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    2-11 to 2-12 dreams (one short LD but cool story of relaxing through night terror)

    by , 02-12-2018 at 05:28 PM (152 Views)
    I know I make really long Dj posts so if you only read one part just read dream #1.

    Hi, everyone. Here are my dreams from the night of february eleventh to twelvth.

    Dream 1.
    "A Real Dream State Superhero. "

    I went to bed around 7 P M pretty tired and I think I fell asleep pretty soon there after. I found myself in a dream which seemed like almost right upon falling asleep at the beginning of the night, which is usually surprising. By the time my memory of it starts, some other stuff had already happened, which I was trying to write down within the dream (not lucid yet).

    I was in my room at the house I lived in last with my Dad and my sister. They were playing some Biggie Smalls and something else on the television. I was getting mad and I think my sister was even doing it to annoy me. I kept trying to start writing my dream so far and then the noise would irritate me again. I got mad at them, said "this is B S," and left my room.

    I walked out into the living room and heard more televisions and radios on, that I figured my Mom was listening to. I turned it off, and it came back on. I fought with it a little bit, turning it off, and then it popping back on, until eventually it stayed off. I was getting pretty angry at this point, although feeling bad about cursing at my Dad and my Sister.

    I went into the kitchen of that house. The layout of the house was very much like it was in waking life. I saw my Brita filter out on the table or counter which is a little unusual because I usually keep that in the fridge. For some reason I started to think it might be a dream, and did a finger palm test. This time the dream state check was done from more a perspective of thinking I was awake, but doing the dream state check to cope with a crappy situation. I do that sometimes in waking life and I guess it is translating to my dream now. If I get really ticked off about something, I will do a finger palm test, because I expect that emotion to translate into my dream somehow. This time, it actually did, and I was very surprised when my finger showed through on the back side of my left palm.

    So, here I am, lucid in this dream. I am trying to decide what to do first. I look at the windows and door and consider flying. It is dark outside.

    I think of apologizing to my Dad and sister for sort of yelling at them before. I start heading back to my bedroom where they were last. Next thing I know, I am running through the house, but everything is all black. I feel the sensations of my body running. I am running at full speed but I can't see anything. I feel like I am fighting against a current.

    I am in my physical bed now and I feel a very ominous form of sleep paralysis. I begin to fight it, hearing some ominous sounding voices and seeing some visualizations I am afraid of. (I don't remember the exact voices or visuals as of now. ) I am punching my arms, wondering if these are my physical or non physical arms. (They turned out to be non physical arms. ) I remember my intention to just relax if I encounter sleep paralysis, and I am able to just relax. The wave of sleep paralysis passes and I am laying in my bed a moment.

    Another wave of sleep paralysis begins right after that. This time, I see two sort of faces above me, one of which has the word "Liver" written above it. I hear a mix of male voices that I think I have heard in other dreams. (The Mr. Singapore dream and Scissor Hands Kills Me. ) They are saying that they will give me lots of power, and then chanting the word power over and over. This seems kind of scary or ominous but I remember to just relax. Then, after hearing the scarier voices, I hear a very shrill voice that reminds me of Tutter from Bear and the Big Blue House. The voice says, "A Real Dream State Super Hero!" and then the wave of sleep paralysis ends.

    Now I am in my physical bed, thinking through the dream experience. I feel very pleased with my successfully remembering to relax through the sleep paralysis. I think that if I could relax during that, I could relax during anything. I feel so enlightened and happy about the shrill voice's comment, that I am now a "Real Dream State Super Hero" for passing the test of the night terror.

    As I think through the dreams, I realize I must not have slept for long. I feel my body go tingly and I decide to go to sleep again. I feel confident that the memory will be in my mind next time I wake up.

    Dream 2.
    "Fragments. "

    Vague memories, I am telling my friend Tom something, maybe in a battle with him. Maybe something with weight lifting, maybe something in the woods.

    There are some women from a meeting or concerned with their weight, maybe my aunt.

    A lot more happens in the dreams but I don't remember.

    These parts i remembered a little more clearly. My friend Jared is working on a project with my other friend Dave in an office. Jared is away a lot and Dave is working on the project by himself. He is wondering if the project matters. I am thinking about Dave's predicament while looking at the base of a tupperware. The idea comes to mind that I could send him a letter saying that the project is important and Dave's work is much appreciated, and say it is "From Jared," But then I think that Dave will find out it really wasn't from Jared and I will be caught for making the fake letter.

    People are at computers. Maybe my friend Carlos is there. I also work there, but as I walk through the corridor between cubicles, I think about how I don't want my job.

    Some more things happen that I forgot.

    Then there is some talk of a Blue Tooth headset thing shown from the back of a persons head. There are some superior and inferior models of bluetooth headset shown. The guy talking about the Blue Tooth headset seems to be Tim P from Snoozon dot com. Something about dating is also worked into the scene. The band of the head set wraps around the back of the persons head, rather than over the top. There is a little plug like where a Samsung charger would go.

    In another part, there are reference web pages. Someone is saying that children should just be given this big volume of lucid dreaming references and left to work it out on their own, not ask questions from others. the text is white and the back ground is black on the page I click on. There is another page to the left of that I didn't click on.

    When the dream ends I am laying in bed for several minutes thinking but without realizing I have woken up from a dream. I come to my senses and realize I have just dreamed. I recall as much as I can and go write it down.

    Dream 3.
    "Cat Spray / Booty Pants. "

    I had a very hard time falling asleep for these. I just could not get the position of my pillows right and it took me forever to fall asleep.

    I had some parts of this dream that I forgot. Maybe this was when I dreamed of Stephan from how to lucid talking about Brain Wave power Music. Now here is the part I remember clearly. I am laying or sitting down somewhere. A cat walks onto me and at first I am kind of uneasy about it, but I decide cats are good and I just relax. Next thing I know, the cat is putting its butt toward my face. I start to panic because cat spray is supposed to be really yucky and I think it is about to spray me. However, I can't move. I try to struggle to get the cat off me, but I can't move. (I know this was a dream because I was laying on my back or in a recliner chair in the dream, but physically I was on my side. )

    I wake up from that and think back through the rest of the dreams. I remember some right after, but I can't remember them now as I write this. (This is why I find dream jouraling in the present tense confusing. )

    A lot happened in the next dream but I forgot. There was a part where I was telling someone I really like them instead of fighting. I was setting up my cell phone and stylus on my dresser drawer near my bed, like how it was arranged at my house in high school. I think i fell asleep within that dream, and dreamed of dreaming.

    The dream within the dream is of a game show thing. There is a blonde haired guy with short hair answering the game show hosts questions. He is kind of doing these dance moves from behind the podium as he answers them. There is one other contestant on either side of him. The middle contestant has a funny voice and I notice the situation is a little unusual.

    Then the game show host starts to question the contestant on the left, who is a female. Her pants are very baggy. She is also doing dance moves while answering the questions.

    The game show host mentions "booty pants" and now the girls entire bottom is hanging out of her pants, but they are pulled up all the way in the front. Her bottom sort of sags out of her pants in an unusual way.

    Next, the "dream screen" is showing me a bunch of african american people running from one building to another. They are all wearing these "booty pants" that their bottoms hang out of. They all have the same kind of saggy bottom that flaps around. I am thinking that this must be a new trend, because maybe it is not considered public nudity, for them to show their bottoms. Two women are running from one building, then they are all killing each other. The next thing I know, I amn't just watching through a "dream screen", I am actually there! And a few people run at me to kill me.

    I think there may have been a part where I was hiding in a bathroom but now sure.

    Next thing I know I am in a mall type of place. (I forgot some parts of the mall. ) In the first part I remember, i am in some kind of lecture. A woman is standing up and telling the crowd how we must never forget the trauma of the booty pants massacre. She doesn't refer to it as such but that is the idea i get from it. She is saying how it is unfortunate her boss doesn't want her bringing it up and how we all want to forget the horrible event. I respect her for speaking the truth but I judge her apperance in some ways. She is wearing a woman's business suit type of thing.

    Next, someone is giving a lecture from up ahead. I am sitting with my back against the edge of a table. Kind of hard to explain, but like the only thing supporting my back is the narrow edge of the table, not a whole back of a chair. It is a black glass table. A woman asks me to move further back or to where there are seats for some reason. I go to move back further to this place where there is a semi circle of folding chairs. Some have more padding on the bottom than the others. One faces perpendicular to the lecturer, but has more padding. I go to one ninety degree from that to be head on to the lecturer. There is black cushion on the bottom of the seat. They are a type of tan or metallic brown fold up chair that is a common color for fold up chairs. I am thinking about how sitting with my back against that table like that would definitely give me a knot in my back from all the pressure on one tiny spot. But now I can't see the front of the place in the mall where the lecturer is speaking. I can still hear them speak but can't make out the words. (I don't know what the lecture was about. )

    Some more stuff happened in the dream but I don't remember what. It took me a while to remember to try to think of what I had dreamed this time, probably due to the difficult falling asleep. I am glad to remember the part about the cat spray, because I thought that was interesting, and not too upset to have forgotten the rest. It seemed too soon to get up again.

    Dream 4.
    "Dream Journal in Nana's Front yard. " (Segments)

    I forgot what happened earlier in the dreams, if anything.

    I am sitting in my Nana's front yard, by the exit of her driveway. My friend S was sitting toward the middle of her front yard. We were both dream journaling. I was on a low beach chair and he was on some blankets about 20 feet away. there was something about not being social enough, and I replied by saying, I am making great relationships right from this chair. What I meant was that I have a lot of social interaction within my dreams, for one. Also, writing my dreams probably helps me be a better friend when I have the chance to.

    I was dream journaling something from earlier in that dream or a previous dream. It came out upside down some how and I was kind of confused about that. One dream idea involved relapsing in the dream, and waking up glad I didn't relapse in waking life. Glad it was just a dream. In the dream, the idea was that before bed, I wanted to relapse, but I didn't. So then I relapsed in my dream but woke up glad I hadn't really done it. I was trying to use that to explain one way in which dreams have been really valuable to me.

    My sister was showing us her dream journal and talking about how she had a new annotation system. She had two dreams on the same page, but in different fonts, so they were still separated, but most dreams went on different pages.

    Someone was under S's blanket at some point. I think that's why he said something about relationships to me, when I was just sitting alone dream journaling. It is funny that I dream journal so much in dreams but it is because dream journaling is one of the main things I do every day.

    Throughout this night, i had this funny experience when I would wake up, that I would be in a stream of thoughts, but not aware I had just woken up. I would slowly come to and realize I had not thought of dreams right away. It was kind of different. I also had a lot of dreams of dreaming within a dream or falling asleep in a dream and waking up in my physical bed, more so than usual, not sure why.

    Dream 5.
    "Kidnapped / Nightmare. "

    First there was something that wasn't a night mare of selecting Pokemon for my roster of 6 in the game or a battle. I was checking if I got all the types I would need to cover all the type advantages but I think I was missing a few essential types in favor of keeping some Pokemon I liked more on the team. there was an idea of making it through a long dungeon within the Pokemon game where there was no where to get more potions or ethers and it was one of the most difficult parts of the game. I think my team had a water type, a Meganium, a Dragon and Flying type, and some others. I wanted to be sure I had accounted for my rivals starter. I was sort of merged with the game screen at times but other times I was standing at a desk, playing the game, and talking to other people there. It was kind of dark.

    I forgot some parts in the middle here.

    The next thing I remember, I am looking at these really scary masks up high above me. there is one mask up to the left that is scary but I dont remember it now. Up and to the right, there is a gray mask with a really scary, scary, scary face, and I keep looking away and looking back. A voice is telling me not to look at the masks. Every time I look back, I am like, man, why did I look again? But then I look again. It is very nightmarish with amplified feelings of dread.

    In another part, I am being held captive by a guy and maybe more people elsewhere in the building, but one guy is watching me at the time. (Note to self #1*)

    At one point, I tried to look out the door, down the hall, but I could tell they didn't want me to. The guy supervising me in the room was holding me still and holding a phone screen in my face saying some accusatory words. Then, he was pinching me from the left side of my abdomen, and it created a really unpleasant sensation. I was afraid this pinching would go on forever but I was also afraid to complain to the guy in case he would make it worse. He gave me some confusing instructions.

    Then another guy came in the room who was going to torture me at mid night. The guy was wearing black gloves and seemed in his fifties. He was called Spike. The main guy in the room with me said, "Spike comes out to play at midnight." I felt a lot of fear and like I had no way to escape. So it was definitely a night mare. I guess if things got really bad, I would have become lucidly aware it was a dream, but it wasn't quite bad enough for that to kick in. Maybe they meant for it to be that way!

    I may have forgot some parts. But midnight hadn't come yet, so Spike "hadn't come out to play." I was walking in a lit hallway, like the hallway of a mall. There were rolls of toilet paper on a shelf and I went to get some of them. I had a sense that I was being a good prisoner and I would return to my room with the toilet paper, not that I was escaping. Then, the guy from my room was there, and he told me not to take those toilet paper rolls. He brought me along the hall way and I saw some doors that said employees only or something like that on black placards. Then he brought me to this one door that became a giant garage door, and typed some things into a key pad. I think he typed in the number 6 and the letter D, but I am not sure. But in the dream, I definitely took a mental note of what buttons he pressed, in case I needed to go back there during my imprisonment.

    It turned out to be a train station. the guy said to pick up someone for a Pokemon T C G game and then make money off of playing the game with them. He said that was how I could be more independent. There were lots of people in this room, and it was bright. I remember noticing some heavy people in particular.

    I forgot if anything else happened in between. I may have woken up there or right before and thought it through, but fallen back asleep for there to be more of a plot.

    I was walking on a wooden walk way, with two black bags. One was like a gym bag and the other was another shape. They were my stuff and I was leaving wherever I was imprisoned. Some metal music was playing in the dream and it went with the emotions of a mix of deep sadness at having this done to me, and anger at the people who imprisoned me. I don't know how I got out. But I knew that I had been traumatized and would never be the same. I felt really numb about it all but beginning to notice the anger and sadness surfacing as I walked along. It was a bright day and everyone else on the wooden walk way seemed happy.

    Some women were walking by in the opposite direction, commenting on the feeling of the wind. One woman stopped right as we were passing by each other and stood still, saying how she didn't need to go anywhere, just to feel the wind. I wanted to say something to her in reply, but I was too withdrawn. I walked by her.

    I don't remember if I woke up directly from that part or if there was any more after that. When I was reviewing the dream, I thought it was cool how the dream continued after I woke up a little and had some resolution. It didn't just leave me there being tortured by a series of captors, but it sort of showed me that I got out and was free again. It seems like a significant dream in a lot of ways but I don't know what it means.

    Dream 6.
    "Stretching on mats / I think I'll go to sleep now. "

    This was a pretty short dream. I tried to fall back asleep on my left side after writing those previous ones but a nerve was pinching in that shoulder. I was really annoyed at this but switched to my right side.

    I dreamed of being in a wrestling room with a bunch of maybe 15 foot by 6 foot pieces of wrestling mat. Each person got their own 15 by 6 piece of mat and it was kind of like an extra big yoga mat. Mine was in the front corner of the room to the right. I got up from it and saw another kid going to take it, but I told him, that is my stretching mat. I was far on the other corner of the room and had to keep yelling it accross the room as I rushed over to stop him from taking my yoga mat. Then, I was helping him and some other kids find their own. There were other stretching mats folded and rolled up here and there. Mine was dark green and others were blue.

    Then, I was laying back or reclining on my stretching mat. I forgot if anything else happened between these parts, but I remember looking at an image of a Goomba from Mario on my phone. It was brown and pretty big. I was surprised to see it. The top left corner of the screen was blocked by something else square.

    As I looked at the Goomba picture, I noticed I felt sleepy. I felt just how I sometimes feel before I know I am going to drift off to sleep. So I kind of closed my eyes and laid back, excited that I was going to fall asleep and maybe have a dream. I really thought it was waking life. I felt my body do this vibrational thing where it kind of bounced back and forth in a range of motion of a few inches, kind of hard to explain. I was really excited because I thought it meant a cool dream would begin. It turned out that I was already in a dream, and the next dream to begin was just that I would be laying in my physical bed! So I awoke to the "physical dream", ha ha ha.

    I was surprised that I had fallen asleep because I didn't remember falling asleep. I tried to lay still and dream chain a little, but my body wanted to move, so I got up. It was about 7 A M so that is not too early.

    That was it for dreams last night. It seemed like my dream recall was much fuzzier than usual but there were plenty of interesting dreams now that I look at it and type it out in full.

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