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    3,851 Words - Selected parts in Bold

    by , 06-08-2018 at 02:08 PM (630 Views)
    Closing comp at 7:33 P M.

    3,851 Words.

    RBFA = Recall but fall asleep
    WUDD = Wake up during dream
    OTTOTT = on the tip of the tongue
    FSH = Forgot something here


    First round of dreams. I think I dreamed of Pokemon, or some other field of cute animals. Vague.

    I think I dreamed of being out front on the side walk at the local food store. I had a cart of stuff.

    There was a part when I was at home and my mom was there to visit. But I could tell that my parents were separated, like in waking life. And wondered how they'd get along.

    I remember having some guests. Some male friends and a female friend. I felt that I wanted the female friend to like me.

    Typing those took a big push but I didn't want to just RBFA. back to bed now.

    I think I WUDD on these but had a hard time remembering them more due to grogginess.


    Round 2 of dreams. I remembered more initially but couldn't re-remember it later. I am noticing that rounds 1 and 2 of dreams seem to be the ones that I will recall some of, fall back sleep before I'm done recalling, and wake up, unable to re-remember what I initially recalled. Where as rounds 3, 4, 5 and so-on, I am able to wake up, usually recall everything I can (doesn't mean the whole dream but just everything I'm gonna be able to) and replay it in my mind a little, then go back to sleep. And re-remember it next time. So the fact that I can wait until morning to record rounds 3, 4, 5 and so-on helps me get alot more sleep. I am going to keep testing it and hope it continues to be true.

    Anyway in these dreams I remember something vague with a guy in a helmet thing?

    Then a part in a Mario level. I remember the background was navy blue. I was going to have to make a long jump and land on one of those grey platforms, but I fell short, and landed in the abyss. The next time I tried, I found out it was a water level and I could have just swam. There was a little gold star thing to pick up, like a coin.

    Like I said, I recalled a lot more than that, but it became an RBFA. I wasn't able to re-remember it next time.


    Round three of dreams. The first thing that I remember of these is a Pokemon card. It had the image of two Starmies facing out of a house. One was in the door. But the card was of a Fire Pokemon. I wondered why two Starmies were in the picture. The card text said something about Starmie and Staryu. They shot beams out of their middle abdomen thing.

    Next thing I remember is a black dog chasing me. It kept jumping up, and trying to bite me. I was flying from tree to tree. Not lucid though, as far as I know. Eventually, I chose to land near the dog. It turned out not to attack me, and it was nice. maybe my sister was there.

    Next I remember K from S W T. I saw him on a grey flight of stairs. I was pushing a shopping cart down the stairs, but basically letting it fall down multiple stairs at once, and crash down. He said I seemed really good at my job, and I was welcome to come work at S W T again. I knew right away that night shifts would not work for me. However, maybe I could work during the day. So I thought about it or we discussed it or both. At first day shifts sounded great because I could work until 5 or 6 and that would save a lot of the double shift waiters a lot of energy. But then I realized it was an out-door restaurant and people would be walking by smoking all day. So I couldn't even work during the day time due to the smoke blowing through. I was sorry to let him down.

    Then R M, A M and D H and maybe some other guys from high school were sitting with me on some sectional couches. They wanted me to join their football team and play a game soon. I had some reasons why I couldn't play. I was sorry to let them down. I noticed a few bottles of stimulant pills on the shelf, which in the dream, were mine. There were four bottles. I wanted to offer the guys some stimulant pills to help them win the game. However, I realized that bribing them to like me using drugs wasn't a really good idea. So I changed my mind. They left without me.

    I must have forgot parts here and there, especially here. I remember this thing that was like an A T M but it was a gambling game. It was really easy to win more money than I originally put in. I did something else and returned to it. This time, there was a different icon, shaped like a gear. The gear seemed to indicate a new kind of game. The new game was harder to play.

    I went down a near by elevator (I think) to get to the customer service desk. There were some people there, maybe my mom. I talked to the woman behind the desk. She ignored my concerns about the new game and kept trying to con me into playing it more. This really got on my nerves. She had a cube thing poking out of her mouth. I pressed it in and it caused no sound to escape her mouth when she spoke. I was glad she wasn't making sound any more, but I was afraid I would get in trouble. She wasn't otherwise hurt, just muted.

    I ran to find an exit from the store. There were a bunch of escalators coming down from upstairs. I wanted one going up from this floor. It took me a while to find one. I forgot what happened after that.

    Eventually I remember running through a dark red hallway with lots of glass doors. I ran straight into the glass doors and luckily they opened. I kept thinking I would run into them from the wrong side and hurt myself but they kept opening. There was another guy in the hall. I got into the elevator to go down, because I felt like I had been running in circles. The elevator was really hot. There was a music video of a male singer, singing a song. In the video, he was sweating through his suit. I pressed the "up" button to go back up to where I was.

    I don't know if there was anything else after that. But I remembered the end, which was some written stuff in black on an off-white kind of background. On the left of the page or screen I was some writing I forgot, then one short quote, then a poem thing. The poem thing had one word per line in bold. Each bold word was one form of wrong-doing. The artist was saying how doing art helps him avoid each form of wrong doing. One line, maybe the third down, had the word circumcision in bold. It said circumcision was wrong and through art he could speak out against it. Another line or two down from that had the word avoidance in bold. He said that he was scared to face "the void" but through art he could counter his avoidance of "the void".

    WUDD - easy to remember
    RBFA but able to re-remember

    Yeah, so I just got up to use the rest room after these and laid back down. I was confident I'd remember them next time I woke up, and I did.


    Round 4 of dreams. I think that going back to sleep after the previous round created some continuity between the dreams.

    I remember D from the U K and he was talking about some stuff. I remember leaning against the back seat of a car. Eventually the car was parked in S beach parking lot. I tried to lean my head on the back seat and cover my eyes so I could do my dream recall. Eventually I walked a little outside the car. It was day time. This was a false awakening kind of thing. I know I forgot more stuff earlier in the dream than this.

    Here is the next thing I remember. There was a woman with a poster showing a 5/5/5/5 dollar split. It was the prize money per player for winning a foot ball game. Next thing I remember is I was on the red team. We had red uniforms. There were all African American people on the other team, in white uniforms with black letters. There wasn't really an organization to the teams. My team had the ball first. I was standing on the left side of the line and no one was in a line man stance. But we all had pads and helmets. I was scared because I was never good at hitting, but here I was, about to go for it. Some how, the other team intercepted the ball right as the center snapped it to the quarter back. I was hoping we would score a point by having the ball first but we weren't. Some how I intercepted the ball from the opposing team, which really surprised me. But I threw out out of bounds by mistake. Also, it had become a circular ball. I remember seeing a goal be made. I think after the game I was given 20 dollars. It was really cool to win 20 dollars and I figured if I just played foot ball all day I could win 20 dollars a bunch of times. And it would be more fun than having a regular job.

    I was considering playing another game. There was a beverage served to use before the game which I found more about later. I remember beneath the football field there were these train tracks. Two guys were meant to ride these cart things along the tracks which lit all the tracks on fire. So I watched them do that.

    Then I was watching another football game. Not in this one. A M was picking up a younger kid and messing with him. Being a bully. I got kinda mad at A M. When A M walked away I told the littler kid that no one messes with me any more because I will kick their butt. So I offered to teach him to do this. But he didn't seem interested. This surprised me but I didn't pressure him. I remember going to a bathroom.

    I think I remember a part where my escalator stopped. I was going up to the top to get a drink. When I got up there, the sinks were clogged. I was really nice to the guy behind the counter, who seemed stressed. "Why do you think all the sinks clogged?" I asked nicely. He didn't know. He took apart the drink dispenser and it showed that nicotine was being added. 'Nicotine?!' I thought. 'Now I will be addicted to nicotine! Crap!' I realized that their plan was to give the foot ball players the nicotine drink to make them play with more energy. For someone who had never had nicotine, it would be pretty powerful.

    I feel like there are blank spots between each little scene that might have been transitions. Where my memory picks back up, I was lucid. Not sure how I got lucid. But I was in another grey stair well that spanned over 4 flights of stairs. A guy was showing me how he lived here. The whole stair way was his living space and he could store all his stuff there. I remember he had stacks of napkins, and various food. Eventually I got the feeling I had been following his lead for a while. This was a very "surrendered" way to approach my lucid time but I decided I wanted to fly.

    "Hey, let's go fly," I said. He didn't seem that interested. "How will we get out?" I asked. Then I noticed some little square windows on the wall, with screens. "Just phase through those!" I said. or thought. Not sure. He seemed skeptical. I imagined the glass would be easy to phase through but not the screens. However, I went for it, and got myself through. I some how went into his mind and got him through, too. Then shifted my awareness back to myself going through the left window.

    I hung out the window a little bit, then fell. Oops! I wasn't flying. I got kind of afraid I would collide with the ground. People from the ground saw an old man falling from the window. The dream showed me their perspective for a moment. Then it shifted back to first person and I caught myself and flew above the city street. I don't know what happened to the other guy, maybe he just vanished.

    I was holding my orange gym shorts as I flew. I didn't have much altitude. Because I was holding the orange gym shorts, people thought I had killed the person they belonged to. Because I couldn't gain much altitude, I swooped down near one detective guy and handed the shorts to him. Then I had to land.

    They cornered me, thinking I was the perpetrator. For a moment, the one detective called them off, and the tension decreased. But another detective was like, "Wait! It is him!" And two younger guys with black guns pointed them at me.

    I felt fear for a moment but remembered that I have totally mastered guns in dreams. As their guns charged, I could see a red-orange glow in the barrel. But, I wasn't phased. The other detective who had told them to "get me" called them off. But I was entirely ready to deflect the gun shots. The tension was eased again.

    We were underneath an over-hang of the building. I wanted to show the one detective guy how I could fly. I explained that I need to be under the open sky so I walked forward.

    I don't know if the scene just shifted or if I forgot the transitional parts.

    I remember we were inside a mall. People were very impressed with me. One guy was saying how he had to work on a 1000 foot tall roller coaster so he ate tuna salad plus 1,000 calories worth of pasta at lunch.

    After that I wanted to show them a really cool jump. So we were at the mall where there was one of those gaps. Like how on the second story of the mall, you can see down onto the first floor. So it was like that. I jumped over that middle part, doing a great flip. It felt like good dream control. People were very impressed, and I gained credibility from this. I told one guy to please stop adding nicotine to the pre-football drinks and he said okay. I remember he had a sleeveless shirt and tan, thin arms, with some visible biceps. To the rest of the people, I said to please go to bed on time, and don't wake up too early. Allow yourself to sleep until you feel fully refreshed. I know it will be difficult not to get up the first few times but it will feel a lot better after that. They all were willing to listen to me. It was a good feeling.

    WUDD - easy to remember
    I woke up right from that scene and had a fairly easy time remembering the dream. There were of course some forgotten parts but for what I could remember, it was easy. I always need the rest room within 5-10 minutes of waking up and I think getting up to do that some times dis-lodges some dream details.

    Oh! Here were some parts which I couldn't fit chronologically. In one part, a purple Pokemon kind of character with the number 995 beneath it appeared. It had lips like Pikkon but was more of an orb. It had a purple glow that created a band of high density purple glow around the Earth. Then to either side of that, it created a slightly less dense or less intense band of purple energy, and cascading on down. I remember being surprised it went equally to both sides instead of just one. I am really glad to have remembered that as it was a more mystical part.

    I also remembered Goku engaging in one of the foot ball games and easily winning. Then it showed Kid Goku caught in a black soccer net, fighting it while laying on his back. I felt afraid that the net was made of special material and Kid Goku would be caught. But he eventually got out. I haven't watched DBZ stuff in like 6-7 weeks and I still dream about it more than when I was watching it.


    So! I fell back asleep. There was an annoying noise from outside but I tried to relax and keep re-playing the dreams thus far in my mind. Eventually, sleep came along... I couldn't remember the earliest parts. I think getting up to use the rest room dis-lodged them. But I was lucky to recover a few more details once I laid back down.

    First thing I remember is Goku fighting some enemy character. I tried to remember the enemy's appearance but couldn't. Goku and the enemy teleported up to some place where they could fight, and Goku easily defeated the enemy guy. In fact he won while maintaining a totally calm demeanor. It was so easy for him to win, he even started going through his memories. It showed a younger Goku, who really looked like adult Gohan, but it was a fight with Cell. The drawing looked like an anime drawing this time. Then it showed Kid Goku and Kid King Kai. Kid King Kai told Kid Goku he was very unique.

    I'm not sure what was next but next I part I remember is that I was going around taking cigarettes from the smokers, and destroying them. I clearly remember one woman who had 3 dirty grey cigarette butts in her container. I took all the toxic material and buried it in some dirt. (I would dispose of it differently in waking life, not contaminating the Earth.) She was mad but I moved on. I think I was lucid, and really enjoying this.

    Eventually I reached a food court counter thing. R K was there. I was starting to be afraid that security would be after me to punish me for destroying people's cancer sticks. Sure enough, some men came up the stairs behind me. I was hanging out on a bed thing. I had been eyeing the windows, planning to phase through them to escape, if needed.

    The men that came up the stairs after me had screen windows. They put one on the bed which went under my knees in an uncomfortable way. I got up. It seemed like they were putting up screen windows to prevent me from phasing out. As if one more screen would psychologically make it seem like too much for me to phase through. I got scared and saw that there was an elevator. I quickly got in and pressed the "down" button to escape. No one chased me. I guess they weren't out to get me after all.

    When I got to the ground floor, I saw a grey car. It was a stone building and opened to the city street. 'Oh, no!' I thought. 'Someone might walk by smoking.' So I don't know how lucid I was. I saw a woman with brown hair to my right, but focused on scanning her hands instead of meeting her as a person. I always scan people's hands out doors but I realized from this dream, that it could cause me to miss a chance to meet someone if I am scanning their hands first. I looked down and saw another restaurant counter made of glass. There seemed to be rice in there.

    That was when I woke up. The dream was kind of difficult to remember past a certain point but it had to do with other reasons to. So it was WUDD-5.

    I laid there and re-played all the rounds of dreams in my mind multiple times, just relaxing. Eventually, waking life thoughts started to crowd out the dreams, and I couldn't fight them off. I got up around 7 A M and made some short hand notes before starting the day. I finished typing them all by 9 A M. It seemed like too much work before I did it, but now that I did it, I'm just glad its done. Even if I recall them in my mind, I think writing them adds a new level of working that dream memory muscle.

    Also, by doing this it gives me more total dream time since I am not spending as much time writing during the night.
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    1. Durza's Avatar
      Cool dreams, thanks for the WUDDS, so far, it seems that it is usually easier to remember during dreams, and that you usually wake up during your dream. We both had a five and some easy ones.
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    2. Charles3's Avatar
      yep i think it is true. waking up right from a dream or during a dream helps with recall.
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