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    2,122 Words

    by , 07-03-2018 at 12:27 PM (480 Views)
    2,122 Words.

    I went to bed around 9:15. During the day, I wasn't able to do my recall practices as much as I had done the previous days. Instead of stopping to do recall, I kept doing activities. I didn't want to stop. It wasn't until the end of the day I decided to do some recall. So, I guess thats okay. It's probably outside my will power sometimes.


    Round 1 of Dreams.

    The earliest thing I remember is frying a few eggs at 24. My dad was saying how they need to be cooked perfectly because the egg yolk is like a miracle. I saw the white parts of the eggs fry up, but was careful not to burst or overcook the yolk.

    There was a part when my sister had a boyfriend. I think she was seeing if I approved of him. Or just introducing me.

    He talked about his life in a way that reminded me of myself a few years ago. I deemed him too workaholic. I remember seeing some green plants on the ground. We were near where we put the garbage out. We had lif ted up some big object and a bunch of bugs had scattered from underneath it.

    I remember something about being invited to a thing maybe in May. I was sad that I had missed it. Then the date changed to June. I was able to go to that one. Suddenly I was seeing the event. It showed a group of people in a circle. I think one or two people were smoking, which I didn't approve of.

    I remember seeing one of the make up artists sitting with one of the actresses. It was preparation for a movie. They had some kind of circle dish with cream. They designed the cream to look like stucco. Then they would stick the dish to the woman's forehead. It was part of her costume.

    She turned out not to speak any English. Only Spanish. The guy called someone else over, maybe someone in charge. They tried to tell each other that she doesn't speak English, but in Spanish, but using different words.

    I remember being at someone's door. I had a funny name in my mind. It was something like Volumize. I was going to say that was my name.

    I got a bad feeling that someone would be smoking. The person who opened the door wasn't smoking. But another older man that came around the corner was smoking. 'Oh no!' I thought. 'Gotta run!'

    I held my breath and ran. I desperately needed to breathe again but I thought I'd still be in range. When I finally let myself breathe, I was relieved to find that I was out of range of the smoke.

    I yelled at the smoker guy. I forgot what we said to each other. I think I got in a car, and drove off. I hate smokers.

    In the next part there was a funny cartoon. The way it was drawn, is hard to describe. The proportions were very interesting. There were some block letters with the title that showed. I remember black, white and gold. I remember one cartoon character's head, showing the right ear way lower than the left.

    I remember standing near some kind of river or water channel. We were indoors. A red orange snake kind of alien swam by and knocked me into the water with its tail. I remember thinking, 'This must be because I fought with someone earlier, and they are trying to take me down.'

    Animorphs came to mind. I thought of morphing into a giant sea monster who could battle the red orange sea snake thing.

    I was pulled out of the water. Someone examined me. I forgot exactly what else happened. I saw more cartoon images.

    I remember driving somewhere. I was thinking about laying down for 30 minute intervals to rest before continuing with the day. And how that would help me maintain my energy. It was night time. I realized I was far from home, and going further away.

    I went to turn around in a bank parking lot. I think it was a Chase bank. The U turn I made in there was kind of wide and reckless. There was one road that I thought would be really congested. I turned around to try to get to the road with less traffic.

    Without me realizing, it became daytime. I was driving around a building, but then I was on a bike, or just walking and wheeling a bike along side me. I saw a little sign that said something about a temple.

    Ahead of me, not too far away, there were two guys on bikes, with black ski masks. 'Are they robbers or criminals?' I thought. I was frozen for a moment in fear, but hurried to jump on my bike and get away.

    The guys chased after me, but it turned out they weren't bad guys. As I rode the bike, I saw that there was a lot of snow on the narrow bike path we were on. My bike wheel was cutting into the snow, and sliding a little. They must have just been wearing the masks due to the cold weather. One mask did show the guy's whole face. The other mask had no holes in it at all though.

    They were actually members of a fraternity which was related to the "temple" sign. They were trying to "rush" people which means, find new members. I went into their fraternity house thing and they showed me around. I knew I wasn't going to join but I just wanted to give them some time since they were working so hard.

    I remember seeing a blue pamphlet about their policy or philosophies. 'Are those the 12 steps?!' I asked, as I continued reading. Sure enough, the 12 steps were listed. By that time, I had already been there a while, and decided to get going.

    I am not sure if there was anything else before waking up. I went back to sleep recalling the dreams, and still re-remembered them upon awakening. I also took my Huperzine-A 100mcg and Alpha-GPC 300mg before going back to bed.


    Round 2 and 3 of Dreams.

    I remember seeing L N walking into the woods. I wanted to go for a walk too. I thought I might get to talk to her.

    She was staring at a tree stump with small stones on it. I didn't want to awkwardly stand by her as if just to wait for her to notice me. But I didn't want to interrupt either. She was really concentrating. Then, I became mesmerized by the stones, too. 'This is good,' I thought. 'I get to just stand near her while at the same time I have another reason for being here besides just waiting for her to notice me.' So I let the stones sort of hold me in place there.

    I remember a thing about a little girl at the sink. She used the hot water and hurt her feet. So, she was sad. There might have been some other parts with children.

    I remember a part with Patrick Carnes. I think I was in the kitchen at 15, listening to a talk or podcast by him. He said something about addiction and where it actually comes from that surprised me. It had to do with seeing the roots more in the Laundry List than the Other Laundry List. It is interesting because a lot of programs tend to see the roots in the Other Laundry List while the roots of addiction can be in the Laundry List in many cases. And pushing people to look at how the Other Laundry List applies to them actually makes thing worse, when the Laundry List is their real problem.

    I remember a thing near a fridge. It was a cartoon. It wasn't actually a Pokemon cartoon at first. But then Pokemon music started. 'Is that Pokemon music?' I thought.

    Sure enough, it became a Pokemon Battle. The funny thing was, it was a cartoon like Sponge Bob, and they were doing a Pokemon battle. They had H P meters and everything.

    I remember a thing about searching an online database. I think there was more to it, but I forgot.

    I remember a part when I was thinking, 'I haven't gone to A C A meetings in a while.' Then, I dropped my laptop. It flipped over and landed on the top edge of the monitor part. I hoped it hadn't broken. I thought that dropping my computer was related to not having gone to meetings some how.

    I remember a part when I was thinking about the Spanish phrase, that goes something like, "Ven aca." I was thinking, 'Does it mean "come here"?' I think there was a dog and I wanted to say "come here" in Spanish.

    I think there were a bunch of parts I totally forgot. When I woke up and tried to recall them, I drew a total blank. Well, that's sad. I think I overdid it yesterday, watching an almost 3 hour movie and playing lots of Pokemon Battles, without many breaks. So that probably cost me some dream awareness. Well, its okay.

    I noticed my sister looking over my shoulder as I went through the book. It had some private notes in it and I didn't want her seeing it. I asked her to stop looking and she didn't. I yelled, "Scram!" And she left.

    'Woah,' I thought. 'That was too harsh.' I felt so bad about that. I remember the dream showing that she stayed inside all day that day, very depressed. I felt so bad. I never want to treat my sister like that.

    I remember the dream showing me some old fashioned libraries or courtrooms. It was related to my sister's location. I remember people smoking indoors in them. I was like, 'This must be the olden days.' Someone sitting at a library desk in a black and white dress thing might have been my sister.

    When I woke up, I was glad I hadn't really yelled at my sister. And I was glad I hadn't really dropped my laptop.

    I thought I dreamed about some parts with skiing or snow boarding. Maybe being near a waterfall.

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