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    399 words - mainly insomnia

    by , 05-17-2018 at 01:33 AM (50 Views)
    Well, I think I was asleep by 830 or 9. And then I must have woke up at 1245 or 1. So that's 4 hours of sleep. But now its 1:44 AM and I couldn't sleep. I tried 2 body scans.

    My only dream I remembered from that time was something with text, on a forum, about how to deal with my anger towards smokers. And something at a location of the trail I was at yesterday.

    So I got up and I'll do some reading/writing until I get tired...


    Okay now its 3:35 AM. Wow, I sure had alot of energy. Spent like 2 hrs doing my different work online. I was very productive and I guess I just had alotta energy. But now I feel sleepy and gonna lay down...


    Its 4:08. I tried listening to Eckhart Tolle to help me fall asleep. after ~20 mins I just knew it wasn't happening. IDK What's going on with me. Up again.


    Now its 3:40 PM. (Not AM) I napped from like 1:30 PM to maybe 2:15 then nap again until maybe 3:30.

    I surprisingly woke up from a dream and remembered it, which is rare during the day. There was a scene in the beginning with a convertible car, and 2 parents? Maybe the parents asking me if what I was doing was really good for me.

    I tried and tried to remember it, but couldn't. I think I remember a female dream figure and some vine thing.

    I remember a bit later of a part with trying to play a video game. One character had a spoon with a picture of Bowser on the inner-part of the spoon, with horns. He put it over his face. It was meant to be a mask and/or a trophy.

    He was going down the stairs side ways, and had got half way down. Playing Super Mario 64 on Youtube and had got 164 stars. He was considering going back up the stairs before going all the way down. Concern about symmetrical leg usage.

    I woke up and recalled that. I am still going over it in my mind but the rest is just on the tip of my tongue. But there comes a time when I'm like, okay. If I was gonna remember it, it would have come to me by now. Time to give up.

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