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    3,399 words - elected parts in bold

    by , 06-10-2018 at 01:55 PM (694 Views)
    A lot of cool battle dreams and creatures in my dreams tonight as well as a character-assisted LD + dream food moment.

    3,399 words


    I woke up an hour or 2 after laying down and used the rest room. Fell back to sleep easily.


    Round 1 of dreams was very interesting. I had more stuff in the beginning I forgot.

    My first memory of it was going along B Avenue. And something about setting it up for someone or myself that every day they would get the same food. Same flavor, same quantity. The goal of that was that there would never be any excitement or anticipation. They would know what was coming and just be able to eat it. There was some kind of protein like tuna and some kind of vegetable or fruit, I think.

    During that part, I remember trying to park my car in this parking lot. I had 2 cars. I was trying to get parking spots for both. One, was a kind I wanted to back into, so that I'd be able to pull out easier later. There was a cornered spot blocked out by lines that I almost tried parking in. 'Whoops!' I said. 'Not that one.'

    Then I vaguely remember some parts with my cousin J, Nana, other relatives, maybe M R, Aunt C, Aunt B, maybe dad or Uncle C.. Maybe sister. Not sure exactly. Smething with a library.

    I remember walking by this thing, I forgot what it was. Maybe a carnival kind of thing but not really. Anyway I saw J R and he was off to the side. Preparing for something.

    Eventually we all got to a point where we were about to face off against some knights from a castle or something like that. Only, we had no preparation. I was like, "You want us to fight them with spears? Without having given us any spear training?" Our general seemed to think that we should just be able to use a spear without any preparation. I was so scared to get hurt.

    I remember some drawings of a castle. And some print on it. I tried erasing it to buy time. The print was in ink and got a little dimmer but didn't fully go away. I tried to cross out the last few words, which we jumbled. That didn't work and they ended up asking me to remove some of the cross outs because I had ventured into crossing out non-jumbled words.

    Eventually, it was time for the enemies to come. We stood ready. I was going to be one of the first fighters. At first I thought it would be one fight at a time. And I wanted to escape the other way and avoid any fights. But I was in the first group.

    Six enemies appeared. When I looked closer, they were 3 to 5 Transmetal Tarantulas, and 1 to 3 of these other red and black characters. They were meant to be "demons". That made it a little easier for me than just knights. I instinctively started blasting energy balls at them and numbers appeared on them, showing damage. Then I rushed them and was able to deal 3 digits worth of damage with each hit, destroying them quickly. I was relieved at how easy it was. I felt myself operating a video game controller.

    The Tarantulas were able to wrap around me and bind me. It didn't do any damage, just held me in place. I tried to shake the joy stick and mash the buttons to get out. Eventually I was able to kick one off the level, since we were near the edge. I saw that my character was Black Arachnia from beast wars. The Tarantulas had got me to a point where I fell off the level. But then I re-spanwed on a part that I would inevitably fall again from. This repeated a few times until I scrambled back up onto solid ground.

    I defeated some more of the "enemies" until they were all gone. I was really happy with my fighting skills. I flew up to the ceiling and waited. I noticed N P and another woman setting up some black tape, dangling from a ceiling beam. That was their part in the battle. They were on the enemy team. I flew over and cut up the tape. Turned out it was too soon. I had ruined all their work before it was ready. We had to re-start. More Transmetal Tarantulas appeared.

    **BTW I donít mean Tarantulas like the spider. I mean the Beast Wars character. It is a humanoid robot who can transform into a robotic spider thing. But I was battling it in its humanoid robot form.

    I am not sure if anything else happened. I was getting one memory of an earlier scene but it is too vague. I don't remember if I WUDD (woke up directly from dream) or it took some time. But the difficulty of remembering them was a little higher. So... nWUDD-2?

    Back to bed! I think for the rest of the night I will try to hold the dreams in my head, until morning.


    I had another cool round of dreams that I will type even though its not morning yet. I might have even had a round 2 of dreams, RBFA, and then had round 3 here. I'm not sure.

    My earliest memory of it involved a woman walking down the street. I wanted to join her. Something about a pharmacy. There was a big Rite Aid pharmcy thing with big red trapezoid logos over the top of the brown building. I felt like we were in that town in waking life. I wanted to walk with her. She seemed to like me. There was a lot more even earlier that I forgot! I think I rmemeber being in a food store with her.

    I remember we got into a restaurant. At first we sat in a booth in the corner. But then, because it was slow, we moved over to a circular table in the middle of the restaurant. Eating with various people. I went back to the booth to check where our desserts were. They had started clearing the table, so one plate of one brown dessert was stacked on top of another plate of some white and brown striped tubular desserts, like long canolis. One was crushed under the plate but one was in tact.

    I remember the waitress came by and I said that we were still eating here but had just moved temporarily to the middle table. But we wanted both tables. She said it was okay.

    I remember some religious people talking. It made me angry to hear the religious stuff. One woman on the far right had a halo thing with flower petals. White. She was saying some kind of doubt. Another woman came along and tried to stop her from saying any doubts. She had a halo with yellow flower petal things. I was annoyed because she wasn't letter her think for herself.

    Then the actor from Transformers, S B, had another circular thing but this time it was different. It showed some kind of diagram. He was saying how there was a two thousand foot tall nuclear B in England. I started to panic, too. 'Why am I watching the news?!' I thought. He went on to show Depth Charge and Optimal Optimus. And how he was going to create a new Transformers movie to help save the world.

    I was surprised to see Depth Charge in it. My favorite character. It showed D C up close, at the bottom of the ocean. Then, a train coming in a tunnel. D C blasted the train with his hand cannons. When the train was close enough, he jumped to the side and let it go by. Instead of going by, the train stopped. A predacon pretending to be a maximal poked his head out the door. "Depth Charge! Come on in!"

    It looked like Depth Charge fell for it. He went into the train. The predacon guy led him to a statis pod urgently, telling him to get in there to be healed. I knew that it was a trap. And Depth Charge would be locked in the statis pod and harmed or just trapped. Luckily, Depth Charge caught on to this, too. It showed his arm raising up and then he used his hand cannon to propel his elbow to elbow the guy behind him really hard, sending him flying. Good move. Two more predacons appeared to fight but Depth Charge defeated them.

    Tarantulas appeared again. Only this time, Tarantulas voice was coming from a flat, rectangular centipede thing with lots of legs. Like a mix of a scorpion, a centipede and the shape of a dollar bill. Blue body and orange legs. Anyway it was in that moment that I thought it might be a dream because this character was so surreal and out of the normal character convention of Beast Wars. However, I didn't become lucid. Even if I did, I was just watching from outside.

    I think Depth Charge moved on a little. But eventually I was just imagining what would happen if Rampage came along and fought Depth Charge. I think I had partially woken up but instead of going right to recall, I laid there imagining the next scenario. Of Rampage and Depth Charge fighting.

    Eventually I was in another dream. It was a cartoon of some kids who wanted to play with Pokemon. Or it was something saying the original episodes of Pokemon aired in 2004. And it showed the cartoons. The kids were colored in yellow. It showed 2 kids out playing but their parents wanted them to go home and eat dinner, so they could do their homework before bed. So the parents called out something that would make them want dinner. It showed a picture of a waffle with some berries on top and the kids started to want to head home.

    It also showed another yellow person (cartoon) in the water swimming. He had on no clothes. He swam along and said something. I forgot what it was.

    One last thing I remember was walking around a house, thinking of Rocket Power. And thinking of the characters objecting to homework. I wanted to make a comic where the kids had to go to school all day and it showed them sitting around doing speech bubbles but with complex mathemetical equations in the speech bubbles.

    I did not recall directly at the end of the dream because I laid there thinking about "Homework. Bummer, dude." In a Rocket Power voice before I noticed I had woke up from dreams. So it was (notWUDD-3).

    Now, I typed it and hopefully will get back to sleep easily. I would have let myself RBFA but I felt restless.


    It took a little while but I managed to fall asleep again. And I slept pretty well. But woke up with no dreams. There was one thought in my mind from a dream that I can't re-remember now.


    I stayed still and fell to sleep again. This time I had a bunch of dreams.

    In the first dream I remember, I was in a doctor's office. At the medical plaza near the food store. Where I went as a kid. I remember comforting some kids there. And drawing some kind of outer space picture with crayons or markers. I remember using the color blue. I was visualizing being in space as I fell asleep.

    I was downstairs laying on the fold out bed. Sharing on a phone meeting. I remember feeling like I wasn't saying much. I heard my sister come down the stairs. She was singing. It was like an opera voice. I told the people on the phone listening that I would have to go.

    There was one lucid part when P S, J R and S H, (some friends from middle and high school), were sitting out in the street, indian style. Facing the buildings on one side of the road. I joined them. One of them passed me a coffee cake. "Quick! Eat it!" they said. "It's because the universe loves you!" The words 'lucid dream' came to my mind. I guess it was a character-assisted lucid dream. I ate the dessert food and it was delicious. I also quickly passed some to the person to my right because I really wanted them to have some too. I'm so glad I remembered that.

    In another dream there was a pushy woman at the end of a W A meeting. She was demanding some information for a conference. I think the moderator asked her to wait. I remember walking with her around and up some stairs. I vaguely remember the building, but can't describe it. There was a cube with a screen on it, in the air. It had some statistics or information on it. Maybe part of her work. I continued to walk with her up some stairs.

    I remember seeing my reflection. In the dream it looked like I hadn't cut my hair in 5 years. I spun my head back and forth to whip it around. When I looked again, my hair was puffed out even wider than my shoulders. It was so cool!

    We were near an elevator. There was a digital scale on the floor. I wanted to weigh myself. Not sure why. I stepped on and it was skewed. "How do I zero it?" I asked. Then a little button appeared with the number zero near it. I pressed that with my toe and more seemingly random numbers appeared. Also, it showed a globe, and a number like, "088,855,888" which I think was indicating a number of people. Also, to zero the scale, it did something with an exponent raised to the negative third power.

    Then there was something with W S (an actor) and some kind of re-birthing thing. His body was put in space or something in this chamber for re-birthing. And then it would be stronger. I remember some golden fluid around his body but not much else.

    The surreal stuff continued. There was a character with a really cool helmet. He was floating through the water in this easter-egg shell thing that opened and closed. I think it was orange or pink. He had other humans in there with him but they didn't have helmets. He kept saying something like, "The world! The world! The world!" Unfortunately I don't remember the exact phrase. But it was cool.

    Then I remember flying around my Nana's back yard. There was some kind of green gunk on some of the white siding on her house. I flew above the sliding door over her kitchen and ran my finger along a thin white panel thing. A bunch of green algae stuff came off. I felt a sense of wanting to clean the whole thing.

    Next I remember being at my college house. I was brushing my teeth. I remember being in the kitchen. There was a sink disposal thing and a lot of yucky food in the sink. Also yucky food on the floor. I wanted to pick it up and throw in the garbage. I remember something with R K near the paper towel dispenser. He didn't like how it was positioned right above the garbage, because the roll had fallen out, and fallen into the garbage.

    I remember a part with Vegeta. Someone was training Vegeta. Trying to challenge him to fly up 10,000 feet. He seemed hesitant to go that high without a parachute, in case he lost energy and started falling to the ground. There was a big body of water near by and some mountain ridges they were on. There was also something about flying on someone else's back.

    In the body of water I started to notice this giant cone shaped creature. It was several hundred feet tall and had thousands of worm shaped heads poking out from every spot. It reminded me of some kind of alien from Animorphs. It was dark blue. It just kept going back and forth along the body of water it inhabited.

    I remember being Marco from Animorphs. I wanted to morph into an eagle or similar bird to fly up high. I think I flew into the water. Then I felt the big cone creature coming near, even though I had no eye sight. So, I quickly swam up out of the water. Transitioning from swimming under water to flying above the surface was simple and I got onto dry land. I wondered how intelligent the thousand headed cone creature was. 'If it is intelligent, what did it think of a human morphing into an eagle?' I thought.

    That part faded out a little and then I was flying around some more. I remember hearing a religious extremist guy talking. I forgot what he said. I saw a lap top screen and tried to press some buttons. And the legs of a tall chair maybe. The scenery started to take the shape of the upstairs of my current house. I think I woke up directly from that part.

    I would say this was kind of difficult to recall. Mainly because it was a lot of RBFA and going back to sleep again. So once it was all done, I had to really dig to get those memories back. Luckily, I got most of them. The first scene with the doctors office I remembered better the first time. So I'd rate it WUDD-3.

    I laid back down to think them through. My body felt heavy and I thought I might sleep again. However, I did not sleep again. So I went to start the day.

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    1. Durza's Avatar
      Cool fighting and eating. Animorphs, I thought about getting the books, all 69 of htem, is it any good?
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    2. Charles3's Avatar
      Yeah! The animorphs are great. I really enjoyed them. They are even available online as PDF for free.

      Richard's Animorphs Forum - Animorphs eBooks

      IDK why they put them for free, but, there they are!