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    Last nights dreams summaries

    by , 04-16-2018 at 05:32 PM (123 Views)
    I have all the details on my voice recorder. But just making summaries for today.

    Dream 1 Summary

    There was a van we had to go through before it "faded" due to a time machine thing. Then a Mermaid going to help us go somewhere underwater. Diving in a channel of water. Had to evacuate due to floating buses. Walking through muddier area. Class thing I didn't want to go to.

    Summary of Dream 2

    Fighting with my Uncle about him smoking in my drive way. Friend from college on the back of a truck. "Hey, look at that sunrise!" Purple and orange sun rise off in the distance, above the tree tops.

    Summary of Dream 3

    Women walking through a store, doing affirmations out loud. "I'm a good singer." Commented on this to store clerk. He said he knew me from a live stream. Playing a video game with my Aunt. The live stream became my primary means of earning a living. I was setting up phone meetings to auto dial.
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    1. DawnEye11's Avatar
      Its nice how the mermaid helped you out. The sunrise must have been lovely too~
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    2. Charles3's Avatar
      Thanks DawnEye11! Yeah, it was actually really quite a sight. And the time warping van with the mermaid thing was interesting. I wish I remembered more about that one.
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