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    4,210 words - selected parts in bold.

    by , 06-15-2018 at 03:37 PM (227 Views)
    Went to sleep around 8:30 P M. Had 3 fairly high quality L D's.
    4,210 words…


    Round 1 of dreams. There was a lot in these dreams, but when I woke up, I needed the bathroom right away. So I didn't get as good of recall.

    I remember being at the local food store. One of the registers was like a self-checkout. But instead of a register thing they had a video game screen. So I went into that and played it.

    I forgot exactly what it was but I think it had a Mario type of game. And a long walk way thing that curved around in 3D to walk along. It had like 40 coins along it. It was cool and I wish I remembered more.

    I think in some parts, I was running from someone. I remember passing by one or two guys in a hall way.

    Then I remember running down a corridor. I had a black nerf gun thing with bright orange darts. I wanted to wait in the end of the corridor and then shoot them at Transmetals 1 Megatron, who was chasing me.

    Eventually I got to a bathroom. Megatron was chasing me, still. I had to go #2 as well as hide from Megatron. So I went in a stall and tried to perch with my feet on the actual seat. It was hard to "get it out".

    Then Megatron walked in. He had his tail laser cannon thing. I saw him through the crack in the stall. I kept hiding, hoping he'd conclude that I wasn't in here.

    Eventually I left the stall. Megatron was still there, talking with 2 other guys. One guy's name was "Edwin". He had large front middle teeth and a navy blue shirt. Megatron asked us all the same question. I think it was actually, "Whats the best lucid dreaming technique?" but I'm not totally sure.

    I woke up from that and recalled a little. But, I had to use the bathroom pretty urgently. So, in getting up to do that, I think I dis-lodged some of the dream details. How frustrating! It happened 3 times tonight, costing me a lot of recall.

    RBFA. I'm able to re-remember some of rounds 1 and 2 now without needing to write anything until morning. This is fantastic!!!


    Round 2 of dreams.

    I remember being chased again in this dream. Like with round 1 of dreams, there was a lot in the beginning that I forgot.

    Eventually I got to a class room. There was an exam going on. I remember the teacher was Ms. T, the math teacher from my senior year of high school. There was a desk for me to the right of D H, next to the center of the class room.

    When I looked at my exam, it was confusing. The first question was about the number pi. It asked to express the answer without using r squared. I tried to make an alternate equation by putting r outside parenthesis and then h over r as one of the terms. I was thinking of pi r squared which would be the circumference. I didn't realize that it was only asking about pi. The question said I could only use i, the imaginary number thing. It said 10 to 15 points.

    I decided with the person next to me, who turned into P W, that we would skip that one and move on. The rest of the questions were also fairly confusing. I remember there were more on the back of the paper.

    I remember L K talked to us after a while. Also, the desks had shifted and became a long table, rotated 90 degrees. I was looking at the back of a clicky pencil. L K said how she wanted us to wear alligator heads. She would like it if we wore alligator heads. I was looking at the clicky pencil thinking of alligator heads.

    I woke up directly from that and recalled those parts fairly easily. But again, I had to get up to use the bathroom too soon. The details were OTTOTT but having to use the bathroom dis-lodged them too much. These 2 rounds of dreams reminded me what my recall felt like a year ago... Frustrating! But I told myself I wouldn't give up, and the next rounds of dreams would be a lot better. Which, they were!

    RBFA. I want to note that tonight when I did RBFA I still re-remembered 100%!


    Round 3 of dreams. I got a lot of high quality lucid time in these.

    First I remember being in the guest room. There were 2 people in there, a man, and a woman. I think they were showing each other their morning yoga routines. Eventually, the guy leaned forward with his arms out to the sides. Behind him on the wall, there were a bunch of Pokemon cards. For some reason, seeing the Pokemon cards on the wall immediately triggered lucidity. I've had Pokemon cards on my wall in waking life, but its also happened in many dreams. That was how I got lucid.

    Then I was kind of teleported to my bed at 24. I was laying on my right side, the same side as my physical body was, but staring at the cards on the wall. At first they took up my whole vision. Then I remember being able to get up out of bed and move a little. But that led to a false awakening.

    In the false awakening, I was in the same room, just not lucid any more. There were more magic or pokemon cards on my bed. I examined one closely, too. I remember there was someone else in the room. I was probably trying to recall and record my dream. All I remember from this is a white cabinet door with a little white knob, but I'm sure there were more details in this scene.

    I remember this part with a children's book. At first, it was really scary. I was looking through it and there was a circular-headed guy on there. The first picture of his face wasn't too scary. But on the next pages it showed one of the scariest faces I've ever seen. It was like a circular monster mouth with sharp teeth. Just the proportions of the eyes and nose and mouth made it really freaky. I was like, 'Why am I looking at this?!' and turned back to the nicer pages. When I looked back through the book, the pages were different. 'How did the pages change?' I thought, but didn't get lucid. This time there was a funny cartoon mouth, like from a meme. And every page had a similar mouth on a different character. At the end it was a pop-up book with a zebra with the funny mouth, and some thing that pulled out of the page.

    I remember being in this room with glass-door fridges. There was some talk of reading one of the children's books on a meeting. Maybe the 2 PM W A meeting. I think I was eating red and blue popsicle things.

    Next thing I remember, I was listening to a friend on the phone. He needed someone to listen to him, so I was listening. As I listened, I washed a cup. Then I worried that the sound would disrupt him. He asked me to stay on the phone with him for a few hours. I said, sure. So, he continued talking. I think he became G.

    Then I was walking G to her dorm. I remember walking over an elevated garden thing. I don't think I was lucid. I said that the more we talk about the difficult emotions, the more spirits will come out at night. (Which I figure is a good thing.) I think she went inside.

    I remember falling asleep within the dream, again, on my right side, like how my physical body was. The bed was in the middle of the room. I felt vibrations come on. I felt something ominous, and began to fear the night terror. I would open my eyes a little, and see some black mist or black dots floating around. I kept telling myself, 'This is a dream. This is a dream.' And trying to relax. I figured if I relaxed enough, I'd get to a really great lucid dream... Which I did!

    After the ominous feelings passed, I heard my sister speaking in a foreign language. She said the word "ningun" which I think is Spanish for "nothing" and a bunch of other words. I spoke in a foreign language too. Not one I understand. The message was that my dad had prepared food for us all. I got up to go enjoy some dream food, lucidly!

    So, I went out to the hall. There was a kitchen, and a hall way. Then it led to a dining room. I remember beginning to sample the foods. I know I ate some kind of bread or cookie thing. There were some Spanish or Latin American people there with us, too. Everyone had a plate of multi-colored bell peppers with white dressing. Maybe it was Ranch Dressing. I went to eat one. I worried that it might be waking life, and I would end up eating food I would be allergic to, thinking it was a dream. I discreetly did a finger palm test. My finger went through a little and I confirmed it was a dream.

    Then my dad started to fight my Uncle C about how he should get a job. 'Uh-oh,' I thought. I just wanted everyone to be happy. I thought I could solve the conflict by showing them it was a dream. "Look!" I said. And I floated up about eight feet above the ground.

    My dad's eyes looked like he had been drinking. I realized that this wasn't going to go anywhere helpful, and hoped I'd still be able to salvage the dream. I flew away, down the hall. This was a great example of "walking away from an unhealthy situation".

    I arrived at a library kind of place. I was eating some brown cookie or bread thing. In one of the shelf cubbies, there was a big bag of cheese sauce. Oh! I also remember mayonnaise and black pepper. Anyway, I dispensed some cheese sauce on my food, and it spilled all over the desk.

    A guy started to follow me around. "You'll have to pay for that damage," he said. At first I thought of telling him it was just a dream, but figured he wouldn't believe me. "Okay, so send me the bill!" I said, hoping to get him off my back. He continued following me.

    We got to a room with some books. He kept telling me I wasn't doing the right thing. I pulled out a four to six inch thick encyclopedia of animals and read through it. He said that wasn't the best thing for me to do. "What should I do then?" I asked. "Go get a job?! Go find a girlfriend?!" He didn't answer. Then, I noticed an opening in the roof that showed through to the sky. And I flew out through it.

    That was the best thing for me to do!! The dream remained totally stable as I flew through the blue and white sky. It was kind of pixelated. I kept yelling out, "F*** all this S***", referring to all the stuff back on the ground. I think I flew for a while, just in the open sky. That's the longest I've ever flown. It really felt like flying.

    I started to notice there was water beneath me. I had been flying so long that I figured it must be the ocean. My dream goal of exploring the depths of the sea came to mind. 'What if there are sharks or other scary fish?' I thought. 'What if it is too cold?' I also thought. But I was feeling confident, and just flew right into the water. It wasn't cold.

    I projected some kind of peace into the water so that no fish would come to eat me. Then I just swam down as fast as I could. I guess I was breathing under water but didn't think of breathing at the time. The water was kind of dark. I was doing a breast stroke.

    I started to see some shiny dots at the bottom. When I got there, they turned out to be a bunch of pennies. 'Pennies?' I thought. I looked up and saw I was only 10-20 feet deep. 'Aw, man,' I thought, kind of dissappointed. I began to feel fear of sharks again and flew up. It was easy to fly up out of the water though. That was difficult in earlier L D's but tonight it was easy.

    I got onto a beach. The same library building was right there, so i guess I hadn't flown far. Or the dream transported me back. I went to this brown porch thing to get a running start and fly again. I think I flew a little and then ended up inside the library some how. I tried to run and take off again, but bumped into the brown ceiling. There was only a narrow opening to the sky, which I missed.

    I kept trying to fly out. But then a boat went under me and I bumped into the mast. I ended up almost tipping their boat by having my weight up on the mast. They were angry at me, and began to shoot spoons at me from bows and arrows! I easily deflected them and flew around near the ceiling.

    I started to realize that they might be trying to wake me up. Deflecting all the spoons wasn't too hard but it was starting to work me up. 'Time to go to the next level!' I thought. 'Let's stop time!' So I did it for a second. For a split second, time stopped. But it resumed again.

    'Two minutes this time,' I thought. My plan was to stop time and then go out through the door and fly before time resumed again. That might be one of my first times stopping time in a dream.

    I didn't need to go potty right away after these dreams. As a result, I was able to recall almost 100%. How wonderful! I'm glad I didn't give up.

    RBFA and re-remembered 100% in morning.


    Round 4 of dreams.

    It was some kind of meeting. And people passing a note.



    Round 5 of dreams. I got a little more lucid time in these.

    I know there were more parts earlier. But the first thing I remember is baby Doug. Baby doug's head was a toilet paper roll. But instead of white paper, it was skin-color. 'Do they have this kind of character in the show?' I thought to myself. Then i was on the bed, and I think I was the baby. I remember saying that I wouldn't tell my mom my name. 'Won't she already know it?' I thought. There was a phone on the bed.

    I remember falling out of the bed onto my shoulder. Then I got up and I was lucid.

    My sister was towards the door of nana's room. There was a wooden construct with two wooden 2 x 4's as legs and then one long 2 x 4 on top. I wanted to show my sister that I could karate chop it. I gathered my energy and tried, but it didn't work. I tried again, but it didn't work. I thought about how I must convince myself that it isn't really a solid object.

    I laid down to go to sleep. I think I lost lucidity at that time. I was feeling some sensations like I might DEILD or WILD... While at the same time hearing someone like Robert Monroe talking about being more than physical matter and more than the physical body. I started to need the bath room. This really bugged me because I thought I just went. And I was so close to WILD. (Little did I know, I was in a dream already!) I told myself I'd pick up right where I left off after using the bathroom.

    When i went to go to the bathroom in the dream, I woke up, feeling warmth... "Down there"... and was really afraid I had wet the bed! Luckily, I didn't. I tried to stay still long enough to recall some dreams, but eventually, had to get up. Some details still came to me after laying back down.



    Round 6 of dreams! That's what I love about being able to re-remember after RBFA. I get to sleep more!

    This was a simple non-lucid dream of being in the kitchen at 24. I remember green boxes of cookies or crackers in the cabinet above the microwave spot. I looked for the toll house crackers and found a sleeve of cookies instead. 'Did I really eat gluten?' I thought. I was relieved when I woke up and hadn't. But during the dream I just told myself, "Well, I guess everyone makes mistakes. I hardly noticed." I remember my sister was at the table. She is in a lot of my dreams!



    Round 7 of dreams. I got a little more lucid time in these.

    First there was a part with a phone meeting. M was sharing. He didn't use his full share time. A L was moderating. She said next time he could use the last minute if he wanted. 'Was that cross talk?' I thought.

    Then some other people were deciding who would share next. I thought maybe I would. I remember being near a bathroom stall. Then I think it transformed from hearing everyone on a phone meeting to actually being in a class room with them.

    Then I remember 3 guys coming to sit near me. One had shiny black hair and ink or hair dye running down the back of his neck. I thought it might be because he was in disguise.

    I remember waking up for a moment during these and thinking about the last scene before dreams began again. I was at a sink, cleaning some dishes, or dumping stuff in the sink. A guy came up to my left with my green salad bowl on his head. Two holes were poked in it for his eyes. One had a yellow piece of paper over it. "Is this a good way to check if I'm dreaming?" he asked. "Yes!" I said. "Great idea."

    Another guy, maybe C C, was saying how he would write me some tips about lucid dreaming or R C's on little slips of paper. "Thanks!" I said. I really didn't think I needed them, but just wanted to be nice.

    Then he went on to show me these amazing colored pencil drawings of a guy with his arms over his head, and some kind of trapezoid shaped armor in his arms. It started to look like bricks. There were several forms of this character on the paper. One made of only black and red on the bottom left. I was amazed at the skill. The last picture I was shown had a left side profile view of this hero character. To his right was a brick wall with some bricks missing that showed the sky, water and beach on the other side.

    I remember getting lucid laying in a bed. I was laying on my left side, like my physical body, but it was a dream. I remember a dog on the corner of the bed I was facing. It seemed to want to absorb me. I thought of a big monster appearing and letting it eat me as part of the lucid dream.

    There was one part where I saw a bunch of 20 and 100 dollar bills. They belonged to a guy from earlier in the dream, who was standing near by. I asked if I could have them. He said no. I figured he might be dreaming so I could play a joke on him. I got a withdrawal slip from his bank and asked him to sign it so I could take out money for him. He laughed, but didn't fall for the joke.

    There was something with a female character that I forgot. I remember someone being underneath a truck as it drove, with their head in a blue box. Sparks flew from the box as it scraped the road beneath the truck.

    I wanted to talk more to the female character but she was on the other side of a glass door, and held it shut. I felt bad. Did I do something wrong? Well, I went to do something else in the dream.

    Then I decided I'd like to apologize, even though I don't know what it was. She was heading down a long series of stairs, maybe to the bus. I decided to swing down the stair rails to catch up with her. Eventually, I got past her so that she would walk towards me as she came down. But she never came down. I guess she vanished.

    Then, that part of the dream ended. I was in a false awakening of looking at r/luciddreaming sub reddit.

    I woke up and recalled these pretty well. Stayed still and replayed rounds 1 through 7 in my mind. When I wake up from one dream I re-play it 3 to 4 times in my mind before going to re-remember the previous rounds of dreams in my mind. This is to form a "solid image" of it or as slash112 says "make multiple copies" of the memory.

    I felt like I wouldn't fall asleep again and got up. It was about 7:07 A M. When I get up, I just make an outline of the dream journal entry, with some key words. This way within 20 minutes I can have all the main ideas written somewhere and not worry about forgetting it. Then I will work on writing the full entry throughout the day. I am lucky my dream memory is strong enough now to be able to do that but even a year ago it wasn't this strong. In the last year, my dream memory really sky-rocketed.
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