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    by , 06-19-2018 at 10:11 PM (289 Views)
    I was probably asleep by 8 or 8:30.


    First round of dreams, I think I woke up from, did an RBFA, and didn't re-remember.


    Second and third round of dreams kind of mixes together in my mind.

    I remember sitting in some kind of meeting room with my sister. She needed to talk to a counselor and get a "sponsor" to help her with something like Al Anon. Because she had just ended a relationship.

    I remember sitting next to her and filling out the form for her. I made some lines accross the paper. The counselor woman didn't seem to notice or mind that I had done that.

    Then I remember walking with her in a stair well. She was upset. I wanted to tell her that perhaps she was re-living the abandonment rupture from childhood. But wondered if that would help her in her current state.

    I remember a part with S D. We were working in some kind of grocery store or restaurant. I remember it was the clean-up part. He was playing with some yellow artificial sweetener packets.

    I also remember a scene when I was walking around the woods, and thinking about my food program. I think I was exchanging contact information with someone on one of the phone bridges. Maybe near a tree.

    I remember being in a weight room. Someone had set up 3 of those foam barbell things with weights on either side, and dropped it onto the rack. It didn't make a noise though. Then A M and V S and some other guys from H S were setting up weights to military press. They had got to 95 before I wanted to jump in. I started helping load the weights. I think P B was there, too.

    I figured I could do 95 cold. But I went to warm up with 20 pound dumbbells while they had a turn... And could hardly lift them at all! I remember flaring my elbows a little. Movements that I would not be doing in waking life.

    Then I remember being in the bathroom at 24. I remember the tiles like how they were when we lived there. I was trying to do squats between the wall with the towel rack and the sink, with my back to the sink. There was a cardboard box behind me that got in my way, so I moved it... Then I couldn't get my footing right because some tiles elevated one foot while not elevating the other. That's definitely a dream sign, the sudden change in scenery.

    I think there was something that took place at my college house, but its too vague.

    I remember a part with Goku, some alien or super powerful beings, and some Al Anon people, and some blue plastic cups. So the super powerful beings would have been capable of helping save planet Earth, but they weren't going to help for some reason. Goku was pleading with them to go help. Then it was like an Al Anon meeting and a woman shared about needing to feel safe. Goku shared afterward repeating a lot of what she said. I kind of cringed because this would seem like cross talk to me. I remember having gotten water in my dad's plastic blue solo cup and wanting to dry it out.

    I think that was all I remembered or re-remembered. I did some RBFA in there. I was really groggy. My dream recall is taking a major dip lately and I don't know why. I'd be lucky if I could get to sleep one more time but I don't feel sleepy enough...

    ...I didn't get back to sleep.

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