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    3,145 words - Surprisingly high amount of lucidity

    by , 06-04-2018 at 06:33 PM (445 Views)
    I went to bed around 8.
    3145 words


    After my first few hours sleep I woke up and thought through my dreams. I actually sat in my chair and recalled them sitting with my lap top instead of laying back down. To ensure I didn't have the RBFA. My chair reclines so its comfortable enough to kinda think of my dreams without strain, but it's not gonna let me fall asleep under most conditions.

    I forgot the earliest stuff. I remember something from my Nana's. Something with my cousin J, and Nana, and maybe Aunt B. Probably other relatives, too. Something near the pool.

    I remember walking down the beach, on the side accross from the other state. There were people, doing various things. One person was commenting on someone far away, eating too close to a garbage can.

    I don't remember a lot else from walking down that beach, but there was more stuff. When I got to the end, there was someone smoking. Then I walked up, kinda angry and saw more people at a table, seeming to be about to smoke. So I "gave them a piece of my mind" by saying, "I'm sick of your crap" or something like that. I forgot exactly what happened.

    I remember walking away from there, afraid they were mad at me. I was a few blocks from the block I lived on, since fourth grade, but I turned up 2 earlier streets coming from the lower numbers. D G was on that road.

    He was residually mad at me from before, so we fought. I managed to pin him down and thought this would be best so that he didn't escape and hurt me some how.

    I had been holding him down with weapons but let him get up. P B and 2 other guys came along, one a replica of P B. F S H. Then there was something with these pills we had to take. They were like retainer brite pills. I remember thinking of when I should take it, then remembering, "Wait. I'm supposed to just take the medicine, not try to analyze how and when." P B was to my left, and had a thicker pill, which was supposed to be the "negative ion" of the one I had. it was thicker. The word Hydro Chloride comes to mind and my pill may have been something with an M.

    I kinda remembered something with A J or J M, my Dad's friend's kids. But, only vaguely...

    In this last part, we were at my college house. Y J was there. It was a party. There was some winter holiday sounding music, saying, "Please be (religious chracter), Please be (religious character), Please be (religious character) tonight." I wonder if I will remember the tone. I was sitting at my desk kind of annoyed maybe.

    There may have been something with a pool somewhere in there.

    Okay! Good to get those typed before going back to bed. Would have like to have recalled more but its okay for first round of dreams. Back to bed.


    It took my a while to fall asleep that time, but I finally did. I had some restless legs but not enough energy to get up and exercise. I dreamed that I was in my room. And had some foam thing next to my bed that wouldn't stay up. I was on the phone with M from Florida while trying to turn on my lap top. The room was kind of dark. I remember the lap top screen.

    M was saying something about how people apply the same stuff to dating as they did to church and they have to stop that to have any success dating. I think I was afraid my dad heard the conversation. I woke up, recalled it, and then RBFA.


    In this next dream I was driving one of the silver cars. I parked somewhere. I was wearing my orange glasses to drive as well as jeans and a navy blue shirt. FSH.

    I remember getting to this building that was made for people to come hang out. Like a "boys and girls club" but for any ages. I remember walking in, and seeing some older people there at first. Forgot some of those details. At some point I became lucid but its not clear to me now exactly how or when.

    I remember talking to some people from there, but I was afraid the indoor lighting would keep me up at night. Still, I liked the fact that people could see my eyes, without my orange glasses. I figured I'd put on my orange glasses on the way home and still fall asleep. So that wasn't lucid yet. I talked with 2 guys there at first. I've been thinking recently in waking life about how I don't go out much, so in this dream, I felt good about having gotten out more. I was like, 'Oh, yeah, I come here every week! I'm getting out a lot. Maybe I will even find a girl friend here!'

    There was a chalk board that said something about how some people think gaming is okay but "believers" and some other people don't. But they have to not interfere with the people who like gaming.

    I know I got lucid at some point. I walked through one room and someone was on a computer. I still had my clothes on. But suddenly, I was naked! 'Was I naked all this time?' I thought. 'No,' I remembered. 'It's a dream and my clothes must have just dissappeared.' I still tried to get some privacy.

    Around the corner there was a woman. "Don't come here! I'm naked!" I said. "Wait," I said, knowing it was a dream. I basically asked her to psychically make clothes appear on me. It didn't work. We interacted some more, and I woke up.

    I laid there and recalled them, and had another RBFA! But it's okay because my memory held up pretty well.


    In these dreams, my sister and I were on a picnic blanket at the beach. There was something with Eckhart Tolle's voice, too. But I remember looking out accross the water and it went on forever, no sign of anything on the other side. And there was a brilliant orange glow to it, like a sun rise or sun set. When we looked up the beach, that seemed to go on forever, too.

    The Eckhart Tolle voice was joking about how it must be India. But it was silly because there was no indication of any particular location. It was just a beach somewhere in the world, presumably near the ocean. I'm not sure if I became lucid there.

    I "woke up" to another dream from that one, and I was sleeping in my room at my current location. Only it was like being kids and my sister shared a room with me. We both woke up at the same time like, "Wow! We just had a cool lucid dream of being on the beach!" So the context was that we had both been working on lucid dreaming together, and sharing dreams.

    We carried our bedding accross the hall to mom and dad's room, which in waking life is just dad's room, accross the hall from mine. We were gonna sleep on their floor. Mom seemed unsure about this but it seemed like the most natural thing in the world. To sleep on mom and dad's floor and tell them about our dreams.

    So, I woke from those, and recalled them, and didn't RBFA. My recall was overall pretty good and the dreams were very interesting.


    It took a while to fall asleep again, but eventually, sleep happened. I remember there was a pizza, but it was for other people. I ate some anyway. Then they came back. I thought I would be in trouble. This part is kinda vague.

    There was a bunch of stuff in the middle of this dream. I remember walking around, hoping to find where A J N worked because I would move to that state and see if she was single.

    I remember pacing around the house and turning. There was some other stuff, but it was too vague. There was a significant amount of it though, and I had become lucid.

    Where my memory picks back up, I was walking around with my hands in a sort of clasped position (one palm holding the other hand, with the palms open?) and a woman told me I looked pathetic that way. And that I should stand more proudly, basically. I told her my mom said something similar. (Was that in the dream?) Anyway, I continued talking to her, when this old man with a big white beard appeared. He looked like of like Saruman the White from Lord of the Rings.

    The woman seemed to not notice him. "Do you see that guy?" I kept asking her. I think I was lucid. The guy with the white beard started trying to dance with me, and she didn't acknowledge him. But then eventually she did. I think the woman had brown hair, and was wearing red. There was a white fridge in the room.

    I woke up from that briefly, and thought about it. But then had a DEILD.

    The first thing I wanted to do was recall the previous dream, because it was so long. (I guess it was REM rebound.) So, I tried to find a place to lay down. There was a table I tried to lay down on but it wasn't that comfortable. I decided I would need a cushion, and went looking.

    There was a room with a woman and a baby. I think I talked to them a little. Then, I got the cushion. There were plenty of cushions. I laid it on the table and almost laid down to do my dream recall, when I decided, 'I am in a dream already! I will just let the chips fall where they may in terms of recall. And for now, I will just explore the dream.' So I walked into another series of rooms.

    Each one had a woman and a baby, I think. I walked through one, through a door to another. Through a door to a third room, and I got to some place kind of new. It was playing Here as in Heaven by Elevation Worship. The music was really faint but it took a while to realize what it was. I think the words were the same.

    I remember seeing these little machines which dispensed Jelly Beans. 'Dream food!' I thought. 'Gotta go get some!' But I felt like I wasn't allowed, for some reason. I went anyway, and dispensed some Jelly Beans with the little knob thing. I ate a hand ful. They were super sweet and tasted exactly like my memory of Jelly Beans. I don't think I've had Jelly Beans in over 5 years, maybe even 8-10 years. But I clearly remember thinking that this was exactly how I remembered them tasting. 'They are taking a while to chew,' I thought. I wanted to eat the next bite. I thought about Steve Pavlina's Dream Food article and how the Dream Donuts melted in his mouth within moments, allowing him to eat the whole thing easily. But these Jelly Beans were stuck in my mouth and I was getting bored. Also, this cookie thing appeared. A few of them. They were square with some kind of bumpy frosting. They looked like pop tarts. I remember looking up to see what the music was coming from, and the dream ended.

    I had a false awakening of being on my dream journal chair, on my lap top, ready to dream journal. My dream journal chair was where my exercise bike is in waking life. Instead of my note pad file, it showed a video screen of another guy's face. As if I was on Skype, but every word I said, he mirrored it, to where I thought he was reading my mind and then saying what I was going to say before I could.

    Eventually I told him, "Look, I'm sorry, but I need to dream journal." I think that's what I said, unless I some how decided that talking to him was enough of a dream journal, or became lucid. Not sure. Then a moose appeared. "A moose just appeared," I told him. He made a dog appear. The dog jumped on the moose's back and suddenly the dog had antlers but the moose did not. Then there was a puddle I think they drank out of. The moose got antlers again.

    I woke from that back to bed but I was in the phase again, really. I heard some ringing, but highly doubted anything else would happen. No way I would have another dream.

    But, I actually had one more false awakening of going to use my dream journal chair. I just don't remember what happened in it besides the room being light. When I appeared back in bed, I think I was still in the phase, having a stream of conciousness. I was trying to do dream recall but it wasn't working because I was still in the phase, and just didn't know.

    Eventually I found myself physically awake again, and realized, "Oh. This time I am really awake." And then proceeded to do dream recall. The giant gap of missing material from the middle of that first dream was sad, but the rest of the memory was good. That's to be expected with REM Rebound. The dream is too long to fully remember. That's why sleeping regularly is ideal for dream recall, because it's easier to remember a dream of average length. (I think.)

    I got up to go #1, and then instead of typing, decided to lay back down. I realized it would be a gamble to RBFA but that if I was awake enough to recognize what a gamble it would be, I was awake enough to remember the dreams next time. It worked, and I'm lucky!


    I slept some more and had more dreams. I don't remember the exact order and there was a bunch of RBFA.

    I remember a part where I was over my neighbors' house. It was drizzling. I had gone into their garage or something. I forgot why and I don't think I knew why in the dream, either. One of them asked me if it bothered me that they had some red wine. I said it didn't bother me but it kinda did.

    One of the last dreams was pretty complex. I had laid there a while, and eventually I felt like the dream transported me back to a previous scene of the earlier lucid dreams, which was exciting. Now that I think of it, I don't remember this being a repeat, but I felt like it was. There was someone gambling. They kept bringing up their tokens and winning a lot. But they said the person at the desk never complimented them for their wins, only put them down for their losses. I remembered R from my job in the Mid West.

    There was a part with D W. I had a giant thing of rice. I offered him some. He took two globs and pretended to eat them but then spit them out. It was all meant to be a joke.

    My memory is weirdly blanking out. There was stuff I had in my head but it's vanishing. Maybe it will come back if I lay down.


    Well, actually I didn't fall back asleep. I remembered one scene where I was in a room and there were women there. I had a stack of money from 1, 5, 10, 20, 50, and 100 dollar bills. I put it out on the table to kind of show off. I might have been lucid. I remember there was a 55 dollar bill which seemed funny to me. I also remembered the skee ball table thing where the guy was getting the tokens, and feeling like I was predicting things within the dream.
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    1. BiggieLebowski's Avatar
      Hey, what does the acronym RBFA stand for? Great stuff btw
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    2. Durza's Avatar
      Okay, expert and creator of RBFA stepping in here, according to the 2018 Lucid Dreaming Records, RBFA stands for Recalled But Fell Asleep, and is used when you wake up and remember your dream, but fall asleep before you get the chance to write it down/while you are still trying to remember it.

      *washes hands*

      Now that we are done with that matter, Charles, I would like to congratulate you on your most excellent dream with a surprising amount of lucidity.

      Updated 06-04-2018 at 10:06 PM by Durza
    3. Charles3's Avatar
      Thanks BiggieLebowski. Durza originated the term and it is what he said it is. Thanks for both your comments!
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    4. fogelbise's Avatar
      Durza - Hilarious!

      Nice recall work as usual Charles! I am slowly increasing my recall mindset. I appreciate how important recall is for you and I see how that can aid lucidity. I am slowly nudging my mindset towards that kind of importance while being careful not to overwrite my more-specific-to-lucidity-practices. I have always reached for recall but never with your level of commitment, which I admire.

      I had laid there a while, and eventually I felt like the dream transported me back to a previous scene of the earlier lucid dreams, which was exciting. Now that I think of it, I don't remember this being a repeat, but I felt like it was.
      If it was the latter, that brings up my fascination with how often this happens. I have had situations when fully lucid where I knew, during the dream, that information was coming in that wasn't anything I had experienced in that dream or previous dreams. It was just the backstory being streamed in live telepathically. Great recall is another way to unravel these kinds of scenarios. Do you have any insight on this?
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    5. Charles3's Avatar
      Thanks fogelbise. Well, I guess I wondered if I was dreaming the same exact dream all over again. Sometimes I actually have done that. This time I'm not sure.
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    6. Durza's Avatar
      Thanks fogelbise. I have dreamed the same dream again before, but never lucidly, and when I wake up, it is always easy for me to tell. But yes, the better the recall, the more you know and have to go on.
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