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    by , 04-21-2018 at 02:30 PM (129 Views)
    I already have everything on my voice recorder. But I decided I would try to write all the dreams I could off the top of my head in the morning too, just to test my memory.

    In my first round of dreams there was something about my Uncle mixing butter and Au Jus in a frying pan. Asking me if he was doing it right.

    The second round of dreams. Well, it is hard to remember at this point what was from each round of dreams. I recorded dreams 6 or 7 times. There were a few more micro awakenings than usual.

    In one set of dreams I was fighting my Uncle. Well, good thing I recorded everything on a voice recorder through the night. I guess by morning my memory isn't that great!

    I had a dream of being in a class. I drew something really cool on a chalk board that dissappeared from a certain angle. Also I colored all over my notes and got in trouble. I just put random words but tried to draw the way it looked when I colored all over my paper:

    (not the actual words from the dream)


    I had a few dreams at a pizzeria. I remember in one dream I gave some friends a ride to their house. Then my friend's older cousin was in the road and he got into my car. I gave him a ride too. He asked if I minded that he smoked. I said I couldn't smell it so I didn't care. He took a plastic bag of apples with him that he said were his. I looked on the seat and there was a cigarette butt. I felt really embarassed because it wasn't mine but I thought he thought it was mine. I didn't get lucid from the cigarette butt dream sign. THERE WOULD NEVER BE A CIGARETTE BUTT IN MY CAR!!! And there was also a bottle of pee in my car and I was embarassed about that too.

    Then I saw 3 females and offered them a ride. One's name, I remembered. The other, I actually didn't remember, and felt bad. She said it was something with an S. I think I gave them a ride somewhere, too. It was on the main road near where I live.

    Before that I think I was in a gym.

    In one of my dreams at a pizzeria, I went in there because my sister needed soap. My Nana and AUnt were there and I was surprised to see them. I started to walk out the other door and I saw cigarette smoke floating up from a guy's hand. I pushed the smoke at him and ran the other way. There was no smell but I didn't catch the dream sign. On the way out, I was still mad, so I yelled, STOP SMOKING. Then the guy chased me. Then it shifted to where there were lots of guys in camoflauge and neon yellow jump suits around. I guess protecting the place, from me, or from him, not sure.


    Then I dreamed I was driving around doing my taxes. It was the sixteenth and they were due on the seventeeth. In waking life, I did my taxes earlier in April. In the dream the tax service wanted to charge me 29.99 and I declined.

    Then I got to a pizzeria again. This time I was writing a story on a big lap desk that was surprisingly light in weight.

    My Nana told me that she always thought I was negative for complaining about cigarette smoke. But now she understands how positive it is, to point out the negativity of the smoke. I was falling asleep, with my head down, but I said I was listening.

    Then I realized my Dad was leaving. I got up to go after him. He was making a burrito but all the rice and beans were falling out the other end. A giant pile of rice and beans had accumulate on the floor behind him. oops!

    Something with a production anomale creating spiky forks, and Santa claus appearing at the door.

    The pizzeria dreams were at R's Pizzeria.

    Oh yeah in an earlier dream I lived in an intentional community. There was a feeling that the people there were emotionally healthy and it was easy to talk to them about feelings. I was amazed at how I've tried to recover for so many years but being in a community of other people trying to recover at all times really made a difference.

    In my final dream, I got a lucid moment on a dock. I think I was looking at the sky, and something seemed dream like. So I flew up and tried to grab a branch. Then I realized I was really straining, and just relaxed. I closed my eyes and felt myself float down.

    Then I was in this place where they were doing an experiment with some people. It was pretty humane, not like some mad scientists or anything. It involved testing different stimuli on the body and it wasn't painful. I remember the blue lined graph with "W-1" next to one wave form and "W-4" next to another, on a black screen.


    Then I dreamed I was in the lobby corridor thing, greeting everyone on their way out. At first I was confused why I was there. But then I became lucid and my reaction was to just blend in. So I acted like I worked there, and greeted everyone leaving.

    Then when they left I walked in and asked someone, "Hey, do I still work here?" They said yes. I preceded to have some work conversations with other dream figures. I looked down at my shirt and it was similar to theirs. One guy had a big blue hair net on his afro that seemed to grow as we spoke. His four front teeth were missing but I didn't point it out. We talked about the job. I tried to casually explain away how I could have been unsure that I worked there.


    Then I had one more dream scene of these red guys in shoulder pads like Saiyan shoulder pads. With pony tails. Jumping 6 feet high to catch basket balls. And landing near a puddle. I think I still was vaguely lucid as a carry over from the previous dream.


    Drawing in MS Paint was a lot of fun. I have surrendered my drive to type EVERY DETAIL from my voice recorder because it just isn't humanly possible! But, this was very doable today, and I think it helps exercise my dream memory a little extra. The only thing is, I am motivated now, but I'm aware I could get frustrated again or lose motivation any time. So hopefully I can stay consistent this time instead.
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