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    Feb 21 to 22 Dreams (with dream drawrings)

    by , 02-23-2018 at 03:33 PM (139 Views)
    Here are the videos that go with these dreams where I draw them
    It looks like I accedentally deleted part 4

    One of the first things I remember from this dream is I was eating some kind of bone in chicken, fish, or ribs. My Aunt had given it to me. Then I found out it was 2 weeks old. I tried to tell myself it was okay since it had been cooked. My Dad ate some, either to make sure it wasn't bad for me, or to help me feel less uncomfortable about having eaten it. I remember looking at the food and seeing the meat on the bone.

    There was a scene where I was in a bathroom. I was using the toilet and using 12 cleaning wipes. That would be a lot to use in one go so I was thinking it was too much. My Aunt B kept coming in the bathroom while I was not fully dressed and I was yelling at her. Fighting with her to make her go away.

    Then I was fully dressed but there was this guy in the bathroom. We were fighting. I was winning most of the time but it was not an easy fight. Then at one point the guy kind of had me cornered to where I couldn't reall y get away from him. But I somehow got out of that just in time. I managed to pin him to the ground face down. I was spitting on the side of his face. He had a beard. I spit twice on the side of his face. I was very angry at him because he kept messing with me and messing with me. I asked him, "are you done messing with me now?!" He said he still wasn't. This made me so angry. I clearly had defeated him but he didn't care. I don't remember exactly what he was doing.

    Then the guy was gone but there was a dog in the bathroom. Maybe it happened in a different order. I think I was supposed to not let the dog out. But I was so annoyed by the dog for whatever reason that I let it out the bathroom. it ran out into the open road and accross the open road. I hoped the dog would get to Petco and then Petco would adopt the dog and find someone to take the dog in. then whoever the dog actually belonged to could go to petco and trace the dog back through the records to find out who had adpoted it. I just wanted that dog out of my hair! .

    This is why I think I got the order backwards. maybe I fought the guy last and the dog was before that. Because I got out and saw A M and his Dad in a truck, working. I was surprised they were working contracting jobs. Then I saw K T and he was smoking a cigarette. I started to see some grey smoke being puffed into the air. Then suddenly I had a laso or a whip. I was able to swing it at him and knock the cigarette out of his mouth. He was really mad at me. I had to swing the thing two times to get the cigarette to really go away.

    Then there were 3 guys. K T, A M and T R were all sort of ganging up on me. Kind of like saying I thought I was tough when I fought the guy in the bathroom. I thought I was tough when I knocked K T's cigarette down. But now I would have to take on all 3 of them. I was sort of backing down, backing away, hoping to avoid this. I had moments where I thought I might have a chance but I mainly doubted myself. And for good reason, 3 on 1 isn't really fair. There was also this guy S who I haven't seen since fifth grade but I never got along well with him. I remember seeing his face.

    We wound up standing in a circle. I accidentally touched a guy's hand and he gave me a funny look. It was just a mistake. Now we were talking as if it were a support group for addictions. Someone was saying how seeking the answer over and over might keep the person getting the same answer but that is a good thing.

    Brady bunch thing in a house? Older women there.

    Then it showed a video game of this brown sort of rock world. The character was doing wall jumps like in mario, up to the top of a cliff thing. The dream was saying how it was like Final Fantasy. And how Final Fantasy kept having to have new games because there was never an end. So the character of this game was running around this brown path, I guess a mountainous place, and collecting coins as he ran like in Mario. The coins were shiny goldenrod yellow.

    The reason the dream said there was never an end to the games was that everyone's consciousness was sort of held within these gold coins. No matter what they did, at the end of it all, they could not get their consciousness to expand beyond the form of the gold coin. To the video game character's right, there was an empty water basin like a big empty pond. It had some kind of thin fog in it. And there were all of these gold coins moving around in there. I felt such hopelessness about the state of these gold coins.

    There was one stack of gold coins that was supposed to get used for something. Then there were gold coins who were supposed to be in charge. There was a gold couch in an office. There was a gold rectangle that looked like a gold hundred dollar bill on a gold plate. That was like a really important figure. There was a stack of the gold coins. The final fantasy character jumped in and landed on top of the stack of coins, sending them flying all over the place. The gold rectangle was really angry about it and the gold coin in charge was trying to calm him down. It was like some big business deal that the big gold dollar bill thing was going to make a big purchase from the executive gold coin and then now that final fantasy character might have messed up the whole deal.

    I guess that was everybody's soul? Embodied in the gold coin. I am not sure. So the final fantasy game was saying it is hopeless because in the end, everybody's soul is trapped like that in eternity.

    After that, some more stuff happened in this dream that I could remember.

    There was something about a therapist.

    Some women were talking about organizing something. There were also some guys talking about organizing files a certain way. To set up some kind of an audio file. My memory of this got kind of blurred. The women had lists of files. Everyones list of files had their name and then zero through five or fifteen through thirty or some series of numbers. Along with that it had a color. Also they had the word image, but without an E at the end, so it said "imag" or "I M A G". There was one woman's whose was highlighted all magenta. it showed her name was connected to one mister something and then one person who was her husband. So that meant she was having some kind of an affair.

    I woke up from those and thought through them. I was nicely surprised with having slept a good amount of time and had good recall by then.

    My memory of the next rounds of dreams began with this scene in a restaurant. There was a guy at a circular high top table and a bar in the back ground. He ordered two sodas. They brought him too many, I think four sodas, and so he tried to give them back. He stacked one cup of soda on top of another full cup of soda but none spilled out. He reached his arm way behind him in a side lateral raise to give to someone on the restaurant staff, who took it away. Then he had some of the soda from his glass.

    There was some parts when I was in school. I want to note that I don't actually smoke marijuana. But within the dream the context was that I was smoking marijuana and going to classes. I felt like I loved school but actually what had happened was I was really high during the classes. I started to realize that I couldn't stay high forever. So, I thought that I would keep going to classes, even without weed, so that when I got high again, I could enjoy the classes even more. Then i realized it was weird for my whole life to exist in service of the "high" state of being. it was like I was diregarding the rest of life, such as time "not high" i e "sober", as just in service of the next time I got high, instead of an end in and of themselves. That concerned me but I couldn't see going to class without smoking. I liked my brain much better when I was high. The dream had a whole context where I had never felt so happy and productive and interested in life.

    There was at least one class room part I forgot. i was taking notes. In another class room scene, that I remember more of, A teacher was teaching us about how if someone is feeling low or depressed. How they could handle it. More of an accepting approach. And doing a study to see if the people thought a certain way, if they took their own life. Then, a guy to my left wearing red asked if he could take part in the study. And be a participant. He looked like a very depressed person. The teacher said the study wouldn't be good for him since he was probably one of the people who would take their own life. The guy got mad about this. He told the teacher that it wasn't fair and then he and the teacher seemed to be fighting a bit about it. I started to get angry and want to stand up for the other student.

    I became lucid when I felt the conflicted feelings arise within myself. It wasn't even that strong of an emotion but there are a lot of factors that seem to all come together when I get the Dream intiated lucidity so that was when they all culminated. I held back from fighting with the teacher and instead sent a profound energy of love towards the teacher and the whole dream. I said something like, "I Love you! You are the best teacher ever!" The teacher greyish brown hair parted down the middle. My expression of positive energy totally shifted the dream and the teacher and the student both seemed happier. I can't really describe enough how profound this was for me. It isn't something I want to under state. It seems like a simple thing but it was actually a very powerful use of my lucid ability. I didn't really get lucid to where I just teleported away because I was already within the context of a dream. I knew it was a dream though and that sort of amplified the experience.

    After that dream scene I was in the bathroom and I had my voice recorder. I was in the stall and talking back through the dream so far. I think I still knew it was a dream but was just doing this to amplify my waking life dream recall. I have heard it said that actions within a lucid, dream state are 7 to 9 times more influential than actions performed in waking life state. Just as I was talking through the dream, someone walked in the bathroom. i had a moment where I hesitated to continue talking. I saw who it was from above the stall somehow and it was the kid from the class who was fighting with the teacher. So then I definitely wanted to stop because I didn't think he would want me talking about him when he was right there. I heard some other people came in then and they were talking about how some smart people had records at the school they could go over. I think I tried to put my finger through my palm to reaffirm I was dreaming. I am not sure if it went through though. But I remember reaffirming at least mentally that I was still dreaming. I guess I could have spun from the bathroom stall and teleported somewhere new but it didn't really cross my mind. Sometimes that stuff comes to mind and sometimes it doesn't. I was thinking I could start recording more but the guy was still in the bath room. Then other people were in the bathroom stall with me and I had too many pairs of shorts on. Multiple layers of pairs of shorts. One was like an orange fleece material on the layer closest to my skin. Then there were two or three other pairs of shorts, blues or oranges. I put on my blue blocking glasses within the dream and it turned the chorts green. Someone commented that I had on too many pairs of shorts. In the dream I thought my blue shorts pertained to waking life but now that I think about it, they don't pertain to waking life.

    Earlier there was a part with a T V in my sister's room. Adjusting the vollume on the remote caused it to cycle from 73 to 0 and back up to 73. That was kind of earlier I think. I remember it only vaguely.

    I lost lucidity somewhere between dream scene transitions and dreamed that I was trying to write the dream down on card board. I actually remember writing some solid things but I don't remember exactly what. It didn't seem like a false awakening though. False awakenings I am usually very conscious, just not aware its a dream (yet). I also remember trying to keep up with the class notes left handed at one point. And I raised my hand and said something at some point. I have been expecting this to happen but I didn't think it would happen so soon. I think I dreamed I was dream journaling on a voice recorder but laying on the opposite side I was physically laying on in the dream.

    I woke up, thought through it, and had pretty good success with recall. I had Restless legs so I got up and did a little moving and stretching. That helped me get back to sleep. Then I had even more dreams! Woohoo.

    The earliest part of this dream I remember was I was sitting at a table with two other guys and it was some kind of a support group. I shared and the two guys listened. Then another guy shared and I was listening. But then I got up to go do something on a computer or sweep and mop the floor. Kind of both. I still listened to his share as I was up doing stuff but I just couldn't sit still and listen. I felt kind of bad about this but I just had to kind of keep busy. I told him without cross talking that I really appreciated his share and I am sorry I missed it. I was thinking it had a lot to do with my workaholism lately causing me to be compulsively unavailable.

    After apologizing to him I was at this bigger computer screen. Like as tall as me and much wider. It had a bright sky blue background and several windows on a grid within it. I was trying to choose one to click on. I felt like it was mental junk food though and felt bad about getting sucked into it. I realized I didn't have my food that I meant to be eating and I went to get up and go get it. One of the videos was on a silver back ground on an interesting subject. Within the dream I thought it seemed cool but I don't remember it now.

    Then, I turned toward the table and there were two african american guys there. I felt scared when I saw them because they had taken my seat. The guy on the left was thinner and making a big smile. The guy on the right was heavier set and had a beard. The guy on the left said something to me. He also said his name was Seth.

    There was also someone whose head was in the sink. Their head was in the sink but they were not dead. It was just that their head was in the sink. Part of their face that was metal was over on the counter. But they were not harmed or anything. I didn't realize it was a dream. My dream logic just accepted what I saw as a normal everyday thing! .

    Then I looked over at a bed that in the context of the dream was my bed. There was a whole family of people sitting on my bed and to the left of my bed. There was one tan guy who I was scared of at first but then I realized he was smiling. his daughter was sitting on my pillow. Then I saw that she was sitting on my foam roller, moving her legs from side to side. The context became that I needed my foam roller. But I felt bad that she didn't realize I would be needing it. So I told her she could finish what she was doing but after that I would have to take it back. She seemed to want to give it back to me right away but I almost insisted she finish her exercise. She seemed to really enjoy it. I did feel somewhat rushed to get on with whatever I was doing though. Also I didn't like someone sitting on my pillow because their bottom was on it. After the girl gave me back my foam roller I told her family all about where to get their own. I even told them they could get the three foot or 18 inch foam rollers.

    I knew there was an elevator to this room. Maybe it was how I initially got there but I didn't remember anything until I was at the table talking with those other 2 guys.

    Then there was something where there was food around. It was becoming like a festive party. A woman came near me. I asked where she was from. She said she was from African America! . She was Caucasian though. So then we got to this door. We were going to go down to a lower floor of the building. She led me to this door that had a long horizontal crack in it. She showed me how to remove the lower part of the door and go underneath the cracked part, then pull it back into place. She started to go down the stairs. I had the sense that we were very high up in a building and it would be a lot of stairs to go all the way down. I felt bad for abandoning her because we were having a whole conversation. but I said I have to take the elevator and went to find the elevator. i guess I got in it and headed down. I felt like my waking consciousness was active within the dream but I wasn't lucid. I didn't know it was a dream but I was making considerations as if it were.

    Once I got down to the bottom floor, I was outside walking up these wooden elevated walk ways. They were like ramps. I saw a guy with longer blonde hair who looked like R C. I was happy to see him. I was like, I am so happy to see you, wait, what is your name again though? It has been a few years. he seemed put off that I had forgotten his name and kind of rolled his eyes or gave me a "pshh" under his breath. I felt kind of bad but moved on. I walked up further up these walk ways and then I was climbing up a part that was sort of floating there like a mario walk way. At the end of it there was one of those pirhouette cookies but blue with silver sparkling bits. I noticed more stuff was appearing but again that just seemed like everyday normal occurrances within my dreaming mind. I heard this message from the dream that in the thing that had been upstairs, they didn't want kids playing with some of the things that people had to pay for. Some thing about game boys or something. But they weren't for free for the kids, they were meant to be paid for. I saw my friend J T ahead but when I got closer it wasn't him.

    At the end of the dream, I heard something like, "And then you die!" But I forgot it. Sometimes there is some kind of saying or even a voice phenomenon at the very end of my dream. It said something about "ant then you die" but I wasn't scared about it at all. It was more of a wise thing to say, not like a threat or anything ominous. But I forgot the exact words. initially, I remembered the exact words. but I lost the memory of the exact words by the time I tried to think of it again later. I sort of mentally "reached" for it and it was gone. So I wished I had thought about it and formed a more solid memory of it earlier on. I just took for granted it would be in my head when I went back for it.

    I woke up and thought back through these pretty well. I was relieved to have got some sleep because I have had some trouble falling asleep. I knew there was earlier stuff in the dream I had forgotten but I guess it was just too far back.

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