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    by , 07-04-2018 at 12:53 PM (483 Views)
    My dreams tonight were cool, but my recall was very low. I think it was because I stayed kind of busy all day without stopping to be mindful or practice much waking life recall. For example, I went to the gym, but instead of writing about it, I played Pokemon Battles. Then, I didn't write much about the Battles, either. Every time I thought of stopping to do waking life recall, I just went and did more activity instead. Then, I watched the last 2 hours of Desolation of Smaug back to back without stopping for recall. By then, I was too exhausted. So, I regret that now, because my dream recall was much lower.

    I went to bed around 8:30.


    Round 1 of Dreams.

    I remember something early on about being in some mines. This part seemed eventful, but I could only remember it vaguely.

    I remember I was a dog character, walking through the woods. I was leaving my home to go somewhere else. I got to another place with a big dirt quarry. Some people were working there.

    When I arrived, they adamantly said that I couldn't be there. So, I had to leave again. I remember walking around some hallways of my high school.

    I remember something with a bathroom stall. And talking briefly to J L.

    At the end, I remember there were people coming after us to collect these dark orb things we had inside us. We tried to hide, but they could track them. Oh! Now I remember. I woke up briefly, then dreamed this next part.

    I was near a bridge with a teacher guy. He said that the dark orb was similar to my heart. He told me that if I would meditate to a place of quietness, I would hear my heart beat. I would also hear the dark orb. Then, I would be able to control its signal and stop the bad guys from tracking it.

    I'm so glad I remembered that! That detail seemed long lost.

    I woke up and recalled those. Then, got up briefly, used restroom, took supplements and went back to sleep. I was very groggy, and didn't re-remember everything I initially remembered.


    Rounds 2 and beyond of dreams.

    I remember being near 24. Down the road a little, some kids were playing ball in their yard. They had a purple kick ball. They kicked it really hard and it went flying down toward the end of the road where I was. I ran to kick it back to them before it got too far away, or hit something.

    When I kicked it, instead of going back to them, it went flying off to my left. It bounced to one neighbor's yard, then over another's fence, and into another's yard. I got ready to tell their dad its location since no one else would have seen.

    Their dad walked towards me, lighting a poisonous cigarette. (All cigarettes are poisonous.) "Please, don't light that until you're away from me," I said. "I want to tell you where the ball has gone, but I can't be near you if you're smoking that." He stopped smoking and I told him where the ball had got to.

    I remember a part where I was brushing my teeth in the bathroom at 24. I also remember J L from that part.

    I think I dreamed about something with my sister and something with a library.

    I remember telling my Aunt C to quit smoking. We were looking at a computer. She kept saying all these excuses why she couldn't quit. I kept telling her those are all just excuses. The funny thing is, Aunt C is the one relative who has actually quit smoking.

    I remember being near a waterfall. We were floating above it in a lake part. Someone did some magic that created a place to sit and eat, and have a secret meeting. He made some pillars with seats attached, the backs of which faced the waterfall. We got to sit at the pillars, and eat dessert foods.

    I remember the guy who magically made the place said that if anyone found out some of his crimes, he'd go to jail. So, he wasn't going to tell what he did. We had to keep it a secret.

    I remember being at a table in the corner. Q was there. There was a guy who wanted someone to pass him bread, but no one was getting up. I used telekinesis and perfectly lifted the bread and sent it to him, from accross the room. Then, I got him the butter. I noticed the salt and pepper, and brought those over, too.

    I thought that Q would think I was so cool! Then, the salt accidentally spilled on the guy's food. "I didn't even want salt!" he said, and started to get up. "You're not gonna try to play it off like 'it must be [diety]'s will because it happened, are you?" He asked, with contempt.

    "No," I said. "Of course not." And it was true. "I don't think that way. I hate those ideas." That seemed to help a little. I remember looking into his angry eyes.

    There was something about how we were going to have a victory party. We knew the bad guys were coming, but according to the schedule, we had spare time. So we were going to have a victory party, then leave before the bad guys arrived.

    The bad guys arrived early! There were so many of them, the place was totally crowded. They looked kinda like the triangle head guys from the Clone Vegeta saga, but with horns.

    My first plan was to become invisible, fly over to Q, and then teleport away with her so we could be safe.

    I remember something about a Pokemon who leveled up with love. When they received 20 "Loves" they would level up. So it was going around collecting those.

    I remember looking at a blue Pokemon card during a conversation. The dream had designed the card.

    I remember being near a giant indoor pool. I was bouncing on the pool ladder. I had to follow specific instructions for how I bounced. During the final bounce, I accidentally sent myself flying high in the air and way accross the pool. One of the bad guys made a mean comment about it.

    I swam accross the pool with some other swimmers.

    I remember sitting in an auditorium. A few seats to my left was one of the bad guys. He was making sure we didn't run away or anything. He was talking about who caused some of the problems in his life. "Can I use the bathroom?" I asked.

    My plan was to ask ahead of time, before I really needed to go, in case there was any delay.

    Eventually, the part with the bad guys ended. The guy who I had gotten bread for with telekinesis was with me. I will call him B. B showed me a battery that could be charged by clamping it to someone's skin. They had to be male though, not female.

    "Why don't you clamp it to yourself?" I asked. He said something about a problem with his skin that made it not work. I said I would charge it for him then.

    We got to another location indoors. I saw Q there with another woman. Apparently she had become partners with that woman and they left together. In the dream context, she was my girlfriend. 'She must have thought I wouldn't protect her any more,' I thought. 'I have to go after her!' So I went to follow her.

    As I was leaving, I saw the row of people in the room, including myself, all turn into silhouettes. I felt stuck for a moment as I tried to leave. I think I saw Vegeta's face.

    I had been waking up here and there, doing some recall, and falling back to sleep. I was very groggy and exhausted through the night. I guess it's just more learning experience. When I can do more waking life recall, instead of constant activity, I will get better results on dream recall.

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