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    2,649 words - selected parts in bold

    by , 06-13-2018 at 04:30 PM (89 Views)
    2,649 words.


    I had one round of dreams that I RBFA'ed. I was thinking about them and starting to wonder if I could record them some how but fell back asleep. I think there were parts with C V, O A and A R. Other than that, I draw a total blank.


    I fell back asleep while recalling round 1 of dreams without even knowing it. On to round 2 of dreams.

    The first thing I remember is being at a play ground type of thing. My parents and their friends were standing around. There was a little girl in pink with a funny little bicycle. C was her mom and she was off to the side smoking. I was about to leave but I decided to pay attention to the little girl since no one else was.

    There was something about how I gave her a tupperware to use as a potty. So she was gladly walking around with that. Then I went to the bathroom. I thought I might need to use the potty myself. I was listening to a phone meeting. R was saying how when she gave up sugar, a lot of feelings came up. Then she took them out on other people.

    There was a part where my dad was sitting in a recliner chair. Someone said he needed a ride home. I said I would drive him, and not even stop to use the bathroom. But they said there was time. I went to say bye to everyone.

    Then I was in my Nana's room. My cousin J was over by the bed. She was much younger. I was going to lean on the bed post and do a hamstring stretch. Then I decided it would be fun to pretend J had super strength and could beat me up. So we pretended to fight and I pretended to be knocked back accross the room or knocked over.

    Then I remember Megatron's face. I was lining up the helmet a little bit. I wanted to be able to rapidly transform the Megatron action figure from T Rex Mode to robot mode. There were some youtube videos I thought of about how to transform it fast. I thought about opening the helmet thing where there was an extra mask.

    Then I was just seeing the face and helmet and adjusting it. I remember the color red. Initially I was thinking about the T Rex megatron. Then it zoomed out to show a form of Dragon Megatron.

    This Dragon Megatron had the dragon head as part of its back. In fact it was more of a Dragon's body with Megatron's head where its neck would be. So it zoomed out to show Megatron's whole body. Megatron was saying how powerful he was.

    Then it showed Rampage laughing hysterically at Dragon Megatron. Rampage laughed so hard that he had to lay on his side on the ground and grasp his stomach. I figured this meant that Rampage was so powerful that even Dragon Megatron was just a total joke to him. Dragon Megatron seemed mad to be being mocked in this way.

    I tried to explain this to my Nana. Why Rampage was so powerful. Then I realized I didn't know what the next scene would be in this show. I took a break. I remember thinking it would be a fight scene and so I would need to select some music. I thought about the drum tempo that the music would have. Then I was biking or flying along M R's street. I remember seeing a cigarette butt on the ground in front of a house. Not sure if I felt mad.

    Then I remember being at another house. I remember something about being near P S's house. I might have been babysitting, or just visiting. I left out one side of the house and flew or ran around. When i got to the front I saw that C or L C was smoking! So I quickly turned around to run back inside and avoid the smoke. I remember some ivy around the house.

    I recalled those and went back to sleep. I wa spretty confident I would re-remember them later.


    Round 3 of dreams. I remember accidentally going into a house that wasn't the one I lived in. It was something like number 20 when I lived in number 11. The neighbors house looked similar, too. I remember they had some black cars. One was like a new Mustang. I noticed it wasn't the usual cars.

    I looked at a door that was like our front door in waking life, from inside. I remember saying or thinking how I haven't had refined sugar in many years and how this helped me. But I never thought it would really be possible.

    I probably forgot a bunch of stuff in the middle. There might have been an annoying vaccuum noise.

    Next thing I remember is being near the side of a big gas station. There were two giant, red, Budweiser beer trucks. One had a big tube and was loading the beer into the gas station. I think a third, smaller delivery truck came, too. I was wondering why they were getting so much of the same beer at once.

    There was an escalator to the right of that which I followed and went down. It was some kind of store. Maybe a clothing store. There were red long-sleeve shirts which I was supposed to do something with. They came out of a tube. I cut the cuff of the sleeve in half on one of them. Then worried I would be caught. Not sure why I did it. There was an African American guy who I thought was the manager. He didn't seem to notice. When I looked at the end of the shirt sleeve again it didn't look too damaged.

    I remember loading up some carts to go back up the escalator. I had a balloon, too. K from S W T was there. He was seeing if I could add more stuff to my carts. I said no. And I needed to go use the bathroom before going back up the escalator.

    I got up to the movie area near the food court like in the nearby mall. I think P S and some other people I knew from school were getting ready to go in. I decided not to. Someone like P B was also there. It shifted to a scene where he was eating some food he had made. It was like a hot pudding thing. He kept taking a bite but it was way too hot to eat. He said something about integrating the inner critic in this case. He had to admit he was wrong for trying to eat it when it was too hot. I thought he sounded harsh about it, though.

    Then I remember searching for his name on Youtube. The initials were J A. I forgot the actual names. When I typed it in, the suggested search result had 2 names in one line. I had to select just one.

    The search results had mainly to do with telekinesis. There were a bunch of titles about telekinesis. There were also other categories. One was like a video game picture but it was titled something like how to avoid soul recycling. Also, the kid said something about needing to study.

    One video was a guy with a knife. It talked about how he cut off the lower half of his body to enable him to escape sharks or something like that. Then it showed how he was the most powerful person and could defeat anyone. Then an alien space ship came down that looked like a bug and he couldn't defeat it because it was more than "one" entity. So he fell backwards into the water, giving up. When he landed his knife was on the ground next to him and so he picked it up and used to to fight the alien ship thing.

    Another video I clicked on was a mix of a Mario level and a Sonic level. There were spikes and rings. There were Pokemon and fire balls. I remember at one point I became like a Wartortle and had another shell. Then a tube adjusted so I could bring the shell through the tube. Then there was maybe a flag thing at the end of the level.

    I'm not sure what happened in the middle parts. But then there was a grass trail thing I was at near a bush. I think I was hiding from family and/or thinking of dream journaling. Then I think it was my dad who came out to find me. He had just bought a new house and was leasing 3 other houses.

    This next part was really emotional and I woke up so surprised it had just been a dream. So, my sister was staying in one of the houses. My dad was very mean to her about her staying there and costing him all this money. I could tell his words crushed her spirit and were very harsh. There was no un-doing the emotional damage he had done but I wanted to talk to him so he wouldn't do it again.

    He was very drunk. I went to speak with him any way. He was going up some stairs. He did this gesture towards my face that was like patting me on the face. I backed away before he could finish. It was a boundary violation. His face looked really drunk. He had on navy blue. It was night time, later than I am usually up.

    Anyway I began to say that it was not right for him to take his anger and financial stress out on her like that. I suggested he get some outside help like a therapist to prevent that from happening again. At first he kind of scoffed. I tried to ensure him that he wouldn't be able to handle his financial stress alone, and if he didn't get help, he'd probably take it out on my sister even more. I said that I'd seen 100s of people in the rooms who had similar problems and got help to stop being abusive. So, no one could do it alone. He had some tears in his eyes.

    Eventually, he admitted that he was wrong, at least a little bit. I knew he wasn't done processing it. I understood that running the heat in the spare house was costing him a lot. He said he wasn't even running the heat, she just had to wear a leather jacket. Still, it was 1,800 dollars a month. I was going to suggest that he just stop leasing those extra houses, and only have one or two. But then he decided he had to go to bed. The next thing I knew, he was at the top of the stairs. I figured it would be time for me to go to bed, too. I felt really bad for my sister.

    After that round of dreams, I was restless. I made some notes so I could give myself a break from re-playing the dreams in my head. Then, went back to bed.


    Round 4 of dreams. I might have done RBFA a few times during these.

    In the next part I was driving by where the big food store and the bank is. There was something about how I had paid my mom's phone bill. I turned 170 degrees in the road to my right and the guy behind me glared. I was saying how no one should be mad at me because of how I paid my mom's phone bill.

    There was a part where I was seated in an auditorium, between a bunch of kids. I guess I was the chaperone of their group. We were given a funny form to fill out. I forgot what exactly was on it, but it was funny. I was splitting us up into 2 teams. It was one long team name and I divided it in a funny place grammatically, where there would be the word "the" two times in a row at the end of the first team name. I don't know if the kids understood my joke.

    While the performance went on on stage, there was a little tiny baby on the floor in front of us. I felt bad that she couldn't see but didn't know where her parents were. There was another, even tinier baby in front of her, trying to eat a fortune cookie. I was looking at the tiny baby, thinking that was especially small. The baby seemed to be agitated by the fortune cookie. I guess it was too sharp. A woman picked her up. The person on stage yelled at her care giver saying, "You probably shouldn't be adopting a kid!" I was thinking how that baby would be very traumatized.

    There was a part where I had a poster of a bodybuilder guy on my wall. It was to motivate me to get big muscles, too. I had my Pea Protein Powder and a cup of it in water. I added some more protein and tried to drink it. There were funny orbs in it. The next shake I made came out smoother. I wanted to put the shake in my blue water bottle.

    Then there was a guy on an exercise bike in my bathroom. It was early morning. He had a go pro kind of thing on his head and a swimmer's cap. He was listening to some kind of audio while repeating, "I can do it" as an affirmation. He only biked for a minute or two. Then I think he went to lift weights. I had some kind of wires on my closet that could hold a camera. He accused me of something.

    Then we were listening to some kind of motivational speaker. He was saying how people could go to A A meetings over and over and keep saying the same thing, because they just want to feel loved.

    My dream recall was vague and blurry on these. I slept pretty well, though.
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