that it wasn't safe to leave it out so long, she said, "It's only a minute." But really, it wasn't! She needed to put that yogurt in the fridge.

    I remember a part when I was at a gym. I was pacing around near the machines, probably between sets. A guy there asked me something like, "Are you okay?" I said that I was fine but my shoulder was just not doing well today.

    Then some people appeared who seemed important. The scene shifted to being in a food court. I saw the guy standing by their table like they were important.

    "Get us some chips," the one guy said. So he ran off to get them chips. Then he got back and they ate the chips. "If we have all this power, to manifest anything at will, why did we just ask that guy to get us chips?" the one on the left said. The guy on the right responded something about pretending to have to live within the limitations of this world some times.

    I didn't know it was a dream. I was really convinced that these were people who had gained lots of power.

    I remember being in a class room. There was a song on a youtube video and the chalk board. It mentioned alcoholism, a higher power, and some other concepts. One line said that there must be a future, because if someone touches a power line, people get sick.

    I remember seeing someone talk to their girlfriend. They said they would make sure to stay up late so they could spend time with their girlfriend. "I will sleep more during the day so I can be up at night," he said. I guess she had a late work schedule. He said that sleep makes him evil.

    That bothered me because it is a negative view of sleep. I try to see sleep as a positive thing. I don't think any harm can come from sleep, while lots of harm can come from a deficit of sleep. I've had trouble sleeping for most of my life so I need all the encouragement to sleep I can get. I am aware that some people have a really easy time sleeping as much as they want, and wish they could be awake more often.

    I remember something in nana's living room. R K was fighting with a teacher. The teacher tried to pull me to her side. I also remember being in town and R K seemed to get along with N R. It was late and people were out drinking. I think I saw a van and thought of going to sleep.

    I remember the front of C L's house. He had some garbage out front. It looked all burnt up.

    I remember L K talking with me. She said sometimes she smokes. I told her that's bad, and she tried to minimize the harm of it. I continued to push the concept that the smoke travels over 50 feet and infects everyone around. There is no safe level of exposure. And so on. She wouldn't really listen.

    Then, she was fighting with someone else over some cookies that were at the table in front of me. To spite her, I threw the cookies over the fence.

    Then there was a thing about how the neighbor's dog would be eating play dough if we didn't pick them up. But I felt so angry that I didn't go to pick them up right away. I knew I could just reach over with the grabber but was feeling stubborn.

    I remember S S was in this next part. I was trying to fashion an angled platform. I had this metal platform thing and bent it all up. S S came out to bend it back.

    I remember people walking down an aisle. Gandalf played music on a keyboard kind of thing, and sung. There was a poster with folding panels that swung around. Some panels were behind the others. I think the performance was for some kind of royal people.

    I remember the dream came back around to picking up the play dough from the other side of the fence. My dad was out there. To get a sense of how to reach over, I went on google images, and tried to see an overhead view of my neighborhood. I showed my dad the old pictures from before the deck was built.

    He was right near the part of the fence where the play dough was. I didn't want him to know what I was doing. I tried to discreetly get the play dough.

    I woke up, took my supplements, but couldn't sleep again. Maybe it was the heat. It's only 6:44 A M so that seems a little too early to be up.

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