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    3,065 words - selected parts in bold

    by , 06-11-2018 at 02:50 PM (206 Views)
    Closing the computer around 7.


    A lot of vague parts in the beginning. Something with my mom and some nature trip thing. Something with a bug?

    Something with the names of countries. And needing a special note book to be a writer. One with thin lines but then to write each letter 2 lines tall, and leave one line between. Something with name countries. one country was name Patrick. It had to do with Africa.

    I remember my mom working under some kind of window panel thing. I wanted to erase or clean the windows but it was under copyright.

    Maybe something similar to Super Mario 64? For some reason I can remember that now.

    Something with N M, R K, and some Pea Protein jug I won in a competition. The freshness seal looked funny. I wanted to keep the protein but there was something weird about it.

    I remember cutting my hair, then being in a panic. I had cut it un-evenly. I didn't want to cut that much because I wanted my hair to cover my ears. This way I could wear ear plugs any where and hide them under my hair. I was looking in the mirror, horrified, wondering how to fix it. Then, I hoped it was a dream. It turned out it was and the dream shifted, giving me a second chance. I even remember adjusting my head angle in the mirror, to see if it fit.

    Something with designing some computer program on Game Boy DS. Something with someone named Drew. A Nintendo DS building with a black material on the outside similar to DS product. A R saying how he used it to make his design. Had to be on Drew's mail relay.

    I woke up directly from one scene but these were hard to remember. Probably due to being first round of dreams. I could tell there were so much more details.

    Back to bed...


    Round 2 of dreams was an RBFA. This has been going on for a few nights now. I hope it gets better and I start re-remembering the details from round 2 of dreams.

    There was something with a class room setting. And a heavy person in the desks. He was mad about something. Maybe some thing with R K.

    I do remember waking up really groggy and I kept visualizing that I was filling out a form. Then I would try to think of details and go back to filling out the form in my mind. I didn't wake up directly from the dream and it was difficult to recall so (notWUDD-2).


    I fell back to sleep for round 3 of dreams. This round was my best recall of the night even though it, too, was groggy. I was groggy during recall tonight. I don't know what to attribute it to.

    First thing I remember is R M asking me how to lose weight. The Grey Sheet program came to mind. A S was already on it. So I was excited to tell R M about it. I forgot some other parts of that scene. But I remember I flew somewhere.

    Next thing I remember is something in my Nana's room. J S was taking Xanax and 5 to 10 times the serving size. Then we were at a beach and he was talking to a woman like N. I felt bad because she didn't know he was on drugs. But he probably was sounding very "smooth" due to the drugs, temporarily. I remember they were over by the water.

    Then I remember a part with these stair climber elliptical machines. There were sandals on the foot pedals of one. I was showing a woman how to use it. We also talked about nutrition. Something about a protein serving and a fat serving at each meal. I wasn't sure how to distribute the quantity. One option was a certain protein quantity and a certain quantity of peanut butter.

    Then I remember another dream with pea protein. I had sent in an e-mail asking for a quality check on my current jug of pea protein. They sent me a new jug which felt like a totally different texture. It was much finer. I scooped it with my black cup measure like I use in waking life.

    Then I was talking with some guys about the morning routine. They said how they go for a run then drink a coffee and sit on the toilet. Then they imitated fart noises, demonstrating what happened when they sat on the toilet with a coffee. Kinda funny.

    One guy was from another country. There was a mirror in the bathroom stall. He was saying how he got in trouble in private school or something like that. Another foreign person, maybe African, was saying how he could have made millions of dollars on his online selling business if only he had slightly reduced his prices.

    In the next scene I remember, I was preparing to have a Pokemon battle in my room. 3 Pokemon were going to come up to fight my Pokemon. Their group had an Exeggutor, another one I forgot, and a very intimidating water/dragon/ice legendary. I was mainly worried about the water/dragon/ice legendary. On my team, I know I had Arcanine. I forgot the rest. I might have actually been in the fight myself.

    When the Pokemon eventually arrived up in my room to battle, I hid behind my bed. But then I got up and started giving everyone a hug. I hugged the Exeggutor. It became more like a giant Epipremnum in a pot. I told the opponent Pokemon, "We're not battling yet. Lets hug first." So they just hugged before the battle began.

    When the actual battle began it became a card game I was seeing from above. They had some kind of Spider card and another card with no HP. The Spider card attacked and I calculated that I could do 11,000 damage in return. It's max HP was 14,000 or sp. Then, their other card attacked. Its move was to roll a barrel and roll something else at the opponent. It only worked if they rotated their energy card 90 degrees. A grass energy. There were no numbers involved so I figure it was a one-hit K O. They won the game.

    Then I was in super mario galaxy. Mario was training Little Wario on a space ship. Mario tried to jump to a little space ship with another Mario who had a glowing speech bubble thing above his head. But there was no where flat to land so he kept slipping off and falling into space.

    After that I was Doug Funny from the show, "Doug." I was thinking about how to impress everyone at this event. Suddenly, I was at a white boxing ring. It was surrounded by people. Someone who looked like a side-character from "Doug" said he would be my opponent. I was nervous.

    Luckily the scene shifted and I had a pool cue. So then I was supposed to shoot pool balls into this closet accross the room. Everyone was amazed. I think I aimed perfectly and knocked over bowling pins. Then I managed to make the ball bounce to the side and knock over shoes from a shelf.

    Then the closet transformed and the pool cue thing went away and there were some women in the closet sitting down. One woman had these shoulder pad things removed. Well, they were like two bones that poked up beside her neck but came off. They were blended into her skin with some kind of putty. It was so another woman could wear them. I can't tell what purpose they would have served.

    I needed the bathroom (in the dream) so I thought I would go up stairs. It would be less busy up there. I ran up the stairs instead of going up carefully, like I did in waking life that day. When I got up to my room the room I thought was a bathroom was a recording studio. 3 people were recording a song or pod cast thing while riding stationary bikes in there. It was supposed to be motivational. I remember when I opened the door, I closed it quickly, because the guy didn't have a shirt on.

    When they finished, they came out of the recording studio. One of the guys was saying how his hip flexors were sore. I was glad to know an easy remedy for that. My hip flexors in the dream were a little sore, too. So I suggested that I could go get the foam roller. I would get it for him and return. He decided to come with me. Someone else was telling him, "Wait for your man," meaning me, the guy who would get him the foam roller.

    Someone was loading a squat rack with 225 or 275. We ended up getting 25 pound plates instead of a foam roller.

    While we were out looking for a foam roller we passed through this food court thing. I saw a guy doing 405 pound squats. He did each rep to varying depth. At first I thought it was no good due to the lack of depth but when I looked back he was doing them to parallel or lower. Also it looked like there were only weights on one side of the bar at first. I think there was a food court in the back ground. The background looked grey.

    Then the guy I was with said, "WTF is that?" And I looked and saw some guys with helmets and big plastic noses. One had some clear bells or cups and he said he had to fill them with... poop? The other guy had the same types of cups or bells but they were a brilliant gold color. It had something to do with justice.

    Right now as I write this I am getting glimpses of other dream details but only in a very vague way.

    I recalled these once I woke up. I guess it was (notWUDD-4). Tonight I must have been sleeping more deeply because I didn't wake up directly from REM sleep as much.


    Round 4 of dreams was RBFA. I re-remembered some, but not all.

    The earliest thing I remember is being in a class room from my high school. It was S S D's class. J D was there and some other people. I was teaching them how to use the A C A Red Book. It was in a back pack. I think I was saying to live life a little bit without thinking of it, then read it and kind of reflect on the experiences in light of what the book said.

    There was a part where a wealthy person had gone on a date. He wanted to send an e-mail to the person saying he enjoyed the date. He had his assistant write the e-mail. I remember carrying a computer screen down some stairs. Uncle J was at the next floor down. We talked a little. One of us had a sandwich.

    In one dream scene I had a pair of boxers which I had attempted to hand wash. So, it was wet. I wanted to hang it somewhere to dry. I looked everywhere for a concealed place with some kind of rack, but couldn't find one. I explained my difficult to my room-mate. He said that there were places to hang wet clothes everywhere, and once I did the "spiritual work" I would be able to see them. I think what he meant was that I could hang them any where but it was my own judgment or modesty that made me think they needed a special place.

    I remember a scene where I was writing in the bathroom, near the sink. At first I was using different Fii Write apps with lines accross the screen. Then I got a sheet of paper. I wanted to write my dream details because I thought I'd woken up. With the sheet of paper, I used a pencil, planning to erase the dream details once I was done because it was my dad's paper. I felt bad when the pencil wouldn't be fully erased. It left little faint copies of the words I had written. So i figured I would just write my whole dream on it any way.

    There was something outside where my cousin J had quit drinking and smoking. Now she was saving lots of money. I was explaining the good news of this to her mom. There was water near by and a dock.

    I remember another scene when I went to a restaurant to try to get a job. There was a Hispanic fellow that came up from down stairs to interview me. He was pretty harsh. I think he said it was clear I could not do this job.

    The last scene I remember is of being at a cafeteria table with some friends. There were trays of food there. One of my friends was sitting right accross from the garbage can. I didn't think that was a good idea. I think they said I was making too big a deal out of it. I don't remember much about the scene but I think I was too tired and just sat with them anyway, even though it was near the garbage.

    So, I woke up and recalled these. I think to make them "stick" in my head, I have to go over them 2-3 times and form a solid memory. If I just go over them once in my mind it won't be enough. So I couldn't re-remember as much of these dreams the next time I woke up. Also, I didn't wake up directly from REM on these, either. So it was (notWUDD-4).


    After a little while, I fell back to sleep, and had more dreams. I remember being in a Mario game. It was like the castles in Super Mario World from Super Nintendo. I had some kind of cape power but I could also shoot green shells out in front of me. I got to one of those boxes on the ground that seemed to have some special item inside. So my plan was to shoot it with a shell to make the item come out. Well, I ended up hitting myself with the shell, and losing my power.

    But then the game continued and I had another power. I could be partially see-through. I climbed this fence thing like in some Mario castles. I saw that in the background of the level there was some kind of gate. I phased through the fence and went along the Z-axis to go to that gate. (Normally, in Super Mario World, there was no Z-axis movement, only X (side to side) or Y (up and down.)) I flew over some lava but my flight couldn't take me all the way to the gate. The gate had some words on it which I forgot. Then the game ended.

    In the next scene I can remember, I was in a town. On the side walk. I wanted to cross the street. There was a cross walk, but it was very faded. I started to walk accross it but then a car wanted to go. I stopped in the cross walk to let them go, but then they insisted that I go. As I continued walking I realized the cross walk was very faded and I didn't realize I had the right of way. Then I was walking down an exit ramp. It was very curvy with yellow on the side barriers. I wondered if I was supposed to be walking on an exit ramp like that. I was trying to call my dad, I think. I wondered what he would think of me walking there.

    I remember a scene of being in my Nana's room. She was in her bed and I was sitting on the side. She was watching TV. I really wanted to watch channel 88. She wanted to watch something else. Eventually she gave in and flipped to channel 88. (I don't watch TV in waking life and have no clue what that corresponds to.) In the dream it was a news channel, not what I intended. There was some burning and carnage as if it was showing a war zone. I felt bad for insisting to watch channel 88. That wasn't what my Nana wanted to see either.

    The last dream I could remember was of an A C A e-mail from L. He was saying that there was some kind of convention coming up. Or there had already been one. Another woman from A C A sent us all an e-mail of a video she did about A C A. L began to smooth-talk her, saying that they should go for coffee together, and discuss the video. Maybe he would include it in the next conference. I could tell it was mainly just to get her to go on a date with him though.

    I recalled what I could of those. I think it was (notWUDD-3). So recall was definitely difficult tonight. I wonder if I adrenalized too much during the day or if it was just an off night. But I will try to see what I can do.

    I stayed in bed until around 7:30, resting. I was mainly re-playing the dreams in my mind, as well as, having some other waking life related thoughts poke their way in.
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